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Acne, NOT Just for Teenagers! The Causes of Adult Acne!

Updated on October 4, 2009

Unfortunately, acne is an equal opportunity employer. Did you know that one in five women between the ages of 25 and 40 deal with acne on a regular basis? Not fair, after all, acne is for teenagers…right? Not so fast! If you have adult acne, you are not alone. In fact, welcome to the club (and a large club it is!). The good news is there are many different skin care products (and procedures) that you can take advantage of in order to have beautiful skin!

So what causes adult acne in the first place? Well, my friends, the list is long…but let's explore a few of the reasons. First up, stress! When an individual becomes stressed, the pituitary gland increases hormone production. In turn, hormone production stimulates the adrenal gland which then secretes androgen. Too much androgen can enlarge the oil glands and stimulate excess sebum production, which can clog the pores and cause acne. Whew! In other words, when you are stressed, your body goes into over-drive and BAM, you develop acne.

Buy GOOD cosmetics!
Buy GOOD cosmetics!

Read the Ingredients!

Another reason that adult women develop acne is bad make-up! Yes, cheap, cosmetics that are of poor quality can wreak absolute havoc on your skin. If you want to avoid break-outs caused by poor cosmetics, then you should stay away from anything (this includes cosmetics, cleansers and creams) that contains heavy oils such as lanolin or mineral oil. Both of these ingredients can clog the pores and cause break-outs. Just as you look at the ingredients label on foods when you go grocery shopping you should make it a habit to look at the list of ingredients in the cosmetics you buy as well!

Hormones can also cause women to break-out. "That time of the month" can often lead to acne break-outs due to the fact that your hormones are going crazy and your sebaceous glands are in over-drive. During this time your skin may become oilier than usual causing clogged pores and yes, dreaded acne. Seventy percent of women develop break-outs two to seven days before menstruation.

Birth control pills and other medications can also cause acne to suddenly appear. Though many birth control pills keep acne away, some pills can actually cause break-outs. Women that are taking birth control pills that contain large amounts of androgen often deal with bouts of acne. The good news is that there are MANY different types of birth control pills on the market. If your skin is suffering because of the type of pill you are taking, talk to your doctor and ask if there is a different pill you can try.

Adult acne can be extremely frustrating. After all, adults should have beautiful skin, not pimples! If you have adult acne, make it a habit to wash your face at least two times per day (once in the morning and once in the evening). Use an oil-free, cleanser that not only cleans your skin but refreshes it as well. It is also a good idea to exfoliate several times per week! Choose a gentle scrub that is soft on the skin (no rough stuff…such as crushed pecan shells!). Finally, and I can't stress this enough…ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN! Choose a sunscreen that is gentle on the skin (no pore-clogging ingredients!).

Take Action! Get Rid of Adult Acne!

Though adult acne is annoying, it can be controlled. Anyone can have beautiful skin! As long as you are willing to take the time to read the ingredients that are in your skin care products and implement a daily skin care program. If you have severe acne and nothing you have tried at home works, be sure to visit a dermatologist (we all need a little help now and again!). Trust me, beautiful skin is well within your reach…all you have to do is grab it! Take action and take care of your skin…leave the acne and pimples to the teenagers!


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