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Are You Dressing Your Truth?

Updated on November 16, 2018
Becca Linn profile image

I love to share what works for me. If it makes life better in some way, I can't keep it to myself.

The calm colors in this outfit and the flowing downward motion of the skirt are a perfect match for the type 2 energy that resembles water in its fluid nature.
The calm colors in this outfit and the flowing downward motion of the skirt are a perfect match for the type 2 energy that resembles water in its fluid nature. | Source

What Is Dressing Your Truth?

Dressing Your Truth is an energy profiling system that helps you figure out what styles of clothing and accessories will look the most flattering on you based on the way you move through life.

Some people have a more calm, slow moving, and fluid nature, while others naturally seem to bounce around here, there, and everywhere bringing a refreshing boost of energy to everyone they interact with.

While these two types of people will interact very differently with the world, there is nothing inherently wrong with the unique way they move through life.

In fact, there is something inherently beautiful about all four of the unique energy types that you learn about as you go through this program.

Not only that, but it turns out that when people of specific energy types wear clothes of certain colors and textures it really complements their natural beauty and energy in a way that brings out their best features.

You can do a free tutorial to figure out your energy type here, if you're intrigued. I know it sounds a little hokey, but I love this program.

It's not only helped me to feel like a more confident shopper and dresser, but more importantly it has helped me to really introspect and discover a lot about myself and how I move through life that I hadn't thought about before.

Do you ever feel frustrated when you go shopping for new clothes?

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Check out this clip where Carol Tuttle explains a little more about Dressing Your Truth

What Are the Four Energy Types?

As I mentioned before, this program will help you to discover what your dominant energy type is.

We are all a mix of the energy types, but there is one energy type that we lean towards the most, and that is our dominant energy type.

Some people have a fairly strong secondary energy type as well, and if that is the case for you, that will have an effect on how you adapt your style as you dress your truth.

I will give you a brief description of the energy types below, but I strongly encourage you to do the free tutorial and maybe even read Carol Tuttle's book to get a better idea of which type you are.

  • Type 1/Air-Type one is associated with the element of air because it is very free moving, spontaneous, and light. Type ones are usually known for being cute, cheerful, carefree, happy, uplifting, and even a bit random.
  • Type 2/Water-Type twos have a slow fluid motion. They are often known for being peace makers who are good at going with the flow. They usually prefer to blend in with the crowd rather than being the center of attention. They are fairly relaxed and comfort is important to them.
  • Type 3/Fire-Type threes have a swift, dynamic forward motion in life. They are very task oriented and have a tendency to feel like they are wasting time if they aren't actively doing something that they consider to be substantial and important..
  • Type 4/Earth-Type fours are very solid and grounded people. They are known for being clean cut, black and white, simplistic and at times they lean towards being perfectionists.

This book includes detailed descriptions about each energy type that will help you to discover which type you are.

It's so hard to know which clothes will look the most flattering on you when you're not dressing your truth.
It's so hard to know which clothes will look the most flattering on you when you're not dressing your truth. | Source

How Has Dressing My Truth Made Shopping Easier?

Before I learned how to dress my truth, I felt myself drawn to all kinds of clothing that ended up looking a lot better on the hanger than it looked on me.

Shopping took forever, because I was spending so much time trying on clothes, and I was lucky if I found anything that I really liked.

Now that I know what colors, textures, and cuts will go the best with my energy type, I can cut my shopping time way down.

Even if something looks cute on the hanger, I'm not going to waste time trying it on unless it fits into the color pallet that works best with my energy type.

Strangely enough, there have been many times when I saw something that matched my energy type on the hanger and didn't like it at all, but when I put it on, it looked awesome!

Shopping is so much easier now that I know my energy type. Not only that, but it's a lot more fun.

What If You Hate the Styles That Go With Your Type?

This is a very good question, but I can give you a testimonial from my personal experience.

When I decided I was a type two, I was really unexcited about the suggested colors of clothing for my type, but I decided to be brave and still give the program a try,

The first time I went shopping using the Dressing Your Truth method, I was surprised to discover that even though I thought all of these clothes looked drab on their hangers, they looked awesome on me!

As an added bonus, when I started wearing these clothes, people were giving me all kinds of compliments and multiple people even asked me if I had lost weight.

My friends and family could see a difference in me, but they couldn't put their finger on what it was since the clothes looked so natural on me.

Now it almost pains me to stray from my type two clothing. I'm so comfortable in those subdued tones that match my nature so well, and now that I'm used to them, wearing anything else is really a shock to my system.

Another example of the subtle coloring of the type two nature.
Another example of the subtle coloring of the type two nature. | Source

Why Do I Recommend This Program?

As I mentioned before, in the past shopping was always a struggle for me. I wanted to look cute in the clothes that I found, but I struggled to find the clothes that were the most flattering on me.

The Dressing Your Truth program has totally changed the way I shop, and it's made me feel more comfortable in the clothes I wear.

There's something about wearing clothes that are totally in line with how you flow through life that is really soothing to the mind. Not only that, but I think it helps others feel more comfortable around you.

As much as we say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, we all still do it to some extent. I like knowing that my cover matches the real me inside. I also love feeling like I don't have to put on a show, because what you see is what you get.

If you've struggled with figuring out what your style is or you feel like shopping is a chore, because it's so hard to find clothes that look good on you, I highly recommend investing a few hours to learn more about what Dressing Your Truth looks like for you specifically.

The worst thing that could happen is that you spend some time watching the videos and decide that it would have been better spent somewhere else, but hopefully you'll get as much out of the Dressing Your Truth course as I have.

This is an awesome book about understanding your children's energy types in order to better understand the parenting styles that will best fit their needs.

© 2015 Rebecca Young


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