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Ballroom Dancing Basics # 2: What clothes to wear to your first Lesson (Female)

Updated on March 25, 2011

For some reason, Ballroom beginners are always worried they will wear the wrong thing and look ridiculous and out of place when they go dancing for the first time. Though this is hard to do (truly!), there are pieces clothing that are wrong for dancing.

The one thing that should influence what you wear to your first lesson is your chosen dance style. For example, if you are learning to Waltz, you can wear long flowing skirts, but if you are dancing ChaCha, a long skirt will have too much movement and distract from your dancing.

The universal truth, though, is that if you are dancing for the first time, you should wear something comfortable. By comfortable I not only mean comfortable to move in, but also comfortable in the sense that you feel good about what you're wearing. Don't change what you normally wear because you think you'll stand out, but wear something that won't make you feel selfconcious. It's hard enough to dance in front of others without adding clothing anxiety to the mix!

Dressing for Group Classes/Private Lessons

I know we women want to be fashionable at all times, but please keep these in mind:

If you are taking a lesson, please avoid wearing clothing that hides your legs from view. This can inhibit the instructors ability to see mistakes and give corrective feedback. Avoid wearing long skirts if you will be dancing any Latin dances, as it can be distracting and can make it difficult to do moves correctly. Pants are ideal for beginners, and are the most comfortable choice. Wear a shirt that can hold itself up; Tube tops have been known to fall down in the middle of a dance.

If you wear pieces of clothing that are extremely tight, you run the risk of having something pop out (boobs), tearing something mid-move (Bottoms), or being limited in your range of motion. Have you ever tried doing the splits in a pair of tight jeans? If you attempted, you probably split your pants in the process. Essentially, dancing can do the same. Don't be afraid to wear jeans or pants, but be careful about how tightly they fit.

Also, consider how hot the lesson will be. If you are taking a group class, the overall temperature of the classroom will rise because of body heat and physical exertion. So make sure to dress accordingly.

An Experienced Dancer's Recommendations

Most experienced dancers wear Yoga or Jazz pants because they are flexible and breathable. They also typically wear tank tops or Spaghetti straps. Personally, I typically wear a pair of Jeans and a tank top to group classes, and bring a jacket in case I get cold. That way I can take the jacket off once the room warms up.

To sum it up . . .

Do Wear:

Bottoms: Shorts, Jeans, Yoga Pants, Linen Pants, Jazz Pants, Short Skirts (Above the knee), Short Dresses (Above the Knee), Etc.

Tops: Spagetti Straps, Tank Tops, Fashion Tees, Blouses, Jackets, etc.

Don't Wear:

Bottoms: Anything that is excessively tight or excessively long.

Tops: Tube Tops (they may fall down)


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    • abrodech profile image

      Anya Brodech 4 years ago from 130 Linden St, Oakland, California, 94607

      I invite you to read my hub article that I wrote , it's a bit longer and more comprehensive than what you wrote, but I think that you'll like it. Let me know what you think!



    • abrodech profile image

      Anya Brodech 4 years ago from 130 Linden St, Oakland, California, 94607

      This is a good article and I agree with your recommendations.