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Apply & Remove Tape-in Remy Hair Extensions with Ease

Updated on November 11, 2014
Tape In Hair Extensions
Tape In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a fashion accessory for most of the women today. And it is quite understandable because they offer the desirable length, fullness and beauty to your natural hair in an easy and economical way. What’s more, all the celebrities use hair extensions to look unique and each of them has her own favorite type of them. Amongst the hair extensions, the tape-in hair extensions are the most popular. They are 100% human hair i.e. Remy and are straight which can be curled if you want. They are found in any length and any quality. Most celebrities prefer these extensions to flaunt them on the red carpet.

Tape-in hair extensions come with high quality tapes of adhesive to which hairpieces are stuck. The tapes make these hair extensions easy to apply and remove. However many women get confused and messy when it comes to application and removal of these utmost comfortable extensions. Especially while removing them, women find it very difficult. This is because the tapes are very fast and pressure sensitive so as to be saved from slipping down. This is actually an advantage of the tape-in extensions which some women find troublesome.

These hair extensions are easily applicable as you have to just place them in your hair below the line of your natural hair and you are done. They keep stuck there wonderfully, matching with your natural hair without getting loose for the entire day. They are instant and you don’t need any hair specialist to get them attached. You can attach them at the comfort of your home.

But for removal of tape-in extensions too, you don’t need a specialist. Just follow some easy steps and you will get rid of them quickly.

Rebe Hair
Rebe Hair | Source

First of all, locate the junction points of the extensions and your own hair. If you tie up your hair with clips, you can see the tapes with ease.

After locating the tapes, sprinkle ample amount of sheen oil on them. Don’t be miser, but be generous while sprinkling it. Scanty amount of sheen oil will work poorly. Because of the sheen oil the tape will be loosened, so you have to use the oil in plenty to the extent of making the tapes saturated with it.

You can also apply hair grease to your natural hair in case you are finding it very difficult to remove the extensions. When you apply hair grease, you better wind and shake the extensions so as to remove them. If while removing the extensions you feel that your own hair are getting pulled, you should keep on applying grease till the tapes are removed easily without any pull on your natural hair.

It may happen that even after this, not all the tapes are removed and some of them stay back. Wash hair using cold water. Scrub the head fairly vigorously, but take care not to hurt the hair roots. Use shampoo amply till hair are absolutely clean. Never use hot water for the wash as it will melt the adhesive on the tape so as to make it still persistent. On the contrary, cold water solidifies the glue and thus finishes its adhesiveness.

Even while drying your hair after the wash, use cold setting, as hot blow will do the same effect as that of hot water if there are still some flake of tapes remaining in the hair. After drying the hair, comb them thoroughly to remove the last bits and pieces of the tape if there are any.

You will have to remember to be patient while removing your tape-in remy hair extensions and you will achieve mastery in it definitely.

How to Install Tape-In Hair Extensions


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    • micko27 profile image

      Mirjan Stojanovic 4 years ago from Belgrade

      Olive oil is the best to use for removing the glue. Mix half quantity of olive oil and half quantity of water and apply for best and quick results. :)

    • profile image

      Natasha 4 years ago

      Does it matter what oil you use? Do they all have the same effect?