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One Man's Perspective of Beauty

Updated on August 22, 2012

Physical Outward Beauty

A blessing or a curse?

I like a beautiful woman. I like looking at a beautiful woman. I enjoy being around a beautiful long as she is also beautiful inside. The beautiful outward appearance draws me to her, making me want to see what she is made of inside. Outer beauty will not hold me to her if I find that the inner beauty is not there.

A woman that is the total package, beautiful on the inside and the outside is better than a woman that is only beautiful on the outside. The total package is also better than a woman that is beautiful on the inside and not on the outside. Her polar opposite, the ugly woman that is also hateful, is an example of what to avoid.

Beauty is more than flesh...

True, beauty can be the outward appearance of an inner glow. The joining of the glow of vitality with the building blocks of genetics. Some women can be plain and yet beautiful. Others are considered beautiful because of their symmetry, or the graceful flow of their form.

When I look at women, in a group, what stands out isn't how they are the same, it is how they are different. How they use that difference to their benefit is what draws my attention and what makes them unique. The ability to take what they are and build from that base is what makes a woman, a beautiful woman.

The many shades of beauty

'borrowed' from StormRyder's hub: The-Illusion-Of-Physical-Beauty
'borrowed' from StormRyder's hub: The-Illusion-Of-Physical-Beauty

Excluding birth defects or gross dis-figuration, all women start out at a similar place. They all have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, chin, ears, hair, skin and all women can be beautiful. The women that have a natural symmetry a natural flowing graceful line, find it easier to be sexually attractive. To be considered sexually beautiful. For these women to also be considered to possess inner beauty sometimes means apologizing for the outer beauty they have been blessed/cursed with to women that haven't been so blessed.

Why is that? I believe it is the belief by lots of women, that making someone else less, so they don't have to be more, is acceptable and fair. It is certainly a lot less physical work, and since the beautiful won't be quite so beautiful they magically become more beautiful. So by simply being beautiful you are somehow at fault for the choices that they have made? ...I say stop apologizing for being beautiful. If they were willing to do the work, they could be beautiful too. For my part, I will no longer apologize for my desire to be with a beautiful woman, it is in my nature... as it is in all of us.

Some people ask is a beautiful woman better than a normal looking woman? Is beautiful better than ugly? No one seeks out ugly panoramic views... we seek out beautiful vistas, no one wants an ugly house or an ugly car. No one works hard in an attempt to become ugly...because beautiful IS better.

Allison Stokke
Allison Stokke

Exercise the miracle cure

The choices people make and how those choices affect their appearance are what make women ugly or beautiful.

Balance and symmetry in our lives is what helps us to be beautiful. The balance of good foods and healthy eating helps a woman to be a beautiful woman. What goes into the body and how the woman treats her body ends up showing on the outside.

Going to the gym and working out helps make a woman have a beautiful exterior, and posterior. Working the body makes the body function better. Sweating removes toxins, the increased heart level clears arteries, helps even the distribution of blood flow.

Strengthening muscles improves tone and shape. The increased resistance of the stronger muscles increases bone strength.

'borrowed' from Blondepoet's hub:  Let-There-Be-Healing-My-Little-Anorexia-Rose
'borrowed' from Blondepoet's hub: Let-There-Be-Healing-My-Little-Anorexia-Rose

Being ugly is a choice...

Not being willing to pay the price in exercise, for the pleasure that an indulgence brings is why women have become either fat or anorexic.

Sitting on her backside, being lazy and eating unhealthy foods, makes her ugly. Mental defects, like laziness, the lack of self control and the lack of self discipline also make her ugly in form.

Excuses like it is too hard, no fun, too tiring, no time are also mental defects. If outer beauty was important to her, then she would do these tiresome things that are the price for what is desired.

Sitting around doing nothing physical, while starving herself also makes her ugly.

This is another symptom of this inner mental defect. This defect manifests itself as a belief that she can compensate for not wanting and ultimately, for not doing the physical work that being beautiful requires, by simply not putting anything in the tank.

It is an example of over-doing self discipline while not being self-disciplined enough to do what is truly needed. Starving oneself because that is easier than working hard in the gym while eating healthy and good tasting foods. This complex mental defect ends up showing on the outside in an ugliness that the woman eventually cannot hide.

Another form of this mental defect is attempting to buy beauty. Purchasing the creams that are supposed to do what exercise does. Makeup designed to hide the signs of the neglect that the laziness has caused. Buying the powders, the girdles, the 'form enhancing' clothing, all in an attempt to get what exercise gives, without having to actually do the exercise.

The bottom line is there is no 'easy' way to get past the hard work of being beautiful.

The women that are beautiful, are beautiful on the outside because they have the drive and mental discipline on the inside, to do what is necessary, to be beautiful on the outside.

Helen Mirren age 63
Helen Mirren age 63


Why is it that women don't age as well as men do. In my humble opinion, it is because of the different lifestyles of men and women. At least how men and women's lifestyles use to be different.

Back in the day men worked hard, in the gym and on the job. The temporary fix ,that the powders and creams that women use, only mask the neglect for so long. I think women that don't rely so heavily on the 'make-up' and instead focus on the exercise, stay younger longer and stay beautiful longer as well.

Granted, some of the 'older' beautiful women are so because of the benefit of our plastic surgery technology, but that to me is another example of doing what it takes, to get what she desires. Plastic surgery can only do so much, it is not the miracle cure that exercise is. But it can enhance the benefits of a lifelong dedication to the care of ones good looks.

