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Baby Yoda Costumes and Yoda Ears - Dress your Baby as a Christmas Yoda

Updated on June 17, 2011

Cute Baby Yoda Costumes

This is my first year celebrating Halloween with a baby, she will be just over 4 months when Halloween costume time arrives. I knew right away we would need a Baby Yoda costume.

As a side effect of watching a newborn I had found myself watching my entire DVD collection over the last few months. This included watching the Star Wars Saga , as I watched Yoda spinning and slashing in the Count Dooku battle, infant on my lap. I knew right away that any thoughts her Mother may have had about dressing up her little princess were dead in the water.My baby's wearing a Yoda costume , end of story!

The real Yoda was a friggin muppet and later a CGI created masterpiece, my baby needs something a little more focused on her age and mobility. Luckily, the selection for Baby Yoda Costumes is excellent and very age specific.

I found that costumes are designed in a very safe and age appropriate manner, Ive included all my research and comparisons between the two main online retailers below.


  • Infant Yoda Halloween Costumes (0-6 months)
  • 6 -12 months Baby Yoda Costume
  • Toddler Yoda Halloween Costume
  • Childrens Yoda Costume
  • Yoda Masks
  • Official Movie Quality Yoda Masks (adult)

Baby Yoda Costumes
Baby Yoda Costumes

Newborn / Baby Yoda Costumes

A costume for a baby needs to be first and foremost safe and easy to put on and off. The Yoda costume is very effective, it looks the part and is damn cute. But, its also very simple and safe.

Its made up a basic bonnet style cap with Yoda ears ( My daughter will be wearing this far more frequently then Halloween as I get a big Kick out of it!) that snaps in place. The robe is big and loose enough to put other clothes on to make sure she is warm. It is also very soft.

Reviews for this particular costume give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Baby Yoda Costume
Baby Yoda Costume

Toddler Yoda Costume

Most of the costume companies size the Toddler costumes at 1-2 years.

The toddler costume is not much different than the newborn costume for Yoda. But, there are some distinctions, the head piece that makes up the Yoda ears is secured with nice safe velcro. The robe is made out of very nice quality micro fleece.

Its actually quite stylin!

Yoda Costumes for Children

A true Yoda Costume has a mask and once your child is grown enough to wear a Yoda mask he will quickly be drawn to these options. That is if your letting him watch the right type of movies! Shame on you if he hasnt said "do or no do, there is no try" yet, I mean really, parents these days!

There are two main variants in the Childrens Yoda Costume, the traditional Yoda costume with Tan Robe and whats known as the "Storybook Yoda Deluxe Costume"

Although, I would prefer the traditional Jedi robes, both of the costumes are officially licensed Lucasfilms items, but the Mask that accompanies the Storybook costume is more detailed.

Yoda Halloween Mask

When selecting a mask online, its really going to be personal choice. For me, I would go with only officially licensed latex masks, but some of the artists on eBay and the costume companies have arguably better looking Yoda masks for the price.

Further Guides to Halloween Costumes



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