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Any Good Vegan, Cruelty-Free Shoes, Vegan Running Shoes, or Dress Shoes for the Fashion-Conscious Men wear Conscience?

Updated on July 29, 2011

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Shoes Are Easier to Find Then Ever!

Today, the conscious consumer does not want to wear clothing that came from sweatshops or situations where the living things that went into a produce were treated harmfully. Vegan shoes are a huge trend in clothing. Some people, whether vegan or not, don't like the idea of wearing a dead animal's skin as an article of clothing. Finding Vegan footwear, in particular, has been an exercise in compromise for many years, as fashion-conscious vegans have to forgo the latest styles and trends in favor of their conscience. These days, vegan footwear, boots, shoes dress shoes and running shoes are increasingly common as consumers vote with their wallets and purchase alternative materials for their footwear.

Women's Vegan, Cruelty-Free Footwear

On the market, today, women have the most vegan and cruelty-free options available. Women's vegan and cruelty-free shoes are available from numerous companies, and run the gamut of styles. Mary Jane flats, and low pumps often come with canvas and rubber construction that comes in many different styles, from the bright and colorful paisley patterns of Dansko Vegan Clogs or the colorful patterns of Skechers flats. Dressier shoes are also available, in styles that range from pleather boots to high heels. A quick scan of websites like, and the classic on-line vendor of vegan belts and shoes,, displays a wide range of styles.

Running shoes are becoming increasingly easier to find. Saucony's new line of vegan running shoes combine classic tennis shoe style with all the functionality of the one of the premiere athletic shoe company in the world. Athletes are natural vegan consumers, who often strive for a healthy and safe organic lifestyle, promoting the health of their bodies and the world. It comes as no surprise that companies of traditional footwear are answering the call.

For women that need the certainty that comes from going to a shoe store, and inspecting the shoe itself, many pleather and canvas shoes are available from discount retailers like Payless Shoe Source and Target. Also, popular Vegan brands like Draven and Doc Martens are available at most major retailers.

Men's Vegan Cruelty-Free Dress Shoes Running Shoes and Casual Wear

Men's shoes have traditionally been harder to find. The dress shoe for men has long been leather, and often men have had to compromise their values to maintain an appropriate dress code at their office or place of business. Never before has non-leather dress shoes been easier to find. At discount retailers like Payless Shoe Source most dress shoes for men will be made of inexpensive Pleather, a petroleum-based alternative to leather. Other retailers, like the on-line retailers and MooShoes will maintain a plethora of styles for men, including boots, dress shoes and even Saucony running shoes!

In casual-wear the Skater style of footwear has been a strong hotbed of vegan footwear, as well as the classic Converse cloth basketball sneaker. Anyone looking for more rugged footwear for every day use has the option of a whole line of vegan hiking shoes from Garmont. Finding good vegan, non-leather footwear has never been easier for men. Many of these styles and brands will be available in stores.

Quick Shopping Tips for the Vegan Shoe Shopper

Vegans are no stranger to research, as much of the lifestyle involves learning about products and production processes to ensure that no animals or people were harmed in the production of the food and goods that get purchased. Research is the best course of action here, as well. Search on-line for a list of five or six shoe brands that fit your style. Then, call ahead to various shoe retailers to find out if that brand and model of shoe is for sale in the store. This is a great way to both locate vegan shoe sources, but also to communicate to shoe retailers that customers want Vegan, Cruelty-Free products.

Once you locate your preferred list of shoes, go out and try them on! If your area does not have your preferred make or model of shoe available in stores, on-line retailers like are ideal, because of their consumer-friendly returns policies.

Certain companies are making a real name for themselves as producers of Vegan shoes. Draven makes a point of offering shoes in their line for skaters that are Vegan. Tom's Shoes, a famous charitable-works company that donates one pair of shoes to an impoverished nation for every pair of shoes they sell, produces some of the best and most-durable Vegan footwear on the market, especially ideal for hot climates where breathable cotton fabric is idea.


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