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Angled Prism Glasses: Watch TV or Read Without Raising Your Head

Updated on July 27, 2012

Have you ever imagined how uncomfortable can be keeping the pillows always fitting to your back while reading a book or watching tv just to make yourself feeling good and to avoid painful neck stretch and any kind of cervical pain?

Some of these main reasons that explain such unrelaxant sensations can result in truly annoying afternoons or evenings dampening that half an hour, or those few hours of relaxation before falling asleep. A notable amount of people makes such complaints. Not every bed or couch can provide the same comfort as we usually expect and we are all different, with different posture, anatomical characteristics even different muscle tones and conditions. Not to mention one of the biggest problem growing as an epidemic, back pain, cervical pain and so forth.

Even though we cannot be perfect, an innovative, ingenious and simple method to get rid of all these discomforts and having a pleasant evening reading or television watching do exist. This method is endorsed by an original idea, a gadget named Angled Prism Glasses.

Prism Glasses commonly known as Bed Prism Spectacles are certainly the best way to feel relaxed.

Jack Nicholson wearing angled prism glasses in the movie 'The Bucket List'.
Jack Nicholson wearing angled prism glasses in the movie 'The Bucket List'.

What Can We Know About Bed Spectacles?

This type of reading glasses has specially designed mirrors turning the view by 90 degress. The mirrors encorporated in relatively lightweight frames are of high quality, and usually do not require further adjustments.

They are also Fun!

Indeed, since this product is relatively rare on the market it can be considered a curiosity among the well-known category of old gadgets in the attic. A lot of positive feedback even labels it as exclusive gadget seen in the famous movie Bucket List, the worldwide known Jack Nicholson made this product very popular.

For Whom Are Bed Prism Glasses Mainly Produced?

Prism spectaculars are good for everyone who has the need of a relaxing or completely deliberating and new perspective for TV watching or reading a book. However, starting out from certain health conditions, people who are bedridden and have had back or head surgery may experience extra benefits from this gadget.

While simply laying flat on your back, you liberate yourself from unnecessary body placement and head raise.


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