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Your Jewellery Personality

Updated on May 4, 2017
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Cecelia has researched H.P. Lovecraft, and also Fairy Tales. Working in Kindergartens, Cecelia became interested in speech development.


A very personal choice

We all wear jewellery for a range of reasons including matching our mood, showcasing recent gifts (or love tokens) and enhancing our appearance. When we are shopping we also are all attracted to different pieces of jewellery.

While our jewellery case may contain a range pf pieces and styles, it is likely that the overall collection will tend towards a favorite theme. And that theme may well tell us something about ourselves as a person and a jewellery wearer...

Don't forget to take our quiz at the end to find out your jewellery personality!


1. Bling & Glitter

The “Bling & Glitter” personality is all about making a show. At the high end of the jewelry scale the Bling &Glitter personality likes genuine diamonds so large they don’t look possible and insists they be set in 18 carat gold because that has the highest value.

At the low end of the scale, the Bling & Glitter personality buys costume jewellery with large created stones and gold plate because it looks like gold! And they can always replace the piece if the gold surface wears down a little!

The Bling & Glitter Personality

Favourite stones
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines
Favourite metals / materials
18 carat gold, gold plate
Favourite items
Rings, bangles, gold chains
Famous personalities
Camilla Parker Bowles, Joan Collins

2.Classic Understated

The Classic Understated personality likes jewellery which appears tasteful and real. They are drawn to strings of pearls, stud ear rings and rings with mid-sized stones set in solid nine carat gold.

The Classic Understated personality also likes matching sets, and dislikes gold plating because it shows wear and tear. They prefer sterling silver because it is solid all the way through and a bit of tarnish fills in the cracks in an interesting fashion!


The Classic Understated Personality

Favourite stones
Diamonds, sapphires, garnets, pearls, opals
Favourite metals / materials
9 carat gold, sterling silver
Favourite items
Rings, strands of pearls, stud ear rings, pendants
Famous personalities
Jacqueline Kennedy , Princess Diana

3. Bohemian

The Bohemian personality is attracted to genuine tribal jewellery such as that created by Navajo Indian silversmiths as well as ethnically inspired jewelry created by costume jewellery designers. The bohemian personality wears jewellery which connects them to nature as materials used include natural semi-precious stones, feathers and wood. Geometric designs, plant and animal motifs feature strongly on bohemian jewelry and the dominant colours are blue, green and brown.


The Bohemian Personality

Favourite stones
Turquoise, malachite, amber, agate, shells, wood, feathers
Favourite metals / materials
Sterling silver, bronze & brass alloys, enamel, plastic (Lucite, Bakelite)
Favourite items
Rings, bracelets and bangles, dangling ear rings, tribal necklaces
Famous personalities
Nicole Ritchie, Queen Victoria

4. Punk Modern

The Punk Modern personality makes a lifestyle statement with their jewellery. Their interests may be alternative and individual. Despite the harsh styling of some pieces, the owners may be sensitive and emotional.


The Punk Modern Personality

Favourite stones
Onyx, Black diamonds
Favourite metals / materials
Sterling silver, gun metal, stainless steel, leather
Favourite items
Square and skull rings, chokers, oversized crosses, spikes, dog tags, Body piercing
Famous personalities
Ozzy Osbourne, Lady Gaga

5. Heart and Soul

The Heart and Soul personality identifies closely with items of jewellery, sensing positive energies emanating from natural stones and semi-precious crystals. Symbolism from Celtic or Eastern philosophy and the Zodiac may be woven into the jewelry in the form of charms and significant pendants.


The Heart & Soul Personality

Favourite stones
Rose quartz, amethyst, jade, moonstones
Favourite metals / materials
Sterling silver, silver plate, alloys
Favourite items
Natural stone rings, Celtic/new age & Eastern symbols, pendants and charms, crystal bracelets
Famous personalities
Sarah Jayne Dunne, Julia Styles

6. Utilitarian

The Utilitarian personality believes jewellery it has a function, such as securing an open neckline, or brightening a dull outfit. Other functions include telling the time and watches are popular with the Utilitarian personality. Badges, sashes and pins may be used to advertise achievements or allegiance and are used for such purposes by the scouts, the military and royalty. The utilitarian personality may also use jewelry to style their hair and fasten their clothes.

The Utilitarian Personality

Favourite stones
Diamanté/created crystals
Favourite metals / materials
9 carat gold, Sterling silver, stainless steel, fabric, buttons
Favourite items
Wedding rings, broaches, pins, watches, hair clips
Famous personalities
Madeline Albright, Kate Middleton

Test your Jewellery Personality

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