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About Costume Jewellery

Updated on May 30, 2018
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I have been a chef for the last 10 years but I enjoy writing as a hobby. I really enjoy writing for Hubpages because it is fun

Costume Jewellery

It is and always has been a fact that among human beings women are more beautiful than men. This is an obvious fact and one that cannot be ignored as it is a law of nature that women look more aesthetically pleasing than men.

It is also a fact that women generally spend more time, effort and money on enhancing their beauty than men. There are obviously some women who do not because they either do not want to or they do not need to enhance their beauty. Also there are more and more men who will try to enhance their beauty as well such as attempting to stave off hair loss and dying grey hairs but the point still stands.

Women throughout the ages have used make-up, clothes and jewellery to attempt to stand out and to emphasise their beauty. Modern day women also have the option of surgical means of increasing the beauty that they have. In the ancient past women would wear lots of bright colours and fine jewellery in order to attract a husband. This is very similar to what many birds do, including the peacock. Although in the animal Kingdom it is usually the males that have the bright colours and use them to attract a mate.

Even stone-age women were known to have made use of jewellery. Although some jewellery does have cultural significance the vast majority of jewellery that ancient women would wear would be for aesthetic purposes as opposed to practical or spiritual purposes.

Jewellery can enhance a woman’s beauty by emphasising certain parts of a woman’s body and detracting attention from others. The most popular kinds of jewellery are rings, which emphasis a woman’s hands and delicate fingers, earrings, which emprise their beautiful shell-like ears, necklaces, which draw attention to a woman’s breasts. Women will wear jewellery that is appropriate for showing off the part of them that they are most proud of.

Jewellery is so popular because it is usually expensive, shiny and pretty. Precious metals and stones are often used in the making of jewellery as they tend to have very few practical uses. Gold and silver are both soft metals so it is pointless to use them in the making of tools or weapons, mankind realised this very early on. So if these rare metals and stones cannot be used to create weapons or tools they may as well be used to make decorative items such as ornaments and jewellery.

Due to the cost of these rare stones and metals jewellery can be very expensive, a simple plain gold wedding band can cost around $400, so it has been and still is a fact that women in the upper echelons of society would adorn themselves with expensive jewellery to, not only, enhance their beauty but to also show off how successful they are. This is a practise that is still common today.

People of the lower echelons of society saw that jewellery was a good way of enhancing beauty and emphasising beauty and decided that they could mimic the richer people thus they created faux jewellery using less expensive stones and metals. This is now what we call costume jewellery. Costume jewellery is even more prevalent in today’s society and is a great way for a woman to adorn herself with fine looking jewellery without actually spending a fortune.


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