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A Quick Guide To Choosing The Right Tie

Updated on May 18, 2013

It is a known fact that when it comes to dressing up for prestigious events, women almost always have far more style decisions to make than men. Sure, they’ll be throwing on versions of dress shirts and suits. When it comes to putting the last touches, however, men have their own share of confusion as to how to pick the right tie. More often than not, their most common fashion mistake lies in picking the wrong one for their wardrobe. In the end, they either recklessly match pieces of clothing at the last minute or lose all interest and just embrace the stereotype that men can’t dress themselves.

The number one rule here can be summed up in 12 words: complete your outfit with a tie, and not the other way around. Bottom line is, you should never buy a tie for sheer aesthetic reasons. Buy a tie that suits not only your body proportion, but also the rest of your wardrobe. Of course, you want your ties to complement your clothing and not just look cool by themselves.

Due to the so many choices for ties in varieties of colors, patterns, styles, and designs, choosing one could really get tricky. Below is a list of guidelines, which I guarantee will keep you from committing the same fashion mistake over again.


Suit-and-Shirt Combination

Always start with your suit and shirt combo. The tie may be a focal point, but it will only look good if the pieces that complement it look just as good. Don’t get too attached to your favorite colors as it might just result in overdoing your overall look. You can keep things simple yet stylish by contrasting light and dark colors and varying out patterns among your clothes.

> What is your body shape?


Just the Right Tie Size

Different body shapes work best with different tie widths; hence, the complication that comes with selecting the right one. Men with bigger physique must go for broad ties, while men with smaller build must set their sights on slimmer ties.

Color-and-Pattern Match

While there are no rules for picking the right tie color, there are a few guidelines for avoiding pattern overkill. Strong-colored ties may be used to contrast plain and light-colored shirts, while patterned ties may be paired not only to simple shirts, but also to shirts with subtle patterns.

Ultimately, you can balance colors between your shirt and tie. Despite the brightness of the color of your top, you can still finish off with a classy look. Do not worry about your blue shirt or your purple top; you can always pair those off with pink dotted or striped ties.

And though such guidelines exist, do not deny yourself the opportunity to build confidence and experiment with all these elements. You will find that, sometimes, to have shirts and ties go well together, you have to break some fashion style rules and just go with your personal taste.


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    • Hugo Furst profile image

      Hugo Furst 4 years ago from Australia

      The whole process is tricky, man. But hey, thanks!

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      There a lot to picking a tie than I thought very informative.