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Review of Thicker Fuller Hair: the hair care brand

Updated on February 21, 2016

Luckily, for those with thin, stringy hair, there's Thicker Fuller Hair to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it. This is a complete hair care and styling line that distinguishes itself in the market by the use of natural ingredients to help reverse the effects of stress, too strenuous styling and braiding, genetics, etc. Their technology incorporates plant extracts, vitamins, protein and caffeine for excellent results.

Why should we care about having thick hair? Sure, we've all heard, "Pretty is as pretty does," from our moms . . . but we've also all seen the beauties who "get away with murder" in life. Lush, thick hair equals youth and beauty. It distracts from other flaws. Even the late Elizabeth Taylor wrote that when she didn't keep up her lush tresses, it was a sure sign to doctors that she was depressed and not properly caring for herself.

Thicker Fuller Hair Revitalizing Shampoo is a clear gel formula -- the most efficacious of the different shampoo types -- with a fresh, clean, classic scent. Its strength is in removing buildup from the scalp that can impeded hair growth while still swelling the hair shaft. However, it doesn't strip the natural oils, like so many similar products do. It has aloe, rosemary, thyme and sesame oils.

Their Weightless Conditioner is a lotion consistency with a grassy/wild flower scent. It won't flatten your hair at all. It has eucalyptus, salvia and wheat protein. Combing through after rinsing was an easy task. I didn't use any other volumizing products and was shocked at the glossy, full look my hair had! You don't have to sacrifice any of your hair beauty in the name of thickness.

Thicker Fuller Hair is available at big box stores, drug stores and grocery stores -- many of which are open 24/7 -- across the US. Additionally, the line is available for purchase online and in Canada.

Expert qualifications to review hair care products

We're bombarded with information and ads regarding hair products in print, on air and online. Who can you trust to tell you what's what, without a lot of puffery? Me! I've been checking out beauty products for decades now. With years of stage shows and television appearances on national channels like CBS, ABC and CNN, I know what it's like to have to look your best on command. I've learned lots of lessons the hard way, such a magazine photo taken when I was young and supposedly my city's "hot single", but made me look like a decrepit Phyllis Diller.

5 stars for Thicker Fuller Hair

What doesn't help thin hair?

The problem, if you have thin and lanky locks, is what to do about them? Weaves and sewn-in hair are very expensive, as well as ridiculously time consuming. Wigs get hot and are hard to fit. Those "phony ponies" sold by various D-list celebs and has-beens look fake and just a little bit crazy. The colors, textures and sheen don't look real. They side-step the color issue by claiming each piece has anywhere from 16 to 50 shades. A "head start" (if that's not too bad a pun) to one of those famous "don't" street photos!

What about products you can apply to your own hair? Here, too, you have to be cautious. There was a medical chemical approved for over the counter home use several years ago, but do you really want to use pharmaceutical-level things so close to your face and brains? Certainly, pregnant women and immune-compromised people have to watch such products.

Many topical hair thickeners are full of plasticizers, that actually make thin hair lankier or difficult to comb. Others are laden with animal proteins which, when used too frequently, can make delicate hair dry and snap off. Still other products use a great deal of alcohol, which "blows out the cuticle" and gives your hair that fat broom/the old-school pre-Disney drawing of Alice in Wonderland/Gilda Radner's Rosanne Rosanadana look. Not elegant and not healthy in the long-term!

Get a Thicker Fuller Hair shampoo/conditioner set


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