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Flawless Face Using M-A-C Cosmetics!

Updated on October 2, 2015

Introduction to MAC Makeup Cosmetics

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my hub! I am really excited to be writing about one of the #1 makeup brand, MAC Cosmetics. I started my professional career as a Makeup artist with MAC products. I was very fortunate to begin my makeup routines with it's beautiful and highly pigmented shadows. It is expensive but worth the money! I am sure you all have heard of the brand before, if not here is the perfect article to get you started.

If you want to know about some amazing things about MAC, then please continue to read this hub!


M-A-C Face Products

Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder, Blush & Neutral Eye shadows
Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder, Blush & Neutral Eye shadows | Source

About M-A-C

The founder of M-A-C cosmetics is Frank Toscan and Frank Angelo. Frank Tosken is a professional photographer and makeup artist while Frank Angelo is a beauty salon, owner. Something really interesting to know is that M-A-C first experimented in the homes of these owners in Canada. They made the cosmetics at home and sold them in their beauty salon. In 1984, the duo launched their first product line at department stores in Toronto. From there, the product line became history. Professionals such as models, photographers, and even makeup artist loved the new makeup innovation. The idea of having black pots packaging rather than usual compacts was loved by all. Both Frank's visualized a cosmetic line that not only expresses the individuality but also acts as a self-expression.

In 1994, a tremendous spread of AIDS was growing globally in Canada. With so many lives changing in a moment, Frank's wanted to do something to change the lives of those that did not expect to be victims of such a vast growing disease. With the help of their employees, MAC owners decided to make an organization called, M-A-C Aid Funds. The organization takes the lead in fundraising to help those with HIV/Aids.

In 1995, a percentage of M-A-C was sold to Estee Lauder company. This was to increase the brand distribution across the globe. This positive impact on M-A-C not only increase more of M-A-C products at retail stores but gave its employees a chance to work backstage at many international fashion collections.

In 1988, Estee Lauder took the remaining share of M-A-C making John Demsey the president of the company. With his leadership, M-A-C was strengthened between fashion, beauty, and culture. John Demsey took the company to prestige film festivals and theatres across the globe. He also sponsored pop music concert tours in support of the M-A-C Aids Funds.

Types of M-A-C Foundations (Liquid)

Six different Types of M-A-C Liquid Foundations
Six different Types of M-A-C Liquid Foundations | Source

YouTube Beauty Expert Her M-A-C Favorites!

Let's Talk M-A-C Foundation

Let's get started on the selection of your favourite M-A-C Foundation first! Did you guys know, that choosing the right foundation starts from knowing your skin type first? Make sure you pick the right type of foundation so that the face does not look caked. Some of the foundations that are available in M-A-C are,

  • Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation: This foundation is for oily skin. Use it if you like a medium sheer coverage. If you have dehydrated skin, then this will give hydration. It has a super lightweight formula, as the name says. It is also perfect for someone who needs coverage every day.
  • Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15: This is for all skin types. This one is good for medium to full matte coverage. Keep this as your special occasion foundation because of the formula that it contains so that you can build it to full coverage. It has SPF 15 and will last all day. Make sure you apply a setting spray to make it last all day.
  • M-A-C Studio Face & Body Foundation (50ML or 120 ML): This foundation is for all skin types! (Yay!) It also has a light formula which gives a natural satin finish and sheer coverage. It is best for low to medium coverage. I use this as an everyday foundation because it has super light coverage. No matter how much I build it, it still really absorbs into the skin and makes it look very natural. Do not expect a very high coverage on this!
  • Match Master SPF 15: This one is for oily skin. It has SPF 15 and is oil-free. It gives a matte medium coverage. It reduces shine and minimizes the looks of pores. This has an amazing finish for photos. Take this with you if traveling. It's not too light nor heavy! You don't even need a primer before this foundation.
  • Mineralizing Moisture SPF 15: I recommend this to dry skin types, although it is for all skin types according to their site. It has a satin finish, takes off imperfections, evens tone, hides the wrinkles, it has SPF 15 and medium coverage. If you're going to go on a beach then take this with you as it has sun protection features including, Vitamin E and Shea Butter.
  • Prolong Wear Foundation: This one is for sure oily skin. This is the second foundation I own from M-A-C, and I love it! I use it when taking pictures! It gives a natural matte finish with medium-buildable coverage. This one is excellent for travelling as well as it can be worn in any kind of environment and it will keep its long lasting finish.

Let's talk about how to pick the right foundation for your skin color!

Continued M-A-C Foundations (Liquid)


Reference to Warm & Cool Colors

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Refer to this link for in depth article on picking your right foundation shade.
Refer to this link for in depth article on picking your right foundation shade.
Refer to this link for in depth article on picking your right foundation shade. | Source

Foundation Colors!

All the foundations listed come in a wide variety of shades! You must know how to pick your right color in order get a flawless face and not caked! Only then will you get a natural finish! One amazing thing about M-A-C foundations is that all are very light formula! This makes the colors absorbs right into the skin if picked right. Here are steps to follow when picking the right foundation colors for yourself.

