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All About Ankle Tattoo Designs

Updated on March 29, 2015

Ankle Tattoo Designs

Ankle Tattoo Designs

Ankle tattoos have become very popular over the past 20 years, as the tattoo industry has become more mainstream. Most places on the body have become suitable for both men and women to use for tattoos, but the ankle is one place that so far has remained almost exclusively female. Many girls and women get ankle tattoos every year, so the search for great ankle tattoo designs is ongoing. This article will tell you more about ankle tattoo designs in case you are interested in getting a little body art of your own.


Ankle Tattoo Designs: Why Get One?

Ankle tattoo designs are popular for many reasons, and there are plenty of reasons to get one. Many people, especially teenage girls and those getting a tattoo for the first time, choose an ankle tattoo because they tend to be small and less expensive. Ankle tattoos also are easy to cover up; if you don’t want anyone to see the design, all you have to do is wear pants. That way, you can decorate your body and still dress professionally for work.

One of the main reasons, though, is that people view ankle tattoo designs as sexy and alluring. For women, they accentuate the leg and provide a nice, tasteful design that draws attention. They also can represent something important to a person in an attractive way, such as a memorial to a family member, or a romantic tattoo for one’s boyfriend. People, after all, get tattoos mainly because of how they look, and ankle tattoos are no exception.

Popular Ankle Tattoo Designs

The world is filled with popular ankle tattoo designs. Just walk into a tattoo parlor and you’ll see dozens – if not hundreds – of designs of all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Basically, any tattoo that you can put anywhere else can go on the ankle, as long as it is scaled appropriately. For example, I once knew a person who had a butterfly on her back left shoulder. The butterfly was gorgeous, and she wanted to put it on her ankle. The only problem was that the design was too big – five inches wide. So, she just had the tattoo artist scale it down and place it on her ankle.

One of the most popular types of ankle tattoo design is called the ankle bracelet. This is a tattoo that wraps around the leg, just above the ankle – like a real ankle bracelet. These can range from simple to elaborate. One girl I saw just had two thin strands interwoven around each other wrapped around her ankle. Another girl went the other way and had an intricately-designed tattoo with swirls, flowers, stars, and other decorations that made the tattoo look like an expensive charm ankle bracelet.

Other popular tattoo designs include: butterflies, stars, flowers (especially roses), hearts, Japanese or Hebrew lettering, crosses, doves, vines, music notes, cats and other pets, and


Ankle Tattoo Designs: Do They Hurt? Are They Expensive?

Any tattoo can hurt, and ankle tattoos can hurt worse than most. That is because the ankle is a bone that doesn't have a lot of fat covering it to cut down on the pain. There is an easy solution, though, if you’re concerned. Just get the tattoo moved a little higher up the leg and the pain will go down.

Ankle tattoo designs also usually aren't that expensive, on account of their smaller size. Of course, the more intricate and ornate the design (and the more color you use), the more expensive the tattoo will be. But if you are in search of a simple, small, and attractive ankle tattoo, you will find that they are very affordable.



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