In our lifetimes, the outer beauty wanes, and we hope to have found the one for us prior to that time. I think I said it already but just in case I wasn't clear enough...

For me the outer beauty is what first attracts me to the form of a woman, but it is the inner beauty and the lack of mental defects, that will keep me with her. Including the mental defects of not doing what she can to be and remain a beautiful person on the outside.

Perceptual Ambiguity
Perceptual Ambiguity


Blondepoet has a great hub on this terrifying disease and I encourage everyone to take a look at it.

I 'borrowed' a couple of the pictures in this hub from that hub.

(I'll keep them as long as BP lets me).

The mental defects that I have talked about are on a starting level. Something akin to a person that drinks a little to much. The disease of anorexia is something more complex and obviously more devastating.

Once a person allows them self to get that far along, it becomes something akin to an alcoholic.

At that point exercise is usually in the form of over-training and that is also a bad thing. Once things have progressed to this level I think a doctor's care is the only thing that will lead to a cure.

I decided to include this last picture to stress a point of perceptual ambiguity. What someone sees in the mirror often isn't what is there. This too is a mental defect, and this mental defect leads or can lead a person to make decisions that will lead them to making themselves ugly.

The girl in the mirror can be a beautiful person and to some she probably already is. I don't think of her as a 'Fat' girl, but I would say she is in need of exercise. Because in my opinion, the lack of muscle tone that I see tells me that she doesn't exercise.

If she is happy with herself, then truly my opinion doesn't matter one bit. That is the true basis for inner acceptance and inner beauty. I however would be more attracted to her if she had better muscle tone. Truth, and honesty. If she and I had been together for many years and if when we met she had looked like Allison Stokke, then I would be questioning her drive or accepting the effects of aging. The choice to accept herself as beautiful enough, because the workout is not worth the muscle tone to her, is the choice I am writing about. The choices are what makes a person a beautiful person, or not. That is why I still believe being ugly is a choice, the decision to not do what you would have to do to be what you could be. I think we need to keep in mind though:

"There are no 'perfect' people... there are just people". Outer Beauty is only a part of the 'Total Package' that a person, a woman, is.


Storm Ryder...

The Inspiration of this piece was from a hub by Storm Ryder, who has since left Hubpages. I would like to send her a message of gratitude for the inspiration... and for being a beautiful woman.



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    • Mikel G Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Mikel G Roberts 

      10 years ago from The Heartland


      You are correct, it is harder for some to be outwardly beautiful, and for them, the drive to do the even harder work, that others don't have to do seems unfair and maybe it is.

      But my point ...and my questions... are:

      -Do you seek out and hope to find an outwardly beautiful man that is also beautiful inside, or do you seek out a man that isn't beautiful on the outside first?

      -If two men were the same on the inside, and you could be with either, would you choose the ugly man over the beautiful man?

      -Would you prefer to have a man that is only beautiful on the inside, or would a man that is both outwardly and inwardly beautiful be better?

      The answers are obvious because beautiful is more desirable, therefore better.

      That doesn't make ugly or unattractive worthless. It just makes them the lesser. Just like the sprinter that comes in second is the lesser.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I believe that a big problem in the world today that can cause diseases such as bulimia or anorexia is the way the world views people in general. It is a proven fact that thin, attractive women get more attention and respect than heavier women. It is not always that a woman is lazy that her outward appearance suffers. Health problems, stress and heredity all play a part. I have struggled with a weight problem all my life, but it doesn't change the fact that I am a strong, loving person. I highly believe that I am still single because I don't have that first initial 'outward' appearance that most men are looking for. I don't judge anyone until I see who they are on the inside. I've been fooled by some who are pleasing to the eye, but have nothing but evil within.

    • profile image

      saras lee 

      11 years ago

      you are a shallow person. Do you really think people choose to be ugly??? you have no idea about real life and the things it can bring to someones life which mean that taking time to look beautiful takes a back seat. Do you really think that a beautiful woman is more valuable as a human being than a nomal looking woman?

    • rls8994 profile image


      11 years ago from Mississippi

      Great hub. You are right. We can all help ourselves look better. Some of us just need to get up off that couch and do it!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Excellent observations and a nice exception to the usual Hubs on the subjects. :)

    • myownworld profile image


      11 years ago from uk

      Loved every word of this! I couldn't agree more...! I'm glad you mentioned how 'choice' has such an important part to play in how we look, and that healthy eating habits, exercise and positive thinking can make such a difference! Great hub! So rated up! :)

    • AEvans profile image


      11 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      You certainly know a woman I wrote a hub over 2 years ago that was called Beauties Only Skin Deep , it does begin on the inside you also have to be humble and love yourself first before someone else can truly love you. Aahhh yes our beauty will fade but just like you wrote if we take care of ourselves it tends to stay around a little longer. I honestly do not believe in all of the cosmetic surgery if God wanted us to have double DD's or higher cheek bones etc. we would have had them already. What a wonderfully well written hub, but of course I could not expect anything less from you. :)

    • Moulik Mistry profile image

      Moulik Mistry 

      11 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

      This is excellent write-up, beauty is not skin-deep - it comes from within one's soul...

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 

      11 years ago

      Lots of interesting insight. Great Hub.


    • blondepoet profile image


      11 years ago from australia

      Wow Mikel thanks heaps for the mention and sure you can borrow my pics, I will lend anything for my dear friend.

      Great great hub, and I agree 100%. If a woman is beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside she loses her beauty in seconds.I gave this a thumbs up x0

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      WoW!! You are good my friend.

      I am humbled and happy...thank you once again for the kind words. You write so very well...YOU ROCK!!


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