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A Ladies Handbag: Practical & Stylish

Updated on March 21, 2011

A Ladies Handbag: Every Woman Should Have At Least One

Ladies handbags of all kinds are a convenient and practical means for carrying necessary items easily. A ladies handbag can be in the style of a clutch or a tote, or there's a large ladies handbag that can double as a portfolio case or computer bag. Whichever kind of ladies handbag you require, there are three things you should consider to help you make the best choice.

A Ladies Handbag Is Functional &Stylish!

The first thing to think about when choosing a ladies handbag is function. What do you want to use your ladies handbag for? You may only need a bag to carry around small items such as money, credit cards or makeup, and a few other important items.

Ladies handbags come in many vibrant colors!
Ladies handbags come in many vibrant colors!

If that is indeed the case, then some kind of leather purse will likely work just fine. Although, if you need to carry books or a laptop computer or other large items, you may want to opt for a ladies tote, a backpack, or a shoulder bag. Determining the function will help you choose the type of bag you require as well as afford some clues as to how big or small the ladies handbag will need to be.

Show some whimsy with a ladies chicken handbag!
Show some whimsy with a ladies chicken handbag!

Is Your Ladies Handbag "Handy"?

Next, think about some of the style features that you want in your ladies handbag. Perhaps you would like something with handles and a shoulder strap. For organization requirements, the added benefits of side pockets on the outside as well as extra compartments on the inside would be helpful. Zippered pouches can be more convenient than buttons, or you might like magnetic strips that are easier to manage when searching through those compartments. If you plan to carry heavy equipment like a laptop, you may want to choose a bag with at least one large compartment and plenty of padding.

A quality designer handbag will last for years!
A quality designer handbag will last for years!

Choose A Funky Ladies Handbag For Fun!

Style is a key factor that is essential when choosing the perfect ladies handbag. For the no-frills types, a bag with a plain design is ideal. However, some people like to have  some fun with their fashion accessories and may like a purse composed of many vibrant colors that are incorporated into a decorative design. Fortunately for them, there are many  styles that range from the trés-professional to flamboyant, so it should be no problem to locate a design that suits the personality.

Finally, the price is a major consideration when purchasing a ladies handbag. The reality of it is that you will pay a hefty price for any quality ladies handbag. However, you  should keep in mind that a bag that costs more will last so much longer than a cheap bag. Overall, a high priced ladies handbag is likely going to last the  lifespan of three or more cheaper bags.

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