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Amazing Watercolor Tattoos

Updated on February 26, 2014

Watercolor Tattoos have recently become increasingly more popular in the tattoo industry. They are known for their more elegant and artistic style, lacking in any definitive outline, usually having a melee of bright colors. Though these tattoos have become more popular they are equally as unknown as well, so I thought I would share some of my favorite examples.

Some fears about Watercolor Tattoos center around them not lasting. After doing some research most tattoo artists agree that there is no difference in how long these types of tattoos will last. It still all depends on the skill of the artist and how your skin takes the ink as well as how you take care of the tattoo.

These tattoos are done no differently than any other tattoo, its just the style in which they are created. The ink is not watered down, the artist uses techniques called fading, blurs, bleeds, splatters and shades.

These tattoos are artwork and the artist simply uses a different tool to paint on your skin, but in the end these tattoos are high quality, fantastic and will surly catch your eye in a breath taking way.

3 Watercolor Techniques From A Tattoo Artist

Text and watercolor design
Text and watercolor design | Source


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