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Baby phat Urban Clothing Line for Women & Girls

Updated on November 8, 2010

Babyphat Is Whats Happening

Why I love this line and you should too

I guess when designers come out with clothing many people just look at the name and decide to purchase,they could be the ugliest clothes on earth but people would still buy a name. Never once did I see the babyphat clothing line as just a designer line that made people want to purchase. The babyphat clothing line presents stylish cute n sexy clothing for women and girls that everyone just loves. Women love it because it has a sexy,yet sophisticated type style,meaning you can be dressy but casual at the same time. Girls love it because its designed mainly with them in mind meaning they can look just as fashionable as mommy in the same type outfits. Dont get me wrong I also love the Kitty that they use as a brand logo because the way it stands there I can tell this is the type of cat that feels it can rule the world.

Babyphat was created originally as a follow up to Russell Simmons male line Phat Farm, his ex wife Kimora Lee Simmons designed this line with her daughters in mind as well as young women all over the world,it has grown rapidly. Its hard to believe that this line started with just a logo on a T shirt but is now the hottest thing happening. They earn a revenue of over $980 million. The babyphat line has rapidly expanded to cell phones,jewelry,hair accessories,purses and so much more,I have lots of each. I even have the babyphat pink debit card that I use often. When i first got my babyphat rush debit card i started getting compliments from cashiers in department stores,grocery stores,almost everywhere i shopped because the card was not wide spread yet so many didnt know about it at the time because it was before the commercials hit air. I could be going clubbing,hiking,bowling,shopping,church, but you can believe no matter what i am doing,I know babyphat has something designed with me in mind.

Although babyphat is not the only brand I wear in clothing its definetely at the top of my top 5, I even have matching purses for my outfits,shoes from the line,as well as jewelry so yeah I am hot,no the hottest when i go out. Can you believe I even have the first pair of babyphat shoes that ever came out still sitting in my closet? I think you'd be amazed at my closet thinking i have gone babyphat insane but you got to give props where ever its due cause face it this line is happening and it will be there for a long time to come,plus the prices are right,they are affordable,you are not going to spend your whole paycheck on one outfit, you might be out of about $70 on one outfit if you shop around for the best prices like i do.

My Recent Purchases from Baby Phat

My recent purchases included a Jacket similar to the one in the photo,I bought it on sale at A.J Wright for $54 and some change,A.J wright does have great deals on these items and since I was looking to spend no more than a hundred i was able to get some black and white babyphat shoes to match,okay honestly I did spend more than a hundred because i saw this outfit also from babyphat and you know how it is when you catch a sale. My shoes were about $44 and my outfit which was just regular jeans and a hot t shirt was $36,catching deals is also whats happening if you want to save money but the buy the best. These celebrities known to wear babyphat include Angie Martinez, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Brandy, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Charli Baltimore, Claudette Ortiz, Destiny's Child, DJ Beverly Bond, Eve, Foxy Brown,Jennifer Lopez, Lady MayLil', Kim, Lovher, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Naomi Campbell, Nivea, Olivia, Pink, Rita Wilson, Toya, Tyra Banks, Vita. I feel like I am one of them because they keep it real and know a good thing when they see it.

I would love to know where I can get other great deals besides the ones I found below....I do the majority of my shopping online....But you can never be too careful purchasing everywhere on line, I bought a babyphat outfit on ebay but it was definetely a fake...cause i checked out the same one at the mall,my ebay one had the wrong stitching,pockets were not right among other things but I have purchase from amazon before and their items have  checked out to be authentic. These are the only places I trust but if you got other suggestions for shopping online for the authentic merchandise other than direct from the website please let me know in the comment section below.


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