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8 Useful Facts About Engagement Rings To Help You Save Money and Make the Right Choice

Updated on June 1, 2016

Purchasing an engagement ring is nothing short of stressful for men. Not to mention that they aren't very interested in jewellery and don't know about it and this only makes matters worse.

The average cost of engagement rings is pretty tough to estimate if we take into account people from all walks of life. Some spend really small amounts of money, while a few lucky ones can afford to buy diamond rings worth millions.

However, in the UK the average cost of engagement rings reportedly is between £1,200 and £1600 or between one and three month's payment. Still in the recent years, the cost has declined for as low as three weeks' wage.

It is possible to get a marvellous engagement ring without breaking the bank. If you pay attention to a few details, you will pay less money and get a more beautiful ring. Also, you will start off with the right foot in the next step of your relationship. Taking things to a new level will be easier if both of you will be completely satisfied.

Here are useful facts about engagement rings that won't only save you money, but help you make the right choice too:

1. Don't Choose Randomly

Most women would be quite fine with any decent-looking ring that the fiancé puts on their finger. However, this is one ring that really needs to be outstanding.

So an extra financial investment would be a smart call in order to sweep the special lady off her feet not only by popping the question but thanks to a thoughtful engagement ring that she will proudly show off too. Let's not forget that everyone likes to take pride in this piece of jewellery. So, apart from your love and commitment, give her a good reason to be proud of when taking photos and talking to friends or family.

2. If you have a non-traditional partner, think of interesting engagement rings

While a classic diamond ring will do, it won't impress her. Instead, look for rings with elements that she likes such as flowers, stars, butterflies or any other symbol that she might use frequently in jewellery, accessories or clothing. Skipping the diamond will cut down the costs too.

3. It is not outrageous not to get a ring when you pop the question

Statistics show that a man usually can spend up to three months or more trying to find a nice ring. After all this time, it is not uncommon not to find the one that will make her eyes sparkle.

You can purchase it together with your future bride-to-be. In this way, she will get exactly what she wants. While it is true that this apparently seems to be a downright weird way of solving the situation for some men and traditional women, many women would really prefer to pick their own rings.

Pretending to like the one that the partner picked is not a good option for anyone. Instead of endlessly thinking how to choose an engagement rings and pick a mediocre one, let her select one that will love to wear.

There is such a great variety of interesting engagement rings out there that it would be a pity for her to settle for something that she doesn't really love. Allowing her to pick her own ring might be the best move. At the end of the day, she will be wearing it every day so it is mandatory for her to actually like it.

4. Buying the ring online will lower the cost

Online jewellery stores have prices up to 25% lower and that is a percentage you shouldn't overlook. Some provide an amazingly realistic experience and that can help tremendously with the purchase. Also, you can browse wherever you might be and that sure saves lots of time as well. Shopping in regular stores can take days and you might end up disappointed. This video will give you another useful tips and show you the estimate prices in offline stores.

5. Personalized engravings can save the day

You can choose to print it on the inside to be like a secret message or on the outside for the whole world to see. A short message such as 'For My Love' or 'Everlasting Love' can do the trick and make even a rather dull ring look so much better.

Some couples include their initials, their nicknames, important dates concerning the relationship or their name. If you like philosophy, you can go for a saying or a quote. It can be one wrote by your favorite poet or simply one that inspires you such as 'Love Conquers All' by the Roman poet Virgil.

6. Don't just rush to the very famous brands

The brands that are known worldwide will drain your budget for any ring you might buy. There are plenty of other great brands out there that provide nearly the same engagement rings or even much better for more reasonable prices.

7. Skip the platinum

Unless your lady is really a platinum fan, she won't care much if you pick gold instead. Platinum is far rarer than other metals and that makes it far more expensive.

If your partner frequently wears sterling silver and loves it, you can even go for that. It is shiny and it looks amazing, yet it comes with only a fraction of the cost. Other good and affordable alternatives are cobalt, titanium, stainless steel or tungsten. Titanium and tungsten are pure and hypoallergenic as well.

Only a trained eye could spot the difference between these metals as they can all look gorgeous but you can save a substantial amount of money. All of them are very durable so you aren't actually making any big compromises.

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8. Buy only from a reputable store

Don't try to look for absolute bargains. Real diamonds and platinum won't be cheap anywhere.

You can find affordable interesting engagement rings at your fingertips just by browsing a bit through webpages. But always make sure that you purchase from a reputable store. If you sense that it might be shady and there is no information about it whatsoever, you should better stay away.

If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can get a stunning ring for a good price. Forget about the conventions and spice things up a bit to get a small piece of art to celebrate your love.


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