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A Guide To Pick A Right Watch From The Invicta Watch Collections

Updated on May 7, 2014

Which Is Your Right Watch?

How To Select The Right Watch?
How To Select The Right Watch?

The Guide To Pick The Right Watch

  1. The watch style-whether you are looking at a casual, dressy, sports or fashion watch
  2. Your budget that you are willing to spend-the price range that fits you
  3. The choice of watch movements-basically whether quartz or automatic watch
  4. The preferred watch display -whether just analog or digital or combined both
  5. Choice of watch complications-common ones like whether showing calendar and with chronograph
  6. The design of watch dial -Whether with Romanized letters or Arabic numbers. Maybe also only hour markers or with sub dials for chronographic functions. To be considered also the shape of the dial-if round, oval and rectangular is your pick.
  7. Choice of watch case -It includes the shapes, diameter and thickness
  8. Watch band-whether in bracelet made of stainless steel or strap of plastic, rubber, leather, silicon.The width of the band is another choice to consider.
  9. Water resistance rating-the level of water resistance needed for your activities
  10. Place to buy the right watch-online stores,local watch dealers or agents and authorised Invicta retailers or dealers.

Impressive Collection Of Invicta Watches

Invicta Men's 1566 Reserve Chronograph Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch
Invicta Men's 1566 Reserve Chronograph Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch

One of the many fabulous Invicta timepieces that never fails to amaze you with its bold and striking look on your wrist.

This Invicta watch is Swiss Made and labeled on the dial. Powered with a Swiss Quartz Movement in solid stainless steel case and well made to withstand immense pressure up to 500 metres below ocean surface. It features a screw down crown and a flame fusion crystal. It has functional chronograph subdials and good luminous hands and markers for vision in the dark. A great Invicta watch that delivers functions with style.

Swiss quartz movement

Flame-fusion crystal; brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet

Chronograph functions with 60 second, 30 minute and 1/10th of a second subdials; date function

Black dial with silver tone and white hands and hour markers; luminous; day retrograde; screw-down crown and pushers

Water-resistant to 500 m (1640 feet)


Your Right Watch

Nowadays, a watch on your wrist is more than just to tell you time. It has to be more than this basic function of a watch. It is already a purposeful accessory like the clothes you wear which is making a style statement of an individual. Although, the selection of a watch is very much subjective to each person, the criteria for picking the right watch are basically dependant upon the working of the watch that fits your lifestyle and expectations, your taste and the budget you want to spend for this that you would not buy an expensive watch or a cheap watch which have failed to work for you and suited you.

There have been such wide array of collections in Invicta Watches, it may seem to be an overwhelming task to pick the right Invicta watfch for yourself or gifting idea to loved ones. .However, it is hoped that by following guide, you would select the right Invicta watch.

Among the many criteria to decide on the selection of a right watch, primarily, it has to be a Watch Style that suits your lifestyle and taste so that you would be comfortable and wanting to wear the watch. Hence, in the choices of watch style, there are casual watches, dressy watches, sports watches and fashion watches.

  • Casual watch

It is a watch which is good for almost every occasion and does not bear any special features. Basically, it is general and common in appearance. It is good looking on your wrist and it just goes with you all the time.

  • Dressy watch

This kind of watch is good for formal occasions. Normally, it expresses your style and taste. It is elegant and classy looking and it matches flawlessly with your formal outfits. Generally eyecatching timepiece with high grade polished stainless steel or gold toned bracelet with matching bold and unclusttered dial. Naturally, it would be expensive looking watch even though it may not be expensive.

  • Sports watch

A sports watch has that rugged and sporty appearance. Normally, it is a bigger watch with size of case diameter larger than 40mm. It is sturdy and durable enough to withstand active outdoor activities. It should possess characteristics such as high water resistance rating, good luminescent dial with markers and unidirectional bezel as well as chronographic functions. Watch band is normally made of non corrosive bracelet in good grade stainless steel , gold tone or plated. It may be made of titanium too. Others may be consist of rubber or polyurethane straps. Due to its highly well made nature with high quality materials, while it is durable and robust in performance, it can look very elegant and delicate as a very stylish dressy watch .

  • Fashion watch

This type of watch is usually more affordable in pricing. However, the watch looks trendy with more colours and stylish dials and different shapes. It should be going well with your fashion setting and adds to your personality and taste.

Stylish Invicta Watches Under $50

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The Price You Are Affordable-The Budget

Although there are plenty of quality watches with great features that are stylish and durable in the Invicta Watches Collections, the budget for the right watch -the money which you are prepared to spend is of great significance because it is always true that you get what you pay for in the end. Rest assured that there is a right watch for your selection from the Invicta Watches galore even if your tight budget is under $50.00! Nevertheless, you make your budget and you pick your right Invicta watch.

Watch Movements-Whether Battery Operated Or Self Winding Automatic

Quartz Movement

This quartz movement is run by a battery which powers up the electronic components when the electric current passes through the crystal. The vibrating quartz crystal subsequently drives a step motor that turns the watch hands at constant rate. As long as the battery is charged, the watch keeps reliably accurate time.

