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Doing Your Own Arabian Make-up

Updated on March 19, 2016

Arabian Make-Up Guide

Indian make-up styles brings out the beauty with simplicity whereas, foreign make-up styles gives a bold look. Try this out for an amazing look!

There are variety of ways of doing make-up today, each having its own beauty and specialty just like the Arabian Make-up has its own with some X-factor in it. This make-up specially focuses on eye highlighting, imparting them dark, dramatic and sensual look which enhances the beauty of your eyes. Mostly, golden eye shadows are used in this Arabian form of make-up along with blue, green, purple, yellow, black and grey colors.

Steps for Arabian Eye Make-up

  • First and foremost clean your face and apply primer using a brush, place a tissue paper on your face and pat it firmly, now apply yellow concealer under your eyes.
  • Before starting eye make-up, apply cello tape starting from under-eyes till your ears, apply shimmer gel or eye primer and firmly pat with your fingers. Now, apply golden highlighter above the eyelids followed by green in color eye shadow. Use a kajal pencil for making a long line above your eyes, moving out from the edge of your eyes. Now merge it using a brush.
  • Apply pink eye shadow from the middle of the eyelid and merge it using a brush. Now apply creamy black eyeliner followed by applying kajal in water line area then an eyeliner under it. Using glue-gum, paste artificial eyelashes, after some time when it gets set, apply mascara above and below the eyelashes. Then, using a brush apply black or brown eye shadow on the eyebrows.
  • Now, it’s time to remove the scotch tape. Using a brush again, apply white eye shadow below your eyes. Make use of white liner kajal instead. And Your eye make-up is complete!

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Steps for Arabian Face Make-up

  • Using your fingers, apply base starting from the face till your neck in a dotted form; merge it with a polishing brush and a powder brush revolving it in a circular format.
  • After that, with the fan brush apply pink color blusher followed by applying light shimmer on the cheeks and make it shine.
  • Now give a nose cut by applying brown color highlighter.
  • Complete your face make-up by applying a pink color lipstick on your lips.

Arabic Styling Ideas

Quick Arabian Hairstyle Steps to Follow

  • Comb your hair nicely parting it in ear-to-ear form.
  • Make a high pony tail from the existing hair at the back.
  • Now, with the left-out hair in the front, make side parting and take them at the back and set it with pins.
  • Now, set the artificial stuff under the pony using pins again.
  • Firmly back comb your ponytail and make a hair bun and lastly spray on the hair using a hair spray.
  • Bring the pony tail above the hair bun and then again below now set it neatly with pins.

Quick Tip : You can also put white pearl hair clips or head wraps above the hair bun to give it a classic look.

Bridal makeup is incomplete without Arabic Mehndi Hand Tattoo Design

Quick Guide to Arabian Bridal Make-up

  • Clean your face nicely and apply orange concealer.
  • Apply base over your face that matches your skin tone and merge it with a brush.
  • Apply white creamy foundation, using a brush over your face, this will help the bride look fair and also use the foundation to highlight the highlighting area.
  • Apply peach color powder on your face, it will give a shiny effect to your face.
  • Using a fan brush again apply blusher followed by polishing your face with the help of polishing brush in the circular format.
  • Now, contour your face and nose area with the bronzer and this completes your face make-up!

You can now make your hairstyle and get ready!

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