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A sultry summer look from Ellis Faas with how-to video

Updated on June 11, 2016

Amsterdam-based artist, photographer, makeup expert and creator Ellis Faas was called by Vogue Paris, "One of the most influential make-up artist of our time." Her professional creative endeavors began as an award-winning photographer, frequently using herself as a model. To control the effects, she applied cosmetics herself. After stints with Clinique, LancĂ´me, MAC and L'Oreal, she created her own line. This is one of those "cult favorites" that's sold online and in the finest department stores in the world, as well as through KLM's duty-free magazine. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Many of her products are packaged in art pen-like, pointed metal tubes. You twist the end to prime the built-in brush and apply color to your face, just like painting a canvas. With the length of the applicator and pointed end, you get exquisite control of where the product goes. Spread the color with your fingers or whatever tools you like.

The color trend for Summer 2016 is earthy and metallic. Gone are sweet Jordan almond tints, the "nude face" or retro palettes. Ellis Faas has a complete look available as a set. Or, you can buy individual components as you need.

This brand produces colors in three consistencies: glaze (sheer), milky (satin) and creamy (opaque).

Creamy Eyes E 104 is an earth brown with the slightest hint of gold iridescence. The sheen takes the color up to another level beyond a classic contouring tint. This color would be great for all skin tones.

Milky Lips L203 is a plum that's not too yellow and not too blue: again, perfect for everyone. It has no glitter. Because it's lively but not bright, you can definitely wear it in a professional setting or at night.

Lights E303 is a bronze game changer. This pigment rich metallic is capable of giving that intense "Goldfinger" look, opposed to faint highlighting products of the past. It's a more deliberate shade, meant to attract attention.

To check out how to create Ellis Faas' newest look yourself, check out this video HERE.

5 stars for Ellis Faas


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