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Results of Silicone Breast Implants

Updated on August 17, 2013

Hard Breasts


Silicone Vs. Saline Implants

Implants were once something rather mysterious and unusual, but after the breast implant boom of the late 80s they have become so common that just about everybody knows at least one woman with silicone or saline breast implants.

There have been other substances besides silicone and saline, and other breast enlargement methods besides implants, such as injections, but most were never able to receive FDA approval, and silicone and saline have been the two types that the vast majority of women undergo.

Silicone implants look and feel much more natural than saline implants do. Saline implants were performed frequently in the 1960s, and by the 1970s silicone had dominated plastic surgery. Patients preferred the more "anatomically correct" appearance of silicone, and the softer, more realistic feel. This led to many variations of silicone implants, and frequent "generations" of implants that varied in texture and shape, from conical to round.

It is believed that textured implants develop scar tissue in a more uneven, and random fashion that keeps the breasts looking, and feeling more realistic. Smooth implants had been shown to develop an even layer of scar tissue that puts pressure on the implant, giving the look of a perfectly outlined breast that is totally unnatural. This is the body's attempt to isolate the implant and "spit it out" of the body.

Scar tissue leads to capsule contracture, and this has always been one of the down sides of implants. No matter how great the surgeon is, and no matter well researched the implant is, the scar tissue will develop and can cause implants to appear foreign. No one knows just how much scar tissue, and how unnatural the results will eventually become, as everyone heals differently.

The problem with the textured implant is that with the scar tissue intertwined around the implant, it makes them more difficult to remove. If the implant is ruptured during removal, and the scar tissue is interwoven in the implant shell, this can become a huge mess with serious complications.

Saline implants are used frequently these days because they are considered to be totally safe. Women like the peace of mind that goes with knowing that it is nothing but salt water, and if the implant should rupture, there will not be a foreign gel leaking into their body.

The down side to saline is that they do not look as natural as silicone. Because it is salt water, they feel heavy and have the same reaction to touch as a water balloon. If you touch or squeeze one side- it will pop up on the other side, and some women can hear and feel the water splashing around when the lie down.

Thin women are often discouraged from choosing saline over silicone for cosmetic reasons. The implants can be very obvious in the cleavage area on women with little fat to cushion the implant.

All implants will need to be replaced eventually, and when inserting the prosthesis it should be taken into account that this is a procedure that will be repeated at some time.

Typical-Looking Breast Implants


Implants Better Than The Real Thing?

Are breast implants attractive?

This is not an easy question to answer because of the deep emotions involved.

It is often thought many women who have implants rushed out to get this look to impress men, but many men surveyed by Cosmo on this subject do not like implants at all and much prefer natural looking women.

Why is this?

When I asked an actor and male model friend of mine he said, "its shock value. When a woman has these big breasts guys start looking and talking, but that does not mean that they are great, or that guys like girls with implants, women will often mistake gawking for appreciation." According to Cosmo Approximately 82% of men who have been intimate with breast implants say that they would rather have the real thing, even small. After reading that article I remembered that I have often heard over the years men say that they wish their wife or girlfriend did not have them.

Women, it turns out, like having implants because they don't feel like they need to wear a bra, and their curves are where they want them to be. They feel good about the way they look in or out of clothes no matter what men say, and even if their significant other prefers natural breasts. Sheyla Hershey has had 85 ounces of saline in each breast and loves her triple K breasts. She does not care what her husband thinks, she wants the large, over sized beach ball look.

Sheyla is an extreme case, but Pamela Anderson has also said that even if her boyfriend had told her not to get implants she would have done it because she did not feel sexy before she had them, and no amount of compliments could shake that inner feeling. She feels comfortable being looked at, or photographed from any angle now that she has implants, and it's a completely personal choice that is not based on trying to be accepted by a person or a group of people.

Pam Anderson Breast Implants


Capsule Contracture


Do Breast Implants Look Natural?

The results of breast implants are generally not natural looking. Even the best work looks like something other than a naturally shaped breast. This is because the silicone or saline implant sits in a bag and can not glide outside of that compartment, and real breasts are not like that. For that reason alone, there is most definitely going to be something unusual about the look or feel of breasts after implantation as opposed to cheek or chin implants that are meant be be hard and can easily mimic bone, and blend into the face.

Implants often resemble a cantaloup cut in half and pasted on the chest due to either a saline implant being placed on a woman who is too thin to adequately cover the ridges of the implant, or from scar tissue compressing the implant into a tight, round circle. If the later happens, the breast usually will not move naturally with the body either. This is a fact that all women who are considering any type of breast implant should consider before undergoing surgery.

Sheyla Hershey

Natural Looking Breasts of the 1970s


Long Term of Breast Implants

Bottom line;

The cost of breast implants for the long haul should be considered before taking the leap. Having the implants placed for the very first time is usually the simplest surgery. The future surgeries to replace the implants will be more complex, and could result in further scaring and having to get larger or differently shaped implants to compensate for the skin stretching that results in stretchmarks and sagging skin.

If a woman truly knows what she is getting into and has decided that this is what she really wants it could be the right decision for her, however, If a woman is hoping to become sexier in the eyes of someone else, she will probably feel disappointed with the results.

Do You Like Implants?

Do You like the appearance and feel of breast implants?

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Do You Have Implants?

If you have implants, are you happy with them?

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    • Cassie Smith profile image

      Cassie Smith 

      6 years ago from U.S.

      I had no idea what women have to think through if they decided to get breast implants. I've never had to think about it because I have them naturally. I think women should go for what they like and just make sure that they are taking care of themselves to be safe.

    • Skarlet profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from California

      @ Angela- I am sorry you had to deal with cancer. I hate cancer more than anything in the world. But having implants for this reason is almost always what women believe to be the best thing they have ever done. Forty years ago you probably got a better and more natural result than many women are getting today. Ever since the TSS scare in the 90s some cosmetic results are being sacrificed for what they believe will be safer in case of rupture, meanwhile a large number of women who got their implants in the 70s still have them. My friend got implants 8 years ago and has had to replace them twice already. Thank you Sis, I am so glad you are going strong!

      @Writer David- I guess implants have become so common that people have tired of the look. Thank you for the visit

    • Writer David profile image

      Writer David 

      7 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Skarlet, I must admit this is one of my more favorite subjects. :) I am one of those big breast men who obsess on this subject. Having said this, in regard to silicon vs natural, I would prefer small natural over large silicon. I'm sure Sheyla Hershey thinks her large artificial breasts look great. I am not one of them that think that way. I prefer natural breasts like the stunning Christina Hendricks who is 100% natural according to many different sites and some cosmetic surgeons who have stated she is completely natural. Great hub!

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 

      7 years ago from Central Texas

      Had implants 40 years ago -- silicone -- not for cosmetic but after mastectomy for pre-cancerous condition. Would I do it again -- well, I'd sure have to think it over. Great and informative Hub! Best/Sis


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