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A Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Updated on April 10, 2020
Nicole Val profile image

Nicole is a college student majoring in Civil Engineering. During her spare time, she is finding fashion trends that she enjoys.

Minimalism has started to become a trend these past few years. Nothing seems more refreshing than knowing that you only have what you need in your closet, and you're content with that. Wardrobe capsules, although nothing new, started to garner more attention with it's clear instructions and simple process. The point of a wardrobe capsule, is to stick with a certain number of clothes at the start of the season and manage to style enough outfits to make it to the end of the season without shopping in between. For each season, there is a different capsule wardrobe. Simple, right? This article will help to create your perfect spring capsule wardrobe.

How To Start

Start by cleaning out your closet

To start creating a minimal wardrobe, you need to make some damage in your closet before you get some results. Some tips when getting rid of items:

  1. Have your worn the article of clothing in the last 6 months?
  2. If you saw this piece in the store today, would you still buy it?
  3. Does this piece make you feel good when you wear it?

If you answered no most or all these questions, it is best that you get rid of it. Your closet should not be full of statement pieces. This would result in reaching for the same clothing pieces.

Asses what is left of the clean out

After the damage is done, asses what is left in your closet and work from there. Try not be too harsh on what you get rid of, since you need something to start your wardrobe. Notice what you have left behind. Do you notice a certain style that you are particularly fond of? A certain color palette that suit your tastes? Or maybe a certain brand that you know looks good on you. If you do, make sure to take note of this when you are building your wardrobe capsule.

Know what you want

This is the last step before you start making your wardrobe capsule. Be sure you know what you want in your wardrobe. This wardrobe is what you are going to wear for the entire season, so it's best you choose something that you know you're going to enjoy wearing plenty of times. Decide on a color palette that will go well with all of your clothing pieces, and choose styles and fits that suit your body type or that you're comfortable wearing. This will ease preparing your wardrobe capsule, and avoid headaches when choosing outfits in the morning when you are running late.

So you've done everything indicated in this article: What now? This is where the fun stuff comes in. After all the emptying out your closet, this is the part where you fill it back up (to a certain limit of course!).

Choosing a color palette will help to make outfits easier.
Choosing a color palette will help to make outfits easier.

Creating your Capsule Wardrobe

Seeing that there are plenty of rules out there as to how to start your capsule wardrobe, numbers will very on how many pieces of clothing you will need. Mostly throughout the internet, a capsule wardrobe has 37 pieces of clothing in total. Keep in mind, that these pieces of clothing do not include active wear, jewelry/ accessories, purses, pajamas, lounge wear, and underwear. This wardrobe is to help facilitate dressing up to go out.

What goes in a capsule wardrobe?

So what actually goes into a capsule wardrobe, specifically a spring one?

Well there's 37 pieces in total, each divided into 6 Categories: Tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and shoes. Tops will have 15 pieces, bottoms 9 pieces, shoes 9 pieces, dresses 2 pieces, and outerwear 2 pieces. It doesn't have to be this exact order, but it is a good starting point. This is only a guideline to follow, which means it does not have to be followed as strictly as one might think.

Choose pieces that fit your style and everyday life.
Choose pieces that fit your style and everyday life.


  • 4 Blouses
  • 4 Basic Tees
  • 3 Camisole tops
  • 3 Light long sleeve sweaters
  • 1 statement pieces


  • 1 pair of dress pants
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 3 skirts
  • 3 pairs of jeans


  • 1 formal dress
  • 1 Summer dress


  • 1 Light cardigan
  • 1 Blazer


  • 3 Sneakers
  • 3 Sandals
  • 3 Heels

As said before, this is only a guideline for those who do not know where to start when creating their capsule wardrobe. If there are a couple things that you don't normally wear in your daily life, then swap it out for something that you do wear. If you wear more tees than you were camisoles, then reduces the number of camisoles and increase the number of tees. There is no right or wrong way to make a capsule wardrobe.

Pros and Cons

Capsule wardrobes like everything come with their fair share of good and bad. First off, capsule wardrobes making creating outfits easier. Since there is not a lot of clothing in your closet, you can choose whatever you need in a couple minutes and continue with your day. However, with few clothes in your wardrobe, you are bound to repeat outfits. With the many styles and outfits you can make, there is still a possibility that you will repeat outfits through the 3 month period. If that is not a problem for you, then go right ahead and continue making your capsule wardrobe.

Minimalism at its finest

Less is more when it comes to clothes. There is no hassle of finding extra space to put clothes that you won't wear anytime in the near future. You will finally find everything you want to wear in an easy manner and there are so many ways to style your pieces that it can last you up until the next season. It is really a fun thing to do if you want to bring life back into your style and get some wear out of the clothes that you have hanging in your closet. If you find time to make a wardrobe capsule, take the chance and make getting dressed simpler.


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