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Amazon Prom Dresses 2012 - Best Designer Prom Dress by size and price

Updated on January 11, 2012

Buying your Prom Dress Online from Amazon

Yes, Amazon has Prom Dresses!

Amazon is a very well known online seller, many of us instantly think of Amazon when considering a new book or movie purchase, but some are unaware of the vast inventory that Amazon and partnered sellers actually carry. Amazon is a great resource for finding name brand and high fashion Prom Dresses without paying the ridiculous retail markup that your local stores will add.

The selection is huge and the buyer guarantees are very solid. You can rest easy knowing exactly when your Prom Dress is going to arrive and know that you can return for just about any reason at all - all sales final, does not exist at Amazon.

Here you will find a selection of top rated Amazon Prom Dresses and suppliers, some of the most select brands are NOT on Amazon so I have also provided an easy way to compare prices on eBay quickly by looking between the two columns, in some brands eBay was the only source outside of retail or direct from manufacturers (for a hefty fee!) - its always a good idea to check out the sellers history when buying on ebay, but really, eBay and paypal is one of the safest places to buy anything, buyers are totally in power in the eBay marketplace.

How these Amazon Prom Dresses are arranged

To make it easier for you in a hurry scanner types - the dresses are arranged by Length, Brand and Color, you will also find related links at the bottom that will provide guides that arrange by price and style, our vintage series, even has all the best options by decade!

Amazon Prom Dresses - a picture of a beautiful, happy girl in a Pink Prom Dress in the green grass
Amazon Prom Dresses - a picture of a beautiful, happy girl in a Pink Prom Dress in the green grass

Amazon Sherri Hill Prom Dresses 2011

You can tell a lot about a designers work, by the venues that choose to display their work. Sherri Hill is THE prom dress designer. If you have ever watched the Miss USA pageants and wondered where do they get those amazing dresses. The answer would probably be, Sherri Hill. During the 2009 Pageant - 8 out of 10 of the top ten finalist's were wearing Sherri Hill dresses, and yes that includes the winner!

Sherri Hill is known for her modern fashion forward approach that is by women for women. Expect comfort and style when selecting a Sherri Hill prom Dress.

elegant prom dresses on amazon - an elegant border
elegant prom dresses on amazon - an elegant border

Amazon Jovani Prom Dresses 2011

Although, Jovani is a long established brand with a history of prestige in the high fashion design world, their Prom Dress selection is one of the most popular on earth for those who can afford them. This is not a designer that all the girls at your Prom will be wearing and is the tyep of dress that will be able to be reused on many occasions. The overall style for Jovanui prom dresses can be categorized as "fun and flirty" If you are a "fun and flirty girl" and can pull of a fun and flirty prom dress look then this is the designer for you. Ice Queens and Prudes need not apply. This is the dress for a sexy and powerful woman with a heavy pocketbook.

Red Prom dress border design
Red Prom dress border design

Amazon Red Prom Dresses 2011

Keeping with the sexy and powerful prom dress concept, we have a selection of red prom dresses at amazon and eBay. Red is the color of seduction and power, in a room full of drab white dresses you will stand out like the flower that you are. But you must be prepared for the attention your diversity will create - a red prom dress is a thing of spectacle, It's a proud and ambitious display of your spirit - so buyer beware, this aint your Grandmas prom dress.

Amazon Black Prom Dresses 2011

Black Prom Dresses are multi-purposed. A black Prom Dress is elegant and classic. You will be able to wear this again, so you can spend a little more and call it an investment. Its an elegant and classic Prom dress color. But, make no mistakes, a black prom dress is quite sexy, you may stand out from the other girls if they select drab colors or trendy pastels. A Black dress is also slimming and depending on the cut you may be transformed into a Hollywood starlet. You may have noticed that this article doesn't contain any boring prom dress designs or designers. Our focus is on classic, sexy and trendy. Although a black dress is classic, it is also as hot as they come and on the plus side .. its pretty easy to match your date with  a black prom dress , just saying. You can even switch your date if he bores you or buys the wrong corsage.

Amazon Short Prom Dresses

Depending on your region, it may be quite uncomfortable to wear a long traditional dress during the prom. Short Prom Dresses make short girls look taller and lets long legged girls show off a great asset. Its pretty much a no-brainer, if you want to be comfortable and dance the night away, short prom dresses are the way to go.

Amazon Plus Size Prom Dresses 2011

Bigger is better, don't be shy about getting a sexy dress if your plus size. Your date thinks your hot that's why he asked you. Be beautiful and feel beautiful in any one of these plus size prom dresses at amazon.

Amazon BCBG Prom Dresses 2011

To be honest, We don't know much about BCBG, but we were told we should look into this popular brand. A picture is worth a thousand words right?

Amazon Flirt Prom Dresses 2011

Flirt Prom Dresses are an affordable yet stylish alternative to the designer brands we have highlighted. Get a more affordable Flirt Prom Dress and you can spring for a bigger limo!

Jessica McClintock Prom Dress on Amazon

The Jessica McClintock line is difficult to find on Amazon, accessories such as clutch bags are available but in order to get a true McClintock Prom dress one should turn to eBay. The choices below are some of the Dresses set to close soon, so you can expect the price to stay relatively close to what your seeing now, just click on through to see the details.

Amazon Prom Dress - Girl in Prom Dress and date
Amazon Prom Dress - Girl in Prom Dress and date


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      angel 2 years ago

      Thanks hub,

      I like prome dresses.

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      Pineapplege 6 years ago

      wonderful hub, after reading this, an idea occur to me, making me want to attend a prom as soon as possible.