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9 Points in Choosing and Buying the Right Bag

Updated on July 9, 2011

9 Points in Choosing and Buying the Right Bag.

Bags come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, texture and so on. Bags are designed for all sexes and ages for different occasions. For men, a bag may be for business (work), hiking, vacation or sporting purposes. A child will have a bag for school, parties, sleepover or a vacation such as camping. A lady will buy a bag for an event, to carry baby items in it, for grocery, work and even as a fashion statement.

It is important to take some points into consideration before buying any bag. These points are:

1. Color. Color matters in a huge way. A conspicuous color that you know will not blend in with many of your clothes and/or your complexion is a no go zone. Your color preference should rule here when choosing a bag for yourself. Take time to picture yourself carrying that shouting yellow huge bag and if you like your mental picture so be it. But then there are those that dare to stand out from the crowd by the color of their bag so it will be easier for them to pick out a bag without much care about the color.

2. For men it is wise enough to stick to neutral cool colors just to be on the safe side. Black, grey or navy blue will be appropriate for any man’s bag.

3. Size. It beats all logic for a person with a small, tiny body to carry such a huge bag that makes him/her walk down the streets in a weird manner as if she/he is carrying a 30pound stone on their shoulder. Most women out there prefer large handbags that could fit in a hair drier and the like. Am also victim cause I tend to prefer big bags that would fit in my necessities plus some diaper and clothes for my baby.

4. Texture. Bags are made from different materials such as, animal skin, fur, leather, plastic, sisal, cotton, and the list goes on. Also some bags are decorated with different types of materials ranging from silver, copper and other metals. It is advisable to buy a bag whose composition will not irritate or cause discomfort to your skin. Some people are allergic to fur and /or certain metallic surfaces and so one should put this into consideration.

5. Shape. Whether triangular, circular, rectangular, oblong shaped, square shaped, oval shaped, or any other shape, the choice of shape of a bag depends on an individuals taste and preference.

6. Purpose. Do you need the bag to go for a vacation, to work, hiking, camping, wedding, dinner, grocery, and school or just for a short walk in the neighborhood? The purpose of the bag is the most fundamental factor to consider when choosing and buying a bag. It would be quite ridiculous for one to attend a wedding with a school bag, or rather to go hiking with a clutch bag.

7. Durability. The bag should be of good quality. Consider the material of the bag and just do some quick research on its durability. It is not fair having a new bag tearing or wearing out just after some short duration. It should give you long service and this mainly depends on the type of material used in making the bag.

8. Affordability. Despite the fact that the price of the bag should be within your means, the quality of the bag should not be overlooked. It is great feeling to purchase a good quality bag at a fairly affordable price.

9. Mobility. Last but not the least, the bag that you want to buy should not pose a major challenge to your mobility. Get something that will be easy for you to carry around. If it is a vacation bag, get something that has wheels that you could easily pull behind you.

It is said that a bag describes a person. And so one should be comfortable with their bags whether they are simple or complex. A person should choose and buy a bag that will suit his needs perfectly and accommodate his lifestyle without having to cause some unnecessary discomfort or trauma.


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