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Baggies for Surfing

Updated on February 22, 2013

Surf Trunks

You can call them what ever you want but surfing is a world wide sport and the masses are wearing surf trunks. Surf shirts, surf hats and almost any other kind of surf ware there is. Surfing attire is a multi billion dollar industry.

You will find almost any kind of surf trunk on line that you desire. In fact they even make surf trunks for girls and women now. Now you ladies don't have to wear mens surf shorts any more. You guys can wear ladies surf trunks if you want to. Ah probably not I will pass!

They have so many styles and colors now you really have to know the style and color that you like. If you are a real surfer you will most likely want special; surf trunks not fake ones. I prefer the surf trunks with out pockets. When I am out surfing if you wear shorts with pockets they will fill up with water. Sometimes I would catch a wave and the pockets would act like a sail and catch the wind. We dont want that now do we.

Some people like the flashy surf trunks, like neon colors. In my book those flashy ones are good for attracting fish. So if you want to attract fish wear a real loud pair.

Personally I like to stay away from the fish when I am surfing. I believe that the sharks would follow the smaller fish and maybe mistake your butt for a mackerel or something tasty.

So maybe leave the loud baggies on land. I am very particular about my surf trunks. You will want to be comfortable and you want them to dry rather fast so you can surf again in a few hours.

The quality of the baggies and the care that you give them will have plenty to do with how long they last. Always rinse your surf equipment when you get out of the water. Hang your baggies and make sure they get dry and don't mold. Yes mold! Take good care of all your surf equipment and you will have many hours of care free surfing.


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