  1. Find out if you're a warm or cool tone! Sometimes the sales representative is able to tell you. Warm tones are yellow or orange and cool tones are blue or blue-green.
  2. Take some of the product from the bottle and apply to your jawline. Blend slightly, then try other colors if needed.
  3. The color that disappears is the correct color.

Avoid picking a color light then your skin tone as that will look chalky and ghostly. Also avoid taking a dark color as that will look artificial.


M-A-C Corrective & Concealer Pallettes

Click thumbnail to view full-size
In Light, Medium and Deep
In Light, Medium and Deep
In Light, Medium and Deep | Source

M-A-C Concealers available at

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Dustin's Reviews on M-A-C Concealers

Step 1: Corrective Makeup & Concealer

I haven't seen much of corrective makeup used online in most foundation routines. Most girls like to cover up and even the skin tone using concealers. I am not saying that it is wrong, but corrective makeup makes the foundation base look even more flawless when finished. Corrective makeup is used to even the skin tone, hide any minor imperfections such as acne, blemishes, scars, pimples, dark circles and any veins that are prominent on the face. Corrective makeup is also great for individuals who don't like or don't have enough time for a full foundation routine. You can skip the concealer and go straight to the foundation and finish with a setting powder.

To apply the corrective makeup, take a look at the kind of imperfections you want to cover with makeup, then refer below for corrections.

  • Green: Covers redness, acne, and scars
  • Orange: Covers dark circles
  • Yellow: Covers bruising and scarring
  • Pink: Covers uneven skin tone (dull)

Apply the appropriate colours on you imperfections using a concealer brush for a nice precision.

If you are someone who still likes to apply concealer, then after you apply the corrective makeup in desired areas, apply your concealer on top of imperfections to neutralize everything. (Use a brush that you can blend well with) Tada! Everything is hidden.

M-A-C has an extraordinary corrective palette that can be used. Please refer below.

  • M-A-C Studio Conceal & Correct Palette: Your choices are light medium, dark and medium deep. You must be able to choose the right shade according to your skin color. If you need assistance, ask the Makeup artist for assistance. This is for all skin types. It has 4 concealers and 2 corrective shades. It gives natural finish and the creamy formula can last up to 8 hrs a day. If you can then invest in this rather than drugstore correctives.

You have probably seen on M-A-C's website that they have many varieties of concealers that you can choose from. It really depends on your need and what the purpose of the concealer is. My absolute favourite is the Pro Longwear Concealer. It is definitely long wearing (15 hrs), provides medium to full coverage, is lightweight, and it has a natural matte finish. One feature that I absolute love is that it is water resistant! Goody! Grab one if you haven't, because you will love it. It is $25 CAD on mac's website.

M-A-C Studio Fix Foundation & Pro Long Wear Concealer

STEP 2 - Applying Foundation

So, not that you know what M-A-C Foundations are available to you and how to pick your colors, now is the time to apply the foundation. Take any flat foundation brush and start from the center of your forehead. Start to blend outwards. When applying the foundation on your cheeks, again blend it outwards towards the ears for a perfect look. Finish blending on your T-Zone and bring the foundation below the jawline to your neck. You don't need to cover the whole neck, just enough so the foundation blends equally with the skin. Blend until you see no harsh lines.

M-A-C Studio Fix Powder & Pro Long Wear Blush

Blush is in shade Peaches
Blush is in shade Peaches | Source

M-A-C Pro Palette Refill Colors

Neutrals with black for contours!
Neutrals with black for contours! | Source

Step 3: Light Contour & Set with Powder

You don't need an intense contour every time you do your foundation routine. Sometimes, a simple contour can make a big impact. The easiest and quickest way to contour are by using an M-A-C Eyeshadow. Yes, you read it right! A matte eye shadow dipped with a contour brush will give you a defined contour. Here is the basic contour guide.

  • Contour the temples of your forehead, the nose, hollow of your cheeks, and your jawline

If you need to know in depth on how to contour your face shape, then please refer to the article on the side.

Set everything with a setting powder. Take a fluffy brush and with a very light hand, brush over your face including the neck. My favourite face powder in M-A-C is the Prep-Prime Transparent finishing powder/pressed. It reduces the shine and is for all skin types. You don't need to worry about any colour or shades issues with translucent powder. Although this one is my favourite I currently own the M-A-C Studio Fix. (laughs)! It's because I received it in my makeup kit when I started my cosmetician course.

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1, 2, 3 Easy Steps for Flawless M-A-C Face!

You're done! You will love the end result. M-A-C is an amazing brand. With a good selection of it's products you can be a pro at getting a flawless face. It can be a good deal of investment, but if your a makeup geek then take your time to collect these items and get yourself the flawless face that you always wanted!

That's a wrap for this hub guys! I want to thank everyone for a great response to these articles! It means a lot! Thank you to every reader who follows and reads these. I will talk to you in my next hub! Till then, take care and have a splendid weekend!

Be safe!

Cheryl shares her Favorite M-A-C Products


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