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A review of new, luxurious hair care products from Pureology

Updated on May 11, 2016

For a couple of years, various hair care brands have tried to corner the market of "aging hair," which not only covers the vast Baby Boomer population, but also those who have premature aging or have damaged their hair with frequent coloring, chemical straightening or the use of heated styling tools.

Aging hair encompasses many more problems than merely a loss of natural color. Gray and white hair actually has a different chemical structure from younger hair, with the cuticle and keratin content altered. That's why older hair tends to frizzier, duller, curlier and more unmanageable. But fortunately, there's Pureology to the rescue!

Nano Works Gold is their newest line, the next generation of anti-aging hair cleansing products. They incorporate marula oil in this series. For several years in the beauty world, argan oil was all the rage. But now, it's marula oil that's hot! Some of the points of difference include: marula oil is hand-harvested from wild trees in countries such as Namibia, South Africa and Madagascar. It tends to be harvested by women living in villages. The sunny, dry climate of these areas encourage the marula plants to develop more than 4 times the amount of Vitamin C as oranges. The kernel of the fruit produces a light, highly nutritious oil.

Other ingredients in the products also add to hair rejuvenation: karavis for strengthening and repairing; shea butter (another African sourced natural nut butter) for heavy duty moisturizing; Vitamin B complex for shine and UVA/UVB filters to protect color. The products are 100% vegan.

The shampoo is thick and golden, with a lush, floral fragrance. Like the retro saying, you lather, rinse and repeat. The conditioner is similarly scented, perhaps a touch nuttier. You leave the rich lotion consistency product in a couple of minutes and rinse. Comb-out is relatively simple matter, yet your hair won't be weighed down or too slippery to hold a style.

Can a hair conditioner be fun? Yes! Pureology Colour Fanatic Instant Conditioning Whipped Cream promises a whopping 21 benefits for your hair! Incorporating fennel Seed extract, camelina, coconut and olive oil, it pumps out just like the dessert treat. Though it feels rich, it does not weigh your hair down! You do rinse it out in the shower.

I found both of these Pureology lines quite beneficial to my (extremely) colored hair. I consider the Nano Works Gold to be the more "serious" and in-depth repairing duo, while the Whipped Cream is a cool product to use on a daily basis.

5 stars for Pureology hair care products


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