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About Me: Tattoos! (and some body mods)

Updated on July 7, 2016
Nikki Graf profile image

Nicole is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a B.A in Integrated Theatre Design and Stage Management.

The body is a temple and sometimes it needs a little extra something!

Hello friends,

I love tattoos, and I in fact have a ton of them. I'm not going to try and count them because to be honest, I will lose count!

I get asked a lot why do I have so many tattoos, while because I wanted to, and because they make me happy. I'm also often asked what they mean. While some have meanings, a few don't. Sometimes my tattoos are just things I liked, a look, or image I thought looked nice and I decide I wanted. They don't always have to mean something, as long as you like them.

I got my first tattoo 20 and when I told my family...they thought it was fake. A stick on tattoo, they tried to wipe it off. 17 year old sister was pregnant at the time, so I got less of a lecture about the tattoo because of that!

Now artist wise I will link them at the links at the bottom of the page. I've had three artists since I've started getting tattoos.

  • Some shit head
  • Guy Daniels, Expressions Ink Wausau WI
  • Bobb Lerry, Wicket Ink Neenah WI

Now remember kids, always be you, and if it makes you happy and you know you want it on your body for life and you have your goals in order go for it. But also remember my Daddy-O's advice, if you want it now and its something you really want you'll want it in a few years as well!

MST3k Sleeve
MST3k Sleeve


So this started at a half sleeve. I didn't want my whole arm done at first, I was worried it would affect my chances of getting a job after college. So I started with just the top of my arm. Now picking my sleeve was hard. I needed something that was truly me.

I went thru so many ideas until I remembered how much I love Mystery Science Theatre 3000, or as some would call it, the show with the little people at the bottom of the screen.

So it started with the top part of my arm having a boys sitting in the theatre wrapped around my arm. With Crow, Servo and Gypsy in the background. Well like with tattoos, once you start...its hard to stop. We decided to keep tattooing, the bottom of my arm will have Doctor Forrester and TV's Frank once we are done.

It hurts tho


Chest Pannel
Chest Pannel

Chest Panel

My friend Erica one day got a chest panel, and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I wanted one, to me it was like a shield, to protect yourself. I knew I would get one, but what would it be.

This tattoo would be right there on my chest, for all to see. First impressions would include this tattoo. I had to make sure this...was what I wanted to represent myself with.

I would say it took about 5 years before I found that one. That tattoo that I knew would be me, 100%. She is a mermaid, made to look a little like Stevie Nicks, she has a locked protecting her heart, and her ladies in waiting by her side

Celtic Knot
Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot

So often when people see this neck tattoos I'm often assumed to be a witch. While I wont answer that questions here, let tell you the lame little reason why I got this tattoo.

As a teenager I watched Charmed, biologically I have one sister, Samantha, then I have one step sister Lynzee. When Lynzee first came into our lives it was, hard, I was the more difficult one, to be honest.

So in honor of my now two sisters, I got this Celtic Knot inspired by Charmed and the three sisters on that show. Blue is me, Yellow is Sam, and Green is Lynzee.

Now behind this tattoo was a nightmare. The tattoo started as a "gift"/way for a bar guest to get away with never tipping me. I got the old story, "My son can tattoo, get a tattoo from him for free"

Ok, so I did, and it was bad, and dirty, and done in a trailer. Luckily my first tattoo artist Guy Daniels was able to fix that nightmare that went on my neck. Literally the trailer park guy DUG the needle into my sick, it took him 2 hours just to do the outline! It took guy an hour to fix it. Folks....always go to a shop!

Really though look at that awful thing at the bottom, that's how it looked before Guy got to it. I know they're cheaper, or free but go to a shop. Its clean, safe, and they look nicer.

Heart in a Cage

This one was a birthday gift from my artist Guy Daniels. Being honest, this one was a picture I found on the internet. Don't hate. I thought it was really cute. However I did just want the cage but Guy did the whole thing.

Now I do love bird cages, so that did go into why I picked this tattoo. Now when it comes to deep deep meanings, well like I've said before, not all of my tattoos have meaning. In fact they don't have too. Sometimes you can just like something and just get it. However based on how hard my social and dating life was at the time I got this tattoo, I think deep down inside it had more meaning than I realized.

Back tattoo
Back tattoo

Back Tattoo

My back tattoo was my third tattoo and it was something I always wanted. This nearly exact tattoo. I remember being in 5th grade and talking about how I wanted this tattooed on my back. I really don't think my mom and dad thought I would do it. I remember my dad saying

"If its something you want now, you'll want it in a few years." He was right. This was my second tattoo, and when I was 20 I got it.

So what exactly is it? Well its suppose to be that I am a fallen angel. That feel and got a little busted up on my way down. My goal with the tattoo is to have a tattoo artist go over the wings with a dry needle. This will cause the sick to scar making the wings more 3D.

However I've been saying I'm going to do that for years.

Bella Donna
Bella Donna

Bella Donna

Bella Donna, a song, a poison, a porn star.

Well for me its that song by Stevie Nicks, from her first solo album "Bella Donna" Bella Donna meaning beautiful woman. A reminder I need sometimes when I feel bad about myself.

