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B Makowsky Leather Bags

Updated on August 2, 2017

B. Makowsky Handbags, Totes, Satchels, and Leather Bags

B Makowsky specializes in leather handbags, with an emphasis on affordable luxury. The bags are all intricately designed with stunning hardware, extra storage, and are at the forefront of today's bag trends. This page features some of the best B Makowsky leather handbags available today, ready to purchase. Click through any of these items to get started on your shopping spree, or to read more details about the bags!

About B. Makowsky

B Makowsky is married to fashion designer Kathy Van Zeeland. The brand came about because of Bruce Makowsky's desire to create a line of reasonably priced handbags that still offered outstanding luxury to fill the void in today's handbag marketplace. The line of handbags was launched in 2006, and was an immediate smash success!

All of the B. Makowsky handbags are made with Japanese drum dyed leather. The timeless beauty and stylings of these bags make them a timeless choice for your wardrobe, and go well with virtually anything in your closet.

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How to Find Authentic B Makowsky Bags

Luckily, the counterfeiters have steered clear of B Makowsky for the most part. The reason for that is that they have their eyes on bigger brands that will turn over faster and can be duplicated easier. These bags, however, you won't really have to worry about fakes. 

To find authentic bags, you can search virtually anywhere and not have to worry about fakes. Just to be on the safe side, make sure that the person or seller that you are purchasing from is trusted and displays their feedback record on the web -- be it on Amazon or Ebay. Fund your purchases with PayPal if possible to cover yourself in the event that you do buy a bag that you'd like to return but run into some problems. Otherwise, fund with a credit card to give yourself some buyer protection. 

Four Things This Brand Name is Known For:

B Makowsky is known for high quality, but there are some specifics that the brand is really known for and commits to. 

  1. The leather is usually soft, supple, and luxurious. Leather is their specialty, and they do it well. Expect to be wowed by the quality of the leather, which consists of small grain leather and often pebbled style.
  2. They produce a lot of hobo bags. These bags can be carried by shoulder or by hand, but look particularly nice over the shoulder. 
  3. Black, darks, and metallics are colors B Makowsky produces often. If you can, their dark forest green is a beautifully luxurious color. 
  4. There are huge amounts of storage on the interior. Exterior storage isn't even needed because of all of the interior space! Check for zippered pockets, cellphone pockets, and other places to stuff all of your essentials.

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