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All About Pevonia Skin Products

Updated on July 11, 2010

If you have been looking for the perfect skin care products to integrate into your daily cleansing routine, look no further than the Pevonia skin care line. With over 250 individual products you are sure to find the perfect cream or lotion to suit your skin.

The company was set up by husband and wife team Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy back in 1991 and in a very short space of time Pevonia Botanica products became a global sensation. The company is proud to have successful obtained almost 50% of the market share in America for its professional range of skin care, body and spa products. All their products are also distributed to over 30 countries worldwide.

Pevonia skin care products are perfect for sensitive skin
Pevonia skin care products are perfect for sensitive skin

The owners of the Pevonia Botanica are proud to say that all their products are:

Free from artificial perfumes

  • Are not test on any animals
  • Do not contain alcohol
  • Do not contain mineral oil
  • Do not contain lanolin
  • Do not contain PAB
  • All products are hypoallergenic
  • Everything is 100% environmentally safe

Pevonia is a skin care product that is suitable for every skin type. It is the best choice for both men and women and caters to all skin colours so each and every ethnic group can reap the benefits of this global brand. If you are black or white and you are looking for a skin lightening treatment you will find what you need here. If you are looking for anti-aging lotions, don’t worry, you will also find just what you need within the product range. Give Pevonia skin care a chance and you could be enjoying the benefits sooner that you think.

If you wear make up every day, you want to ensure that your skin gets the proper care and attention. It is important that your face is cleaned and prepared properly so that your make up will look lovely and last all day. If you have prepared your base, then you will have no problems. Working with properly cleansed skin will also ensure that your pores are not clogged so you should not suffer from acne or have a build up of blackheads or whiteheads.

Try out Pevonia botanica to find out if it is the right thing for you.

Happy cleansing.

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