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Baby Powder: An Inexpensive Alternative to Dry Shampoo

Updated on July 31, 2012

There is a lot of advice salon professionals provide about hair maintenance. However, the most important piece of information—the absolute cardinal rule—is simple: DO NOT wash your hair every day. Frequent shampooing strips your hair of its natural and essentials oils, causes breakage, dulls the look of your hair, and above all, leads to dreadful split ends. In spite of the cruelty that results from excessive shampooing, for some, it is a necessity.

There is a variety of hair types; whether your hair is curly, coarse, fine, thick, or normal, the methods in which to maintain each are never the same. For example, everyday washing of curly or coarse hair will undoubtedly dry it out. However, most individuals with fine hair will find themselves shampooing nearly every day due to how quickly fine-textured hair attracts dirt. Still, the cardinal rule always applies, no matter the hair type.

In order to avoid washing your lovely locks every day whilst keeping them clean and smelling fresh, dry shampoo was cleverly invented.

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a formula used to clean and freshen the hair during the days you do not shampoo with water. Once applied, the formula absorbs the excess dirt and oils that give your hair a greasy look and texture. Depending on the fragrance of the product, it will also leave behind a lovely scent. Using dry shampoo avoids frequent washing, in turn avoiding the aforementioned results of excessive shampooing.

However, choosing the best dry shampoo is a difficult task in itself. Certain products may be more fragrance than cleanser, or vice versa. In my personal experience, I have used products with strong fumes that leave behind a terrible odor. In an effort to save money and avoid harmful chemicals, I have found that the best alternative to brand-named products is talcum powder, or baby powder.

How to Use Baby Powder as a Dry Shampoo

Applying baby powder in order to cleanse and freshen your hair is simple:

  1. Pour a quarter-size amount on your hands and quickly rub them together over the sink to avoid dropping any powder on the floor
  2. Begin by applying the powder from the roots to mid-shaft. Your ends do not require cleansing, unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Style as usual.


Baby powder is an effective alternative to dry shampoo. However, not only does it absorb dirt and unwanted oils, but it removes the good oils too. If you are using a heat appliance after applying the baby powder, always remember to utilize a heat protectant.


The author is not responsible for any unwanted effects as a result of the information and/or suggestions contained in this article.


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    • Diana Hernandez profile image

      Diana Hernandez 5 years ago from Long Island

      That's an interesting method. Although I do not like to use dry shampoo very often, or baby powder for that matter, I do refer to it for the fragrance it leaves on my hair.

    • hubsy profile image

      hubsy 5 years ago

      Sounds interesting. I often buy my dry shampoo, but I don't like the way it makes my hair feel. I think a better alternative to dry shampoo would be to train your hair. If you start washing your hair less often, it starts becoming used to not being washed and pro