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Baju Kurung Moden - A Modest Malay Dress In The South East Asia

Updated on August 7, 2016

Baju Kurung Moden - A Refreshing New Kurung Take

Baju kurung moden is a more stylish take on the demure baju kurung -- a traditional Malay dress made popular by the late Johor Sultanate.

Now, the dress is given some laces, peplum style, beads or even some change in the cutting to make sure it looks contemporary and ready for the world.

The Old Fashioned Baju Kurung

In the old days, baju kurung is worn with a sarong. The cloth is manually pleated on either side and it is usually fastened with a belt.

However, as time goes by, and time becomes a constraint, the pleats were stitched, and the belt is given away to clips.

Why Is It Popular ?

  • Size doesn't matter. Because any woman can look good in baju kurung.
  • Modest look. The heavy Islam influence means that the top is long and loose.

An Example of A Traditionally Modest Baju Kurung

A traditional baju kurung
A traditional baju kurung

Who's Who

These traditional baju kurung is not only popular as dresses used by villagers. But also with Malay princesses and executives in corporate office.

Below are 2 examples :-

  • Princess to one of the richest man in the world -- Sultan of Brunei
  • And Tan Sri Zeti, Malaysia's Central Bank Governor

Good Enough For A Princess

The princess don a blue baju kurung for an ceremony alongside the Western dressed Sultan,
The princess don a blue baju kurung for an ceremony alongside the Western dressed Sultan, | Source

Looking Good In the Corporate World

Tan Sri Zeti, the Malaysian Central Bank Governor  wears baju kurung almost daily during her days in the corporate office.
Tan Sri Zeti, the Malaysian Central Bank Governor wears baju kurung almost daily during her days in the corporate office. | Source

Baju Kurung Moden Gives Way

In the 1980s, a new breed of the dress paves it way. These new dresses is called baju kurung moden.

The pesak, which traditionally stitched at the sides of baju kurung ( which is used to provide space so that the body shape is hidden) is now optional.

The long top is now made short. Sometimes, with peplum style or laces or fishtail. And the simple bottom is now fashioned with laces and new cutting styles such as mermaid.

Peplum Style

Baju Kurung Moden With Laces

Laces added for modern kurung
Laces added for modern kurung

A More Modern Cut

Modern Kurung Right Now

As more Malay women embraces work place and formal functions in their daily lives, baju kurung moden is now accepted as a way of keeping up with the fashion world.

Look at a variety of kurung shown in this runway for Eid

Baju Kurung Moden For Eid

Kurung Moden Terkini

How Much To Pay For A Kurung Moden?

Market Price (in Ringgit)
Market Price (USD)
Traditional Kurung
Kurung Moden
90- 190
22 - 48
Kurung by Fashion Designers
400 ++
Kurung by Fashion Designers
400 ++

Kurung As a Malay Tradition

Regardless of the style, baku kurung moden is always considered an elegant, modest dress.

And while modern Western clothing style is taking the Malay world by storm, a modest traditional clothing like baju kurung is definitely here to stay

Looking Good

A model wearing a baju kurung moden
A model wearing a baju kurung moden

Baju Kurung Is A Tradition That Is Here to Stay

Mother and daughter wearing red baju kurung moden
Mother and daughter wearing red baju kurung moden

Which One Do You Prefer

Do You Prefer the Traditional Kurung or the Modern Kurung

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    • FemaleAdda Social profile image


      22 months ago

      New look i saw here of all sleeves. Great design of sleeves with dress.


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