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A complete Review of the Burnett Jacket by Canada Goose

Updated on December 30, 2013

Rate the Burnett Jacket as a city winter jacket

3.6 out of 5 stars from 8 ratings of Burnett Jacket

Burnett Jacket Price

Around $650 USD

The Burnett Jacket has been catalogued as one of the best cold winter jackets, even surpassing the highly popular Chilliwack Bomber, Expedition and Chateau Parka´s, all of which are preferred in New York. The Burnett is still not as popular as the previously mentioned, but those that have used it and the others prefer the Burnett hands down. It may not be as fashionable as the Banff Parka, but it still has its stylish look and is far more comfortable and practical.

If you like style but are not willing to comprise comfort and practicality for it, then the Burnett is the winter jacket for you.

Simple and stylish

The Burnett jacket is known to be one of the most comfortable winter jackets to wear in cities
The Burnett jacket is known to be one of the most comfortable winter jackets to wear in cities

The Burnett Jacket on Amazon

A quick description

Its design is military inspired and made for extremely cold cities that surpass the -30° degrees like New York or most of Canada. Slim fitted with a hip length that allows perfect mobility, it comes with a full coverage soft shell hood WITHOUT animal fur, something very traditional in Canada Goose´s hoods.

Multiple pockets surround the jacket, that go from the traditional hand warmers on the lower chest to utility pockets on the inside and outside.

Burnett Jacket for women

ivory white color Burnett Jacket from Canada Goose
ivory white color Burnett Jacket from Canada Goose

What is the right temperature for the Burnett Jacket?

That would be between -10° and -20° according to Canada Goose standards. But users have reported feeling warm in -30° all the way up to -40°. It is a very warm jacket.

I have not come to know one single Canada Goose jacket or parka that isn´t warm enough for the user. Actually one of the few complaints users have about the Burnett Jacket, and that goes to most of the urban parkas by Canada Goose, is that it is too warm to wear inside. It would be nice if future models include a better ventilation system, like the new modern Hybridge Jacket does with its Thermal Mapping Technology.

In cities you just don´t stay outside, you walk in the supermarket, the school, the campus, the house, the office, the subway… rarely will you remain in the bitter cold outside. The Burnett is simply too hot for indoors, but will keep you nice and comfy out there where it matters.

No need for extra layers like sweaters or coats, a simple T-shirt will do.

Sand Color Burnett Jacket

LIghter colors suit very well the Burnett Jacket, here with the hood down.
LIghter colors suit very well the Burnett Jacket, here with the hood down.

The Burnett Jacket Poll

Is the Burnett Jacket your new winter jacket?

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What is the biggest downside of the Burnett Parka?

The hood.

For some reason Canada Goose only includes an adjustable hood on some of its parkas and jackets, like the Chilliwack Bomber, where the hood can be manipulated for better visibility or further protection from strong winds.

The Burnett Jacket´s hood doesn´t come with a drawstring or shapeable cable like some other models and whenever the wind blows strong the hood will come off forcing to hold it down with one hand. Just because of this minor detail the entire purpose of the hood is lost. Might want to ask your local tailor if he can do something about it, I have never tried that.

Another issue also related to the drawstring is the hood will block your vision whenever you make sudden movements.

Other users have suggested wearing a toque or a wrapping scarf around your neck and face before pulling up the hood. These additional layers will help keep the hood in place. It works fine for me.

For now we make the call on Canada Goose, “Please, please include a drawstring in the Burnett Parka´s hood”.

By the way, you can remove the hood if you want to.

A detailed review of all the Burnett Jacket features

Sizes and Fit

The Burnett Jacket sizes range from: XS to 3XL

It is slim fit to allow extra movement

What is the size and fit of the Burnett Jacket?

A touchy issue when it comes to selecting your jacket size. By now you should know that parkas are big to allow some extra room of layers in there. But the Burnett Jacket is a slim fit, and it was designed this way to look good walking down the street and not all puff up like a penguin. Usually the right size for parkas would be 2x your regular size. With the Burnett it might only be 1 size more as to wear something lite underneath but no more.

What Else is cool about it?

  • Fleece-lined hand warmer pockets just below the chest.
  • Shoulder epaulettes with snap attachments to keep your gloves or hood, or whatever you like hanging from there.
  • Two chest drop-in pockets that close.
  • 2 inside security pockets with zippers.
  • The utility pockets come with an access tunnel for headphones

In other tones - Burnett Jacket

A similar suggestion like the Burnett Jacket

The Borden Bomber is another urban style jacket with the main difference that it includes a fur hood.

Borden Bomber

The hood is the main difference between the Borden Bomber and the Burnett Jacket
The hood is the main difference between the Borden Bomber and the Burnett Jacket

© 2013 David Trujillo Uribe


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      David Trujillo Uribe 2 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

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      Sophie 2 years ago

      Super helpful post! This will be my new winter jacket!