I also love finger tattoos, they feel like a little random secret to me. For instance every time I get a job people do not realize that I have a finger tattoo until one day they for a moment seen the purple on my fingers. Then I get asked about it. Its a really fun little tattoo.

Now with this tattoo I would always hear from people, how it would fade away and get gross. Well it hasn't done that yet and I'd say I've had it for 5 years or so. So boo on those people!

Neck Tattoo
Neck Tattoo

Vampire Lady

Ok, so this is one tattoo I regret:

  1. Its on my neck so I can't do much about it
  2. The teeth marks are not that far apart
  3. Everyone asks me if I'm team Edward.

Now this tattoo came about because I like the movie "Lost Boys" and I was going thru the tail end of being a goth kid like I was in high school. This one compulsive and I didn't think this tattoo thru and now I don't know if I can do much about it.

Now most people think it is really cool. Great for them but its not so cool for me anymore. What's nice is most people don't even notice it. However those who do notice it often think it is a hickey.

So think before you ink kids. ALWAYS!


Remember Mom and Your Goals!

My mother had died my senior year of high school. It was a hard start to college, moving into a dorm, and being an adult without her. Unlike other kids who called their moms every night I often just sat in my dorm room pushed away from my remaining family.

I started a deep depression, and what came with that was self harm. I don't want to give anyone ideas how I did it, but I did, and at 19-20 years old being a cutter is, well pathetic.

It was like a drug though. I couldn't stop, and I knew my mom wouldn't' be impressed by it. Often when I was in high school and she was alive I knew she worried about my sister and I self harm because she would often talk about it. I didn't in high school but college I met a girl who did cut, and I started to copy her.

I decided to get a razor blade on my wrist because I knew when I would see her name, I couldn't do it, couldn't hurt myself and I knew I already had a razor. I didn't need another.

Sometime this tattoo works, and its been awhile since I've harmed myself but it was a long, long road.

Super Stars
Super Stars

Super Stars!

I honest have nothing to say much about these two. One star is on my right wrist the other is behind my right ear.

I really just wanted star tattoos. My ear one turned out fine however the wrist one, holy balls did it get infected. It turned a weird color for awhile and became all messed up. By that point I had many tattoos however I didn't take care of this one that well.

Kids when your artist tell you how to clean and take care of your tattoo, listen. They know what they're saying!

If I had to say the were inspired by anything I suppose it was the song "Dead Girl Super Star" by Rob Zombie. So I wanted some Dead Girl Super Stars on me. But mostly, once again I just thought they looked cute.


Ah Emilie Autumn, you were the songstress to my life between the ages 21-23. Now I have a few mental illnesses, one being Borderline Personality Disorder. This tattoo, is that in a fleshed out version.

I was obsessed with a boy, who would use me for sex, the forget I exist. So yes this one of those because of a boy tattoos.

It says: Love thy Opheliac, Ophelia being the insane obsessed girlfriend of Hamlet, and the inspiration of the Emilie Autumn song Opheliac. This tattoo represents and represented the anger and disappointment I felt those years of my life. Trying to find myself, find love, and find meaning.

I'm not too sure if I like this tattoo anymore, mainly because I'm scared it make me look shorter but it is what it is.

Six Shooters

This was my very first tattoo, and my grandma thought it was fake, spit on her hand and tried to wipe it a Ihop. Fantastic.

I wanted a pair of blue sparrows at first. Something pretty, something girl like. Then I said F-it and wanted something bad ass.

The whole thing was very cute in fact. Guy Daniels and I met for the first time thru my friend Kelsey. He asked me what I wanted then said

"Ah let me guess, some cute flowers"

I said "Nope guns"

History was made, the total tattoo is the two guys, the theater comedy masks (because I got my B.A in theater) and two skull, just be be cool. I got this when I was 20, and it wasn't so bad. Now my friends will yell

"Where's the gun show"

and I point and say "Right here!"

Repeating over and over again
Repeating over and over again

Stevie Nicks, kind of a theme.

This one was suppose to be the whole set of lyrics from the Stevie Nicks song "Every Day" it was suppose to say:

It's not important to wonder why
What is just is no more to imply
This simple thought repeating
Over and over again

However side tattoos suck. They hurt and I hate them so much but I want it. What is currently says is This simple thought repeating over and over again. Now Bobb my current artist wants to cover it up. I think we might just add onto it and keep the words.

Now why did I want this, well folks this one actually has a meaning! I've lost a lot of people in my life and in a short span of time. These lyrics spoke to me and reminded me its not always for just to curse "God" and wonder why, that sometimes things are just what they are.

This is the only picture I have of the tattoo, its the little tiny words on my side.

David Lynch

Mel Brooks

My Tattoo Goals!

So to me my body isn't complete yet. In fact I have a lot of ideas and thinks I want. So I'm going to give you a list of my next tattoo ideas, and if I get them done I'll go ahead and add them on here when they happen.

  • A portrait of David Lynch
  • A portrait of Mel Brooks
  • Gundam Epyon
  • Doctor Who symbols in my arm pits
  • Tattoos on the top of my feet
  • My Beautiful written on my lower left arm
  • Calvin and Hobbs

I gotta know!

Do you have a tattoo?

See results

I'm on Youtube too!


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