Normally, the battery can last for a couple of years. In modern watches, quartz movements are used due to its affordability and accuracy in time keeping. Most less expensive modern watches are powered by quartz movement. However, there are quartz watches which are in the high end market such as Invicta Quartz watches because these quartz movements are either Swiss made or Japanese made quartz movements which have received high regards for their excellent performance and durability.

Automatic Movement-Hand Wound Or Self Winding

In contrary to quartz movement, the automatic movement is powered by kinetic energy using a hosts of gears and springs consisting of more than hundred components as the working mechanism. By the mere swinging of your arm or wrist has provided the kinetic energy to the oscillating rotor to power the movement through the winding of the gear and spring mechanism. While hand wound automatic movement has to wind up manually the hairspring by turning the crown to provide the energy.for the running of the watch.

Automatic watches have to be worn everyday to keep them running. Otherwise, these automatic watches stop after the reserved power has run out. Typically, the reserved power can last for 20-40 hours to run the watches without wearing them. It is better to put the automatic watches on watch winder if they are not worn daily.

Almost all of Invicta automatic watches are using Swiss Automatic Movements or Japanese Automatic Movements. While Japanese movements are cheaper in prices than Swiss Automatic Movements, they are proven and time tested high quality performance movements for smooth running, durability and accurate time keeping. Although the accuracy in keeping time is not as good as quartz movements, these automatic movements have been very reliable and very close to quartz movement for accuracy.

Invicta Pro Diver-Your Right Watch

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Analog Watches

Analog watches have fixed numbered dial with Arabic numbers or Romanized letters. Otherwise, they have just hour and minute markers that are luminous in the dark. Some analog watches have cyclop -small magnified window to show the date. According to your liking, these different faces are found on Invicta watches.

Choice Of Watch Complications

Beside the keeping of the time over the day, a watch can provide other popular functions which are useful. Normally, there is showing of the calendar about the date and day of the week through a small magnified window. Other higher priced watches may have popular features like chronograph , stopwatch, moon phase indicator,

For a chronograph watch, it can be used a stopwatch by using a separate second hand which can be started , stopped and returned to zero. In addition, there are 3 subdials to display the measurement of hour, minutes and seconds or tenths of a second that are controlled by the 2 functional pushers on either side of the crown.

Some more complicated chronograph watches may have rotating bezel to be used as tachymeter to calculate the speed or distance.

The Design Of Watch Dial

The dial or face of a watch displays the time. It may feature in different displays such as with Romanized letters(I-XII) or Arabic numbers(1-12). Very usually, not all the letters or numbers are used. It is common to see only hour markers and indices too

Apart from the popular round dial, there are other shapes like rectangular or oval which are preferred by some people. Dials have different colours like white or silver, others are golden color and black carbon fiber color , navy blue or grey color, green or purple etc. One other type of dial is made of pearl of the mother. There are in fact a lot of choices to pick from.

There are again other varieties such as subdials in chronograph watches. Others may have complications of calendar to show date and day of the week and moon phase indicator .

A Good Choice For The Right Invicta Watch

Invicta 12746 Men's Reserve Bolt Zeus Gold Tone Dial Steel Bracelet Chronograph Dive Watch
Invicta 12746 Men's Reserve Bolt Zeus Gold Tone Dial Steel Bracelet Chronograph Dive Watch | Source

Invicta Reserve Bolt Zeus Collection

Another Men's Right Invicta Watch

Invicta Men's 10174 Venom Reserve Automatic Chronograph Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch
Invicta Men's 10174 Venom Reserve Automatic Chronograph Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch

It is a big and heavy watch which can be the right watch for the right man who appreciates bold timepiece. It is a limited edition which features Swiss Automatic Movement with 25 jewels. It has screwed down crown and pushers functional for chronograph. Well made for water resistance rating up to 1000 metres.


Choice of watch case

The choices of watch case are plenty in terms of the type of materials used for its construction. The watch case can be considered the most important part to protect the running mechanism -the watch movement and the dial. Not only it has to be made of good materials to give a good protection, it has to be nice and good looking and more important also to give comfort when wearing the watch.

Usually, it is made of high grade solid stainless steel for Invicta watches. Some may be made of 2 tone stainless steel which is gold plated or ion plated. Some models may be constructed with harden resin casing or rubber.

Beside looking at the case materials, there are different shapes for the watch case which may have your consideration:-

Round Case

Sport watches generally come with round shapes as manufacturers find it easy to make a watch water-resistant.

Rectangular Case

Rectangular shape is considered better for formal dress watches.

Square Case

Square shape is best suited for fashion watches.

Tonneau Case

Tonneau-shaped watches have slimmer profile. These give a unique retro style and suitable for formal occasions.

Dependant upon individual's taste and expectation as well as comfort, the diameter and thickness of a watch case can really make a difference for most people.

