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Authentic Coach Designer Handbags

Updated on February 13, 2009

Authentic Coach Handbags

Authentic Coach Handbags
Authentic Coach Handbags

The History of Authentic Coach Handbags


What is one of the favorite and most popular fashion accessory symbols that were inspired by the humble leather baseball glove? Well as surprising at it seems it is the Coach handbag. The most remarkable fact in the history of Coach Handbags relies on the fascination of its founder, Miles Kahn, for the meticulous beauty and simplicity of a baseball glove.

In 1941, he founded “Coach Leatherware” with a strong belief that this ball pocket made out of fine cowhide leather is holding a much more promising future. He focused his attention on the methods for the manufacture of this sport accessory and especially the stitching and the seaming details of the baseball glove that will become the fundamental technique for the stitching and seaming of the Coach handbags.

Miles Kahn, after experiencing and enhancing these skills, also generated ways to treat the leather and make it softer and more flexible. And this was considered the starting of the Coach Handbag line of production.

And so this family owned shop of Manhattan has made a huge name in the world of designer handbag and now Bonnie Cashin designed Coach Handbags offer a distinctive sculptural touch combining extraordinary textiles and colors.

Nowadays, every woman cherishes an original and authentic designer handbag, and more than anyone, Coach is at the top of the most creative totes, clutches, wristlets and wallets. The Authentic Coach Handbags line is synonym of versatility and ingeniously combines leather handbags, suede, patchwork and denim bags.



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