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All About Atomic Solar Watch

Updated on April 4, 2013

I love wristwatches but I'm not that kind of person that would spend thousands of dollars on a watch. Though I love branded watches but I would always value functionality and comfort-ability more than the brand itself. Style comes the last, so you might even consider I'm a conservative person. The latest timepiece that I'm interested in is going to be an atomic solar watch instead of a traditional battery operated model.

I actually come across about atomic solar watches few months ago when flipping a magazines in the local news store. I talked about it with my friend and coincidentally he also has one. He was so excited about it and he thought that it was the coolest accessory around. He told me a lot of things about this timepiece but only two of the benefits that really caught my attention:

  1. Automatic Time Synchronization
  2. Solar-charge Batteries.

How does an atomic solar watch works?

G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch
G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch | Source

Adjusting the time and changing the batteries are undoubtedly the most hated maintenance tasks associated with wearing a normal wristwatch. So automating the both processes seem to be a good idea for me.

You might be wondering how does an atomic solar watch work in accomplishing these two things?

From my understandings (as told by my friend), there's a little component that fixed in the timepiece which its function is to pick up a free radio signal broadcast of the official time.

It works exactly the same way as how the mobile phone works. This process is run several times throughout the night and day, and if necessary automatic adjustments will be performed.

Although it has this automatic time synchronization feature, the wearer also could initiate the process, especially when you feel that the time is not right. The adjustment phase is simple, all you need is just push the buttons few time. Every model has different sequence.

Atomic solar watches do also have batteries, but the batteries are automatically charged whenever the timepiece is exposed to the sun or other light sources.

These batteries actually work as a backup power. It relies on these backup batteries when you stash it into a drawer for a few days, where no light can reach. You won't find yourself need to adjust the time when you pick it up.

Atomic Solar Watch from Casio G-Shock

Atomic solar watches are pretty popular right now and you can find it in almost every timepiece shop. Prices however, vary depend on few different factors such as extra features, quality of the components, the brand (maker) and style but you shouldn't be paying more than a couple hundred of dollars for a good one.

For instance, Casio G-Shock GW-1200BA is a top seller right now and it is available for anywhere between over a hundred to three hundred bucks depends on where you buy it. Amazon might offers you the best price. This model is not bad consider that it is manufactured by Casio, which already proven as a respected and trusted brand. Besides, G-Shock watches are very durable, stylish and most important it is shock resistant.

As I have said before, I'm planning to buy one; it is just the matter of which model that I want to pick. I really like the whole concept of "set it and forget it", it easier and environment friendly. Perhaps you might even consider getting one for yourself.


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