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A Man In A Dress | All Fashion Is Feminine

Updated on May 5, 2010

What do you think when you hear the words, feminine fashion? Do you imagine skimpy skirts and tube tops? Do you imagine pretty lacy undergarments? Do you imagine long floral dresses? Do you imagine short shorts and a tank top? Perhaps you imagine jodhpurs and a riding jacket, or maybe a sharp two piece business suit?

Have you spotted the pattern here yet? I could name almost any item of clothing and call it feminine fashion. That's because feminine fashion encompasses almost every form of clothing ever invented aside perhaps, from the jock strap. In the Western world, all fashion is by its very nature, feminine fashion.

When it comes to clothing at least, women can do anything. But do men have the same equal rights as women do when it comes to clothing choice? Clearly not. On your next trip to your local shopping center, see how many menswear stores carry skirts. See how many of them carry dresses. See how many of them carry underwear that isn't made of cotton and / or isn't a boxer short. Revel in the limited fashion choices that are offered to men, and ask yourself why.

Even if you're not interested in men who wear 'womens' clothing, the fact that we exist blind to the fact that male and female fashion, a fairly primal indicator of gender roles, is important. A woman can be what she wants to be. She can be super feminine or she can be androgynous. She can even be outright masculine in her mode of dress if she chooses to be. Though a few eyebrows might be raised if a woman pastes on a mustache and shows up to work, by and large, ladies have carte blanche when it comes to expressing themselves.

Men, on the other hand, have not been granted the same leeway. Men have, as a gender, been relegated to traditional roles whilst women have moved forward with their lives. In many ways its almost as if social evolution skips the y chromosome. Men haven't been victimized into remaining in their traditional roles, they've simply stagnated in them.

A notable exception to this generality is the movement amongst young Japanese men who are refusing traditional masculinity. They're known as 'vegetarian boys'. They don't seek to show off in pointless displays of strength, they prefer platonic relationships with women to carnal ones, and they occasionally wear skirts and dresses if the mood takes them. It would be heartening if this became a wider social movement, but in many respects it has all the signs of a temporary fad.

So, why is all fashion female? Why haven't men claimed their equality? And why does it matter at all?

I explore this issue in the next hub, so please, read on...


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    • profile image

      Wendygrrl 7 years ago

      Well said..

    • profile image

      AlanaRaso 7 years ago

      very nice hub!

      Over the last few years I started wearing camisoles. Not the utilitarian cotton ones, but very nice Farr West. Truth be known, I'm a sucker for anything silky.

      My observation is that with men's clothing you are either a worker or a soldier. Workers in jeans and the varieties of casual wear. A soldier in suits - the modern day uniform for most.

      As my wife is unhappy with my eBay expenditures, I am learning to sew and am learning to make feminine outfits, fit to my manly form.

    • fran-gerry profile image

      fran-gerry 7 years ago

      Hope you rock!

      Please keep up your blog and some day soon we will be equal with women.

    • profile image

      MakingSense 7 years ago

      If men wish to and want to choose women's clothes to wear then they should be allowed that freedom to express their identity and simply be true to themselves. People historically have not been served food for their skin color, persecuted for their religious beliefs, and beaten for their sexual orientation. They have fought for causes and freedoms to allow them to exist as a member and be an active part of society. It does matter if you are hiding from yourself and you should claim your fashion equality. When this equality exists then fashion will be free and no longer categorized by gender. It will simply be fashion.

    • profile image

      brasspanties 7 years ago

      "You're our only hope...." Hope!

      Fear is what holds us back. But we overcome that fear a little at a time. Just today I bought a lovely pink Jaclyn Smith top. It fits so nicely and the material is as light as butterfly wings. I got a little braver and wore it out when I ran some errands. The top is quite feminine and I am not. But no one hassled me for the disparity. That may be because it simply looked nice.