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About fashion designing

Updated on March 19, 2013

Fashion is a thing which may be defined in different ways and from different perspective. For example we can say fashion is about social status for some people and some others think that it’s the way to express individuality. But fashion is a part of art for a fashion designer. So to be a fashion designer anyone has to keep in mind that fashion is nothing but an art. Fashion is a very essential thing as it reflects the culture of a society and also helps to know and identify a certain time period too.

There is a long history of fashion and fashion designing. We may say the name of Charles Fredrick Worth (1826-1895) because he is the first man who had succeeded to establish himself as a fashion designer who had born in Paris. Paris is renowned for fashion designing for many years. Many great fashion designers had born in Paris and kept their important role in making fashion designing more and more popular and for this reason Paris is known as the epicenter of the fashion world. As fashion designing got popularity many artists were hired as a fashion designer by many fashion houses these days. So in this way fashion designing became more popular.

There are mainly three types of fashion designs are generally seen. Those are ready to wear, haute couture and mass market. Fashion design may also classify into many types like day wear, night wear etc. Fashion designers basically work under many fashion houses or companies and many other works as freelancer in many projects.

Fashion design has a great social and economical significance as it can express social and economic condition of a society. The popularity of fashion designing is rising day by day. So many other companies are getting interested in fashion designing and adding their names with other fashion designing companies.


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