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A Man For All Seasons: The Best Men's Cologne For The Autumn and Fall Season

Updated on May 5, 2015

Men's Fall Fragrances - The Best Cologne For Autumn

What are some of the best men's Fall fragrances? Do you have a favorite cologne or best perfume? Does that cologne have go with the season at hand? Summer is beginning it's transition. Soon the leaves will change and fall, the air will start to crisp and the smell of transition will be in the air. Will your style reflect that? Let's take a look at some of the best men's colognes for Autumn.

Many, myself included like to select the cologne they wear based on mood, the season, the weather and what one is wearing. How you smell can actually tell people about who you are. Just a whiff of something can be a virtual time machine! One minute you're minding you're own business and then just a second later, you're transported to a time a place almost forgotten.

So whether you're looking for yourself or shopping for men's cologne and fragrance for a gift, consider some of these as great options and pairing for the Fall and Autumn season!

Michael Kors

This is an all time favorite of mine. And allow me to be a little superficial here for a second. Let me tell you what this cologne smells like to me. Money! Yes, money. Now, let me tell you what I mean by that. This is the cologne of a rich man. This cologne is a cologne that should be worn with a tuxedo or fine suit. This is a cologne for an evening of fine dining and dancing in the lounge at the Biltmore. This is a cologne that I imagine Clark Gable and Cary Grant would wear to the Oscars. It's an elegant scent.

So if you need to a little elegance to go with your evening or attire, this is the cologne for you. It has a musk to it, which is why I put it in with Fall and Autumn scents, but this is a cologne that will work year round. Great for a summer night of outdoor theatre, a winter sunset stroll through wet streets after a storm, Valentine's Day dinner at a French Restaurant... you get the drift!

Put a little elegance in your life this fall with Michael by Michael Kors.

L'Occitan Eau de Toilette

L'Occitan Eau de Toilette uses lavender, infused with a hint of pepper, plus a dash of nutmeg with the scent of burnt wood. Reminds me a recipe for cider more than cologne. Which is why it's perfect for Autumn. This is a new one for me. I discovered it last year and absolutely love it! It's manly, rugged and has some mystery to it.

A good cologne needs to stimulate the imagination. Not just yours mind you, but those you're around.

Let me tell you what this cologne smells like to me and pardon me if I'm about to sound like a J.Peterman catalog...

Orange and yellow leaves dance across the wooded path. The sun is dying once again. Soon only the moon will light the way and the sound of the waves crashing will be our guide. The air is cold as it enters my lungs, but goes on with warmth. Tomorrow I will be back out on the sea but this Autumn night, it's just you and me...

Citrus & Wood by Yardley

Now I know James Bond wears Floris No.89 Eau de Toilette, but let me tell you, in a pinch, if he ran out and couldn't get anymore, he'd wear this. At least that's the first thing that came to mind when I smelled it.

Actually I bought this without a test drive and let me tell you, it was a worthy gamble. Sinatra was a Yardley man. English Lavender. Sammy who bathed in Arimis, would always rag on Frank for his cleanliness. So it was the Rat Pack that attracted me to the box labeled Yardley. Citrus and Wood, huh? Can't be all that bad... Oh look! It's on sale. DONE!

One whiff and I'm off the Vegas Strip and instead transported to Monaco where I'm about to play Baccarat with some evil super villain in a game which could very well determine the fate of the human race as we know it!

Tips for Buying and Applying Cologne

Here's a few things to consider with cologne:

  • Make sure it stimulates the imagination
  • Pick colognes that last and blend well with your skin
  • NEVER over apply! Less is more. Promise.
  • Cologne is an extension of you. Remember that.

What's your favorite cologne? Do you have one for Fall yet? What cologne will you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

Leave a comment below and let's talk smelly stuff!

Music of Autumn


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