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Everything You Need to Know About Suits

Updated on June 15, 2019

What is a suit?

A suit is regarded as a set of outer clothes made of the same fabric and designed to be worn together, typically consisting of a jacket and trousers.

Every man at one point in life is expected or even mandated to wear a suit. For instance a suit is an appropriate outfit required when attending weddings, dinner parties, business meetings, political functions, funerals etc and even going out on dates with loved ones. It is a universal outfit which is common and has developed with civilization. It can be seen in all parts of the world today.

The importance and types of suits

A man properly dressed in a suit commands authority and respect. It gives a general picture of confidence and suavity; a gentleman!

However, it's universality has been abused by a lot of people today who disregard and disrespect the general rules and guide to a perfectly suited man. A suit is the most detailed outfit on earth! Therefore much attention must be given to it.

Today we have several types of suits but we're concern mainly with the single breasted suit (with two or three buttons) and the double breasted suits with two vents at the back respectively. Let me know your favorite kind of suit below.

Others may include

  1. Tuxedo
  2. Wedding suits
  3. Zoot suits
  4. Lounge suits
  5. Mandarin suits

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Grey blue Prince of Wales check Double breasted SuitLight grey check two-button slim fit suit
Grey blue Prince of Wales check Double breasted Suit
Grey blue Prince of Wales check Double breasted Suit | Source
Light grey check two-button slim fit suit
Light grey check two-button slim fit suit | Source

There are several details and rules which must be followed in other to get the best out of your suit. This is what differentiates a classy gentleman from an office boy, it goes beyond wearing a jacket and trousers. Ranging from the tie down to the socks and shoes, the type of suit and color, the size of your suit and the length of the trousers and many others we shall be considering subsequently.

Below are some key accessories to a suit

  • Watches
  • Cufflinks
  • Socks (depending on the shoes)
  • Pocket Squares
  • Suspenders
  • Belts
  • Tie Bars

Getting the right size

Unlike most other clothes, getting the right and perfect size of suit cannot be overemphasized! It shouldn't be too big or too tight but somewhere inbetween. Most people believe in getting a big size in other to grow into it. After selecting a color (preferably a black, navy or grey for the first time) the next thing to look out for is if it fits properly. It is advised that about 2cm of shirt collar should be visible above the jacket collar. Also, when buttoned, the jacket should not pull an X shape across your chest. Suit come in different sizes (M, L & XL) or better still you can find a good tailor for a bespoke suit or getting it slim fitted. In other to get the best out of your suit, go for your size!

The perfect necktie

The tie also plays a big role in making your look classy. The problem faced by many people is getting the right color of tie to fit the color of suit because ties can be tricky. They can either "make or break" your style. There's just about a million colors of tie and selecting the right one for your suit can be overwhelming! Personally, I prefer solid colors with a little strip on it, I try to avoid bright, over shinny colors. For a novice however, a simple black or navy blue tie should do the trick as you grow from there.

Also, you must be cautious of the length of your tie. The rule is that it mustn't go past your belt as it sleeps across your shirt buttons. When using a tie clip to hold your tie it should be clipped around the 3rd button and not further.

The right shirt

Getting the right shirt also plays an important rule in making you look classy and suave. The general rule is that you stick with traditional colors because you can never go wrong with them. A white shirt gives you more freedom to pair with almost any color of tie. Similarly, a powder blue shirt also affords freedom with several colors of ties too. Altough powder pink shirts can also work magic, you must however shun overwhelmingly pigmented or strong colors of pink. Depending on where you're dressing to, getting the right color can make you look more contemporary and smart.

A gentleman's wardrobe is not complete without a suit in it. Getting a suit from a shop or tailor is one thing, looking classy in it is altogether a different thing and that is where a lot of people fail to get it right. Most people get to overlook other small details such as the length of your shirt that should be shown at the end of your jacket sleeves. 1.5 inch is mostly preferable and nothing too long. If you have any questions, please drop a comment I'll be waiting to answer them all.

© 2019 Kelvin-joe E


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