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A tale of two cleansers: Suki skincare product review

Updated on November 4, 2015

The two Suki facial cleansers I tried

The theory of Suki skincare

Suki is a skincare line expressly devoted to sensitive skin and not creating unwelcome reactions in normal complexions. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

So, here's the rub -- if you will. So many of us think we have sensitive skin because of the nasty reactions we've experienced from harsh ingredients in other lines. Suki refers to these components as "Volatile Synthetic Additives" and has eliminated them from their products.

Often, though, skincare lines focused on sensitivity aren't effective: they're too creamy or watery. Suki insists on "strong, safe, stable" ingredients. Their cleansers incorporate pyrus malus: apple extract, to protect the skin from free radical damage, hydrate and has proven to promote collagen production.

The company has several types of facial cleansers; I tried two. With a background of stage, pageant and television appearances, I know a thing or several about what makes for great skincare.

Suki Purifying Foaming Cleanser

This version is housed in a 100 ml glass tubular bottle, you can pack it into your carry-on luggage's 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag as required by the TSA. Because it is glass -- handsome and modern looking on the dresser -- you'll want to wrap a thick sock around it while traveling or take other precautions. The bottle has a built-in pump.

The gel has a lemon verbena-herbal scent: refreshing and brisk. It foams well on your skin and rinses off easily and cleanly. This product is considered suitable for normal to oily skin.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

This version is packaged in a 4 oz glass jar, so it's not going to be for your 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag needs, unless you head to the notions store for a small plastic container to fill. The cleanser itself has a bright lemon sorbet fragrance, with a sugar in a touch of syrup consistency.

Old fashioned exfoliating products used crushed nut shells to do the job: natural in a very bad way. The jagged, uneven edges of such scrubs created micro-tears on the epidermis, breeding irritation and infection.

Suki uses soft sugar crystals as its active ingredient: they do the job without scratching your face. Take a little in your wet palms, rub your hands together, apply to your face and if you wish, your decollete. That will help get rid of that old sun-damaged look on your throat and chest! Be sure to spend some extra time to rinse it off. Use, according to how thin/reactive your skin is, two to seven times a week. You won't believe the smooth results and fresh feeling!


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