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Anthropologie Style on a Budget

Updated on April 27, 2013
Anthro-inspired outfit for a fraction of the price!
Anthro-inspired outfit for a fraction of the price! | Source

Achieving Budget-Friendly Anthropologie Style

Anthropologie has made its splash in the fashion world by bringing whimsical style to the masses (or at least those lucky enough to live near one of the stores). Its line is well-curated, swinging from free-wheeling bohemian to quirkily proper and vintage-inspired, and the garments are usually well-made and beautiful--unique prints, silks, and limited-edition designer runs are hallmarks of the brand.

Unfortunately, Anthropologie clothing also comes with a pricetag that's just not affordable for everyday shopping, unless you catch a sale--and usually by the time a sale hits, the best pieces have already been snapped up. (Women sit up until midnight on Sunday or Monday nights to see what goes on sale, and often the most sought-after items are sold out before you even wake up!)

With the wide range of online boutiques, however, you're not doomed to bland wardrobe of Gap separates--you can achieve cheap Anthropologie style, often on any budget.

Read on for tips on how to score Anthropologie style for less.

Wearing an Anthropologie dress I found on Ebay for a great deal!
Wearing an Anthropologie dress I found on Ebay for a great deal! | Source

Finding Anthropologie Pieces on Ebay

One great source for finding actual Anthropologie pieces but sticking within a budget is to bid for Anthropologie dresses, shirts, skirts, and other items on Ebay. There's a thriving Anthro market on the site, with both storefronts that sell new and used items from past seasons, and individual sellers who list pieces here and there.

Often, you can find past-season Anthropologie clothing for a steal--though the drawback is, of course, that you won't always find your size in the item you want.

I've found some excellent Anthropologie dresses on Ebay, often ones I missed in past seasons and regretted not purchasing.

Wearing a quirky deer-print dress from Modcloth--Anthropologie style for less!
Wearing a quirky deer-print dress from Modcloth--Anthropologie style for less! | Source

Best Online Boutiques for Anthropologie-Style Clothing on a Budget

With the proliferation of online boutiques, it's very easy to find Anthropologie-esque clothing for very affordable prices. If you find a coupon or a free shipping code, it makes the deal even more exciting.

My favorite online stores for wallet-friendly Anthro style include:

  • Modcloth: This is the site where you'll find styles closest to the Anthropologie aesthetic; it carries styles that are inspired by various eras, from the 1920s to the 1970s. It also offers a plethora of dresses and skirts in whimsical patterns and classic looks--a hallmark Anthropologie style! The site also has an excellent return policy;
  • Ruche: Ruche has even better deals than Modcloth, though in my opinion its offerings are not as high quality. You can still find a wide array of unique clothing, from dresses to shoes, and its lookbooks are phenomenal for inspiration;
  • Seychelles: Though Modcloth and Ruche both offer great, vintage-style shoes that fit the Anthropologie style, Seychelles is my other go-to site, with great designs that are comfortable and affordable; You can also pick that brand up at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack, or on Zappos.

Finding Anthropologie Clothing on Trade Markets

Anthropologie is a very popular brand, and as such several "trade markets" have sprung up on the internet. Women who have gently worn Anthropologie items they're tired of or that no longer fit use these trade markets to find new pieces, and make either a purchase or exchange.

Two reputable trade markets can be found at the Effortless Anthropologie blog or the Behind the Dressing Room Door blog; do your research and be careful when buying from strangers on the internet. It's easy to get scammed.

More Tips on Having an Anthropologie Style

Finding Anthropologie-Inspired Clothing at Thrift Stores or Vintage Shops

The absolute cheapest finds for Anthropologie style will be at vintage shops or thrift stores. There will be some digging involved, and often you'll find nothing more than some terrible eighties-style dresses and pilled sweaters; but sometimes you'll come upon that perfect dress or skirt that only needs a little tailoring to bring some whimsy to your wardrobe.

Working Anthropologie-Inspired Style into Your Daily Wardrobe

Perhaps you're a purist and you decide only Anthropologie pieces will do--no substitutions. You can still make it work within your clothing budget!

Instead of splurging on that $300 dress you will wear twice a year to weddings, make a few purchases over time--a unique but neutral pair of shoes, a funky belt, a few quirky cardigans. Then, use these pieces with more basic pieces you already own or affordable pieces you pick up here or there.

A clock-print cardigan over a shirt-dress with a basic heel still gives you a ladylike, Anthro look--without dressing head to toe in the brand and cringing inside when you look at your bank account.


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