A guideline is in place below for reference.:

For Men’s Watches-Case diameter:

1) Small Size: Less than 36mm
2) Medium Size: 37mm to 40mm
3) Large Size: 41mm to 46mm
4) Extra Large Size: 48mm and more

For Men’s Watches-Case thickness:

1) Thin Watch: 4mm to 6mm
2) Average Watch: 7mm to 11mm
3) Large Watch: 12mm to 14mm
4) Extra Large Watch: 15mm to 21mm

For a right watch, it is essential to take consideration of the above combination factors so that you feel best ,confident and comfortable to wear it.

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Watch Bands

Watch band can be bracelet type which refers to the many metal links joined together that ends with a metal hinged clasp or fold over clasp. The metal links can be removed or added so that the bracelet fits the wrist. The material used for this type of bracelet is commonly stainless steel, high grade quality and polished for elegant look and feel. Other materials often used are 2 tone gold plated stainless steel and titantum. These bracelets are non corrosive and are used traditionally for dressy watches and sports watches. Usually, this bracelet is interchangeable with leather or rubber strap.

The other type of watch band is known as strap bands. These strap bands are made of different kinds of materials such as fabric, nylon, rubber , synthetic materials and leather. These straps may have different colors and sizes to choose from. Nevertheless, leather straps look elegant and classy and are often used for dressy watches . Other sporty straps maybe made of rubber, silicon or polyurethane which go well with sporty timepieces. A colorful fabric watch band is going well with casual watch for everyday wear too.

For these both types of watch bands, whether in the form of bracelets or straps, they maybe in different widths to fit your wrist.

Water Resistance

Watches are made to endure different levels of water resistance. For sports watches meant for divers, the water resistance rating must be minimum 200 metres or 20 ATM to be sufficient enough for such activities. Other kinds of watches may need a water resistance rating of 100 metres if they are just used for swimming in the pool. There are watches made to withstand low water resistance in showers or rains and over tap waters and may be rated only 10 metres to 50 metres.

Of course, the higher the water resistance rating, the more costlier the watches because of better build quality and higher quality material utilised.for making such watches. In many models of Invicta watches, it is not uncommon to see water resistance rating exceeding 500 metres and so these watches must be well made so that they are sturdy for such situation.

The Right Invicta Watch For The Right Man

Invicta Men's 15484 Subaqua Analog Display Swiss Automatic Two Tone Watch
Invicta Men's 15484 Subaqua Analog Display Swiss Automatic Two Tone Watch

This is Invicta Mens 15484 Subaqua Noma V Chronograph Watch which is a wonderful result of an innovative design from Invicta Watch Group for showing bold and stylish statement. This striking Invicta boasts its running engine of Swiss automatic movement -the Sellita SW500 in 25 Jewels that pretty assures high accuracy for time keeping, high craftmanship, high finishings and good durability. Being Swiss Made and labeled at 6:00 position on the dial, it uses high grade silver tone stainless steel for its watch case and bracelet. A feature in defining property of water resistance rating at 500 metres that unquestionably makes it one of the toughest diving watches to withstand the high water pressure at such a depth below sea surface.

A unidirectional rotating bezel tops the case with Arabic numerals, a diver’s scale and five barrel accents. An exhibition case back reveals “Limited Edition” with your number out of 500 and a bracelet with brush finished outer links and polish finished inner links secures this timekeeper.


Where To Buy The Right Watch

Finally, in order to scout for the right watch, it is important that you buy from only reliable and trusted places. It does not matter whether you get it from your local stores or online sites but these places must be reputed outlets in selling authentic and genuine timepieces. In addition to good bargain prices, these places have good return policy just in case something goes wrong with your purchase and unfortunately, you have decided to return it.

Amazon marketplace for the wide collections of impressive Invicta Watches is highly recommended to look for your right Invicta watch. It is the biggest online store and it is highly reputed for free local delivery in the United States and speedy delivery for international purchase. It has in place good return policy for purchases made through its marketplace.In other words, the purchasing and delivery system are superb for its customers.

Discount Watch

It is a similarly reputed online watch store which has been in business since 2002. It is the authorised outlet to sell Invicta Watches and it has good systems in place like Amazon to cater for its customers. A free and speedy local delivery is offered in United States. Of course, international delivery and shipping is no hassle too. Fast and safe all the way. Beside a guarantee of 100% new and authentic for all Invicta watches, it is also guarantee for lowest price and dare to match a price if there is one at other places. It has incorporated a 90 days easy return policy which certainly makes its customers reassured of their purchases.


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    • Taranwanderer profile image


      3 years ago

      I prefer rose-gold, if I'm going to go with gold plating at all. I think all of Invicta's gold line is just the plating anyway.

    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 

      4 years ago from United States

      That Men's Reserve Gold Tone from Invicta is dazzling. My husband has the white one and I think he also wants the full-gold tone one...but we'll have to see what Christmas brings for that.


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