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Amethyst Earrings

Updated on November 16, 2013
Amethyst is a very common and popular gem stone.
Amethyst is a very common and popular gem stone.

Amethyst is certainly one of the most beautiful and versatile of all the semi-precious stones. It is very often used by jewelry makers and craftspeople to make the loveliest of rings, necklaces, and earrings. This glittering stone will compliment almost any wardrobe and look charming and elegant when worn as earrings for a night on the town, as part of a business ensemble, or for regular daily use. Amethyst earrings are a natural and indispensable component of every woman’s collection of fine jewelry.

Although amethyst is known and worn by women the world over because of its deep and satisfying beauty, you may not now a whole lot more about this wonderful gem. This article will help fill in the gaps of your knowledge about amethyst and the exceptional earrings that are made from it. After reading, you are sure to agree that amethyst earrings are a must have component of your jewelry box.

Amethyst earrings can be paired well with matching rings.
Amethyst earrings can be paired well with matching rings.

About Amethyst Earrings

One fun fact about amethyst that many people do not know is that the ancient Greeks believed that wearing earrings or other jewelry fashioned from this stone protected its wearer from getting drunk on wine or other alcohol. In fact, the word amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word amethystos, which translates literally as “not drunk.” This purple gemstone was believed to be an antidote to alcohol, and the Greeks even went as far a making wine goblets from amethyst to protect them from intoxication as they drank their wine. As legend has it, the god of wine, Dionysus, was in love with the chaste Amethystos. This young maiden prayed that the gods would keep her chaste and in so doing they turned her into a white stone. Dionysus then paid tribute to Amethystos by staining the stone purple with a cup of wine.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that takes its purple hue from the iron particles within the stone. Although most amethyst is some shade of purple, from a pink violet to a very deep purple, it can also contain secondary colors of red and blue. The most rare and highly sought after amethyst is that called Deep Russian. This amethyst, which is often made into fine earrings and other jewelry, is made up of seventy-five to eighty percent primary purple hues with small amounts of secondary hues as well. At times, amethyst earring makers call a type of quartz with a green hue green amethyst.

Genuine amethyst is mined all over the world. Brazil produces very large quantities of the stone, as does South Korea and Austria. The United States contains some amethyst mines as well, located from Texas, to Pennsylvania, to Maine. Because amethyst is now mined so prevalently in so many parts of the world, it is no longer considered a rare gem stone and thus its price has taken a dip. Amethyst is still highly favored by jewelry makers however because of its beauty and versatility. Many women still desire earrings and other jewelry made from this beautiful purple stone.

Share in the history of the Amethyst and buy Amethyst Earrings.
Share in the history of the Amethyst and buy Amethyst Earrings.

Purchasing Amethyst Earrings

As mentioned above, the highest grade of amethyst and the most sought after and rare variety of this stone for making earrings and other jewelry is the Deep Russian type of amethyst, with a deeply purple hue. When selecting amethyst for making earrings, fine jewelry makers look for stones of this deep color, often with flashes of red seen in the stone’s cut edges. Of course, the shade of amethyst earrings you prefer will depend on your individual tastes and might range from delicate pink to some other shade of violet or purple. This variation in coloring is what makes amethyst such a wonderful stone for the fashioning of earrings.

In today’s jewelry market, a significant portion of amethyst stones used to make earrings may have been produced synthetically. The physical and chemical qualities of synthetic amethyst are so similar to that of natural amethyst that it may be difficult or impossible to tell earrings made from it from the genuine stone. Synthetic amethyst can imitate convincingly the highest grades of the the stone. If purchasing genuine amethyst earrings is a top priority for you, be sure to patronize the most reputable and finest of earring and jewelry makers.

So, as you can see, amethyst is not only an exquisitely beautiful and charming stone, it is also a gem with a long and interesting history, full of adventure and lore. In the same vein, earrings made from amethyst will add variety, charm, and beauty to your wardrobe. Be sure to add this beautiful stone to your jewelry box by shopping for a pair of amethyst earrings soon.


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