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Your Fashion and Colors

Updated on October 10, 2016

Looking for fashion?

When you are looking for fashion trends or even a new look shop around. Do not limit yourself to just your regular store or just online shopping. Chances are now some designers have beautiful shops to give you a vast number of choices.

-You can shop like a celebrity with cool boutique online

-Look around your neighborhood for small boutique

-Walk around the mall sometimes to see what you can mix and match

Your fashion selection

When you are looking for fashion to define your style getting the best deal while looking your best is a plus. You go out on a hunt to find great deals; you want to find fashion that is all about you. That means looking for the right fashion piece of jewelry and the colors to match. You want to look all around from small boutique to professional stylist, even what celebrities wear.

Your style should always show your personality and sense of fashion when you dress. Starting with the right outfit, picking just the right jewelry, and wearing some cute shoes will make all the difference.

Make is easy by checking a few points to go for the good look all the time. Start by finding colors that you already love, these colors are the ones you like to wear or apply on, and they just look good on you. To find those colors you have to make sure they match your skin tone. No makeup or another cover-up, you want your natural skin tone out so you can have a clear view. With all your favorite colors together now you can see how they look with your skin tone and how the fabric looks. After you find the colors that look good pick out a few jewelry in those same colors to see how they look also. Remember to choose the colors that compliment your skin and stay away from the ones that are unpleasant. Watch out for colors that make your skin tone look uneven, the wrong color will make your blemishes that you want to hide stand out on your skin. Dark circles will not just be under your eyes, they will stand out and give you a worn out look, and you will look lethargic after you get dress.

If you want to flatter your skin tone with your fashion style, find what makes you stand out with a fresh look. Pick fashions pieces that compliment your look by paying close attention to the clothes you wear. See what other people compliment you on that may be an indication on what compliments your look.

Following a trend that works for you

Find jewelry that you can make your own and adding clothes and other accessories that complement you. You will know that it looks good on you because your eyes, skin, and even your hair will catch a glow. It will bring your fashion style game to a whole new level; others will wonder. If you want to look like you have a personal stylist without really having one, just pick a few little parts from your fashion to do so.

Do not go with a color that makes any scars on your skin stand out, you want to hide those. Colors that bring out your imperfections never do you any good when dressing up. Do not pick a shade that is so bright or dull that when you wear it that is all people see. You fade in the background and people just see the super bright yellow jacket you are wearing.

Let's do a quick example: If you decide to wear a strip short dress that is bright yellow and black with black shoes, wear a dark jacket or top piece to help even out the yellow, so you do not look like a giant bumble bee.

Your body and the jewelry you wear

By selecting the right jewelry, you can balance out your face shape, make your body look bigger or smaller. If you want a particular part of you to look small, wear a bigger accessory around it, just moving your belt higher above your waist make you look taller. If you are a guy wear just enough jewelry to compliment your outfit, do not go all out unless it is for a fashion show or performance. Just wearing the right watch and cuffing's can give you a nice sleek look.

Dressing up also means paying attention to the proportions on your body, do not wear a tiny pair of earrings with a large necklace. Reframe from putting on maxi skirt with a bra like top sometimes, the size difference can make you lose the charming appeal of the outfit. Dress in a more even structure and you may get even more out of your wardrobe. Show off the parts of your body that you believe to be your best feature. Choose small neat designs, nice colors to highlight those areas. If you have a part you just do not like (but who doesn't just love themselves), wear a darker color and pieces that do not draw attention to that area.

How To Find Your Style (10 Things & Tips) | STYLE

Your necklace

Now a necklace can make a difference in your height believe it or not when you wear it in a certain size. You may have your favorite choice of a long necklace, a choker, and everything in between, they all look different.

If you are the type that like to wear long necklaces its not only trendy but gives you a little illusion of being taller. When your necklace falls so flat, it gives your body an appearance that it is sleek and long. If you are getting a dress at night and have a little dress with some high heels, just add a long necklace piece to it to give you a little extra height.

Choosing a choker type of jewelry or something that is seating right on top of your color bone will have the opposite effect. It will make you look shorter in appearance; you will most likely have that small delicate petit look with what you wear. It may be a nice look with an evening dress if you are going to a dinner party or an event.

Choosing your earrings

When looking for earrings pick them in certain ways, you want your pieces to complement your facial structure. You want jewelry that compliments your appearance, not pieces that overshadow your face. Determine the shape of your face, and then look for earrings that fit that form and shapes that work.

If you have a round face known a little trick to help your look, wearing shape hoop earrings and the button shape and style are not your friend. Do you have a rectangular face? Well, you should consider not wearing any dangling earrings. If you have a more of a square shape face, you can look for the round and hoop earrings. A heart shape face will be complimented with a variety of triangle shape earrings. Now if your face is oval you have the best of them all; you can pretty much go with any shape earrings. You have the freedom to pick any piece of earrings, and it will compliment your face. So experiment with the different shape and sizes with different outfits and other pieces to look good.

Different places to find your style

who shops at it?
Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Kohl's, Old Navy, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters
everyday fashion, latest trends
Fred Segal,,
unique style, different pieces
Walmart, online stores
everyday fashion and trends
Average people

Shopping for occasion

Most people wear rings for a reason; it could be your wedding ring, a friendship ring, or a particular event that occur in their life. Shopping for rings for yourself? Consider buying your rings from events that you deal with every day of your life. Purchase a piece of jewelry that matches your lifestyle in going out to everyday wear.

-get your party box going with fun and colorful rings

-find elegant rings to complement your hand at a dinner party

Finding your rings and Bracelets

Finding the right ring for your finger is easy, really look at your hand to see what looks good with its shape. If your have long fingers, your best features will show off with a broadband and round-shape stones for your pieces. Your hand will look good with plenty of space for your round stone to a seat on your fingers and display. Now if you have shorter fingers, you will want to go for the more delicate look. Find more on the oval shape rings when you buy jewelry, it will wrap around your fingers and stand out. Even if you are petit remember to get jewelry that complements your hand buy changing the size of your stone.

Always remember your size again when buying jewelry, that is necessary for buying bracelets. If you have a friend and she is tall like a model or a larger size she can wear multiple bracelets. It stands out on her and looks good. Now you, on the other hand, if you are on the smaller size less, is best. Try wearing something small or one piece at the time, it will look good and not overshadow you.

Your must have accessories

What is the one piece of jewelry you always wear for the day?

See results

Getting the most out of your jewelry

When you go out and buy accessories, you want to have a beautiful set of jewelry for all the events in your life. That means you want your money to go a long way when you shop for fashion. Secure, nice pieces, go out and find samples that are wide in colors and versatile style to have all year around. You do not want your fashion to go out with the season; you want to keep it going all year around. You may have some events to attend to, a baby shower, wedding, even a business meeting need a particular type of jewelry. Think of some neutral colors when you first go out, white is universal for the most part and works with virtually any outfit. Search for other neutral colors like a lovely silver, black is also good and find a beautiful gold, brown, and bright colors. It will give you the all the simple choices for the year. You can always pick something up and match it with what you want to wear.

© 2014 Kerby Mellon


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    • notsosecret profile imageAUTHOR

      Kerby Mellon 

      4 years ago from Tampa, Fl.

      Thank you for reading my article

    • rebekahELLE profile image


      4 years ago from Tampa Bay

      Love this! You've covered everything so well. I know when I put more thought into what I wear, I feel better about myself. I would definitely wear the top photo ensemble. Jewelry makes such a difference. After reading this, I'm going to go change my necklace for a Super Bowl party! Thanks, a pleasure to read.


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