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Accoutrements Horse Head Mask: Why to buy, creative ways to use it

Updated on March 7, 2013
Accoutrements Horse Head Mask
Accoutrements Horse Head Mask | Source

Buying the Accoutrements Horse Head Mask online costs less two movie tickets. It is a latex head mask and a unique costume piece that can be worn by itself or with other outfits. It resembles a horse's head, complete with a fur mane, pointy ears, wide eyes and a horsey expression.

The product looks eerily similar to a real horse's head. The mask tucks in neatly into a shirt, t-shirt, jacket or a sweater collar. Wearers will be able to see outside through the horse's grinning mouth and also from the nostrils. This realistic looking head mask is an awesome party accessory, cool gift idea and promises to add entertainment to boredom.

15 creative ways to use Accoutrements' Horse Head Mask

1) Wear the head mask to a party

Accoutrement Horse Head Mask is the perfect party accessory. You will get noticed, you will entertain others and you will be the center of attraction all the time. Friends going to a party together can wear a horse head mask each to have all eyes on them instantly.

2) Take crazy pictures and post them on Facebook, take videos and post them on YouTube

Posting crazy pictures of yourself wearing a horse head mask at the most weird places and in the most unassuming situations can find you instant internet fame. Buying the Accoutrement Horse Head Mask gives you and your pictures or videos a chance to go viral.

3) Wear it while sitting on a park bench to watch priceless expressions

Feeling bored? Can't think of a fun thing to do on a weekend or a holiday? Simply put on your horse head mask and walk over to the local park bench. Sit calmly and a book, newspaper or surf the web from your iPhone or tablet. You will get a lot of glances from people who walk by. Feast on their priceless expressions after seeing a horse with a human torso sitting on the park bench.

4) Photo bomb someone wearing the horse mask

There are fewer better ways to photobomb someone that to wear a horse head mask and prance around in the background. Just put on the mask and hit the downtown streets. Go to the tourist centers and look out for shutterbugs. This is the perfect photobombing accessory.

5) Confuse your pets and take funny videos

Imagine how your dog would feel if he saw something that had a horse's head and a human's body. Add to the chaos by whistling and talking to your dog just like you normally would. Do the same with your cat. Situations like these are likely to set your pets into a spin. Record a video of your pet's confused state of mind on your iPhone so you can share it with your friends on YouTube.

Accoutrement Horse Head Mask
Accoutrement Horse Head Mask | Source

6) Scare your partner by wearing the horse mask and waking him or her up

Are you married or in a live-in relationship? Give your partner a wake-up call that he or she will remember for a long time. Wear the Accoutrement Horse Head Mask and tip-toe up to your snoozing partner. Neigh loudly to wake him or her to a strange and shocking sight. Boyfriends can take annoying their girlfriends to a whole level by wearing the mask and scaring them in while they are showering.

7) Wear it on Splash Mountain and other rides in Disneyland

Everyone holds on to their precious pictures from Disneyland and this could be your opportunity to be the horse in everyone else's precious ride pictures. Wear the horse mask as soon as your ride begins and take it off as soon as it finishes. No one will notice it in the middle of all the excitement but it will be the first thing to catch everyone's eyes when they buy their pictures.

8) Entertain kids again and again

Accoutrement Horse Head Mask will provide endless entertainment to kids and children. It is the perfect accessory for people who are married or couples who have kids. Whether it is a 1st birthday celebration, a daughter or son's birthday, giving horseback rides around the house or just a matter of keeping the kids busy until dinner is served, the horse mask will give you plenty of opportunities to horse around and keep the kids entertained.

9) Make your own horse mask Halloween costume

Be unique this Halloween by going dressed as a horse or similar adoptions. Wear a horse mask and team it up with a brown robe. Put on a brown shirt and pants if you can't get your hands on a robe. You can even team it up with other quirky costume pieces for a unique look. This will be the quickest and easiest Halloween costume you have put on since a long time.

10) Wear it while playing in a concert

Are you in a band? Do you perform live shows? If you do, the Accoutrement Horse Head Mask is likely to be quite a crowd pleaser. Amuse your listeners with the sight of a horse strumming the guitar passionately or playing a piano in all seriousness.

11) Wear it when you are travelling overseas: Freaking out the foreigners

A hilarious way to amuse and irk off foreigners while travelling overseas is to prance around town wearing this mask. Imagine wearing this horse mask while sitting in a street side cafe on the sun kissed lanes of Venice.

12) Do other crazy and random stuff

From wearing a horse mask to a wedding to wearing it on the job on a colleague's birthday, you can do a lot of crazy stuff with this head mask. You could wear it to the pub, annoy your boyfriend by wearing it in bed or even scare a friend by peeping into his bedroom window while wearing it. Accoutrement Horse Head Mask offers unlimited options for fun.

13) Wear it to a poker game

A horse head mask can be your perfect poker face. This is a cool idea if you and your friends regularly catch up for poker or for a game of cards. Lap up the attention and hide your expressions from giving away vital clues about your big hand.

14)Wear it to the movies

Amuse fellow movie buffs by wearing the horse head mask to the movies. People sitting near you are likely to take pictures and share with their friends online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among other social networks. You can be a part of all this excitement while being incognito all the time.

12) It is an awesome gift idea: Cool white elephant gift or Secret Santa present

Buy the Accoutrement Horse Head Mask as a white elephant gift exchange or simply to add a pinch of fun during holiday season while buying your Secret Santa gift. Your gift will add little practical value to someone's life but it will provide them many smiles and moments of laughter, just what a loving gift should do.

Things to remember before you buy Accoutrements' Horse Head Mask

1) The mask is made for adults only. The product can be a hazard for children under the age of three years.

2) Wearers can see through the nostrils and the mouth however visibility is not as wide as what it would be without wearing it. Don't expect to jump into a car's driving seat and drive away while wearing the mask.

3) On a lighter note, don't risk venturing out at night wearing this. Your neighbors may get suspicious and call the authorities on you.

Accoutrements Head Masks


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