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Avia toning shoes for women

Updated on April 30, 2012

Avia AVI-Motion™

Avia toning shoes for women - toning, weight reduction and recovery
Avia toning shoes for women - toning, weight reduction and recovery

Avia started life in 1976 and their passion is reflected in their footwear. The company is committed to developing its own technologies for its footwear range to get the maximum possible benefit from exercise.

The company offers a wide choice of trainers for men and women, and the latest additions to their collection are three toning shoes, each of which offers a targeted workout for burning fat, recovering from injury, and toning.

The shoes offer a return to a healthier style of walking, similar to walking barefoot in soft sand. The shoes feature well cushioned heel to take the sting out of the heel strike and a rocker sole to roll the foot smoothly forward into the next step.

The innovative design and technology in the shoes eases the pressure on the joints and makes walking more comfortable and more beneficial to the body. The toning shoes offer a corrective workout when you walk. They activate the leg muscles for longer and increase the work your body has to do when walking and your muscles get toned much faster. You will lose weigh more quickly as you burn more calories and your body will start to take on a new, better defined shape and all of this can be achieved by swapping over your trainers to the Avia Avi-motion range.

Avimotion Archrocker® Sole

Allows both lateral and dorsal movement for a more natural feel
Allows both lateral and dorsal movement for a more natural feel

The technology in the Avia AVI-Motion™ toning shoe range

Avia have been hard at work, designing not just one but three different styles each catering to a specific purpose, recovery, burning and toning. Different combinations of features allow for a targeted workout to be achieved, specific to your goals.

The shoes feature a rocker sole as in many of the toning shoe range, however they are one of the few toning shoes which offer natural flexing of the foot, and the only one to offer both dorsal and lateral flexing. The soles of the shoes bend with your foot to offer the maximum movement and greatest comfort.

Termed the Archrocker® sole, the double rocking from the lateral and dorsal groves feels natural underfoot and gives you a great base for a firm push off.

For extra cushioning, Avia toning trainers feature a negative heel of soft foam to cushion the shockwaves from walking and memory foam in the sockliner moulds to the shape of the foot for a comfortable and personalised fit.

Avia with dorsal and lateral flexing grooves. Increased stability and great forefoot flexing
Avia with dorsal and lateral flexing grooves. Increased stability and great forefoot flexing

The benefits of Avia toning shoes

  • Negative heel foam technology for maximum shock absorption
  • Ease the pressure on joints and reduce the associated pain
  • An Archrocker® sole allows the foot to flex naturally whilst rolling smoothly forward
  • Activates muscles for longer to tone faster
  • Tones the muscles in the legs, bottom and abdomen
  • Simulates barefoot walking in soft sand
  • Styles for men and women within the range
  • One of the cheaper toning trainer models
  • Comfortable shoes for walking

Avia iburn Trainers

The Avia toning shoe models

i-quest - The recovery trainer

Whenever injuries strike, getting back on your feet again can be painful. The recovery from injury can be helped by ensuring the correct movement of the foot. Sufferers of plantar fasciitis gain particular benefit from this style of walking. For anyone seeking an injury recovery shoe this is the model of choice.

i-burn - The fat burning trainer

The i-burn offers a super lightweight with a breathable mesh upper to keep the feet cool and dry when the effort is increased. The iburn is perfect for getting the metabolism raised and burning off calories, whilst your legs and butt get a good toning session. The shoe mimics barefoot walking in soft sand and will help lose weight, get rid of cellulite and shape up your legs faster.

i-shape - The muscle toning trainer

The Avia ishape has been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association for its benefits to the body and is the perfect model for creating a natural and healthy walking gait whilst giving the legs a great toning session. Designed to create more definition and sexy sculpted legs it features an anatomical cradle to help keep the foot properly aligned enhancing stability. The leather uppers are robust and stylish and the lightweight design reduces muscle fatigue.

The verdict

Whilst there have been no case studies or scientific test results reported on this range of toning trainers, the generally accepted level of toning for this type of shoe is up to around 30% more muscle activity. The shoes have been accepted as being of medical benefit and the they offer great style, moire like a trainer than a toning shoe. They do not have the height of the rocker soles of many of the other models on the market, and the really flex well.

The effect is gentle toning and great for any who finds Skechers Shape Ups uncomfortable to wear. The shoes are well priced and they have been reported to offer benefits to sufferers of painful foot and joint problems. Women who have tried the shoes have unanimously agreed that they trainers are comfortable and the extra burn can be felt after wearing them for even a short while.

Avia Toning Shoes for UK and EIRE

It has taken a while, but Avia toning shoes are now available in the UK and Ireland, and whilst options are limited in terms of stores stocking these great toning shoes, they are available online.

Check out the full range of Avia shoes from


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    • michifus profile image

      michifus 5 years ago

      You need to go to a doctor or podiatrist to find out what the problem is, and if you think these shoes caused the problem, then its best not to wear them for the time being. Your back may hurt because you have altered your posture due to foot pain.

    • profile image

      Josie Gallo 5 years ago

      I developed a lump on my foot from walking in them. It hurts and my feet hurt now and so does my back. What is wrong? I am afraid to wear them now. What do I do?

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 7 years ago

      Thanks Sara - it was about time I updated this article, as there are a few new models which I need to include now on this hub.Please check back in a few hours and it should have the latest new Avia designs included.

    • profile image

      Sara 7 years ago

      What about the Avia iTone shoes>

    • profile image

      Lori 7 years ago

      From the first moment I tried on a pair of Avia Motion shoes, they felt like they were made for me. However, for the second time, they are going back to the store after only two months use. In both cases, the sole developed large cracks in the heel area. These were used as walking shoes only. Very disappointing!