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Fringe Haircuts: How to Cut Bangs in Your Hair

Updated on July 28, 2011

Bangs are back in style and they are great way to change your look.

Interesting enough, the term "Bangs" is mostly used in North America, everywhere else they call it a "Fringe." It took me a while to get used to that, because I work in downtown Chicago and I literally get clients from all around the world. We get a lot of clients from the surrounding hotels, because people visit Chicago for various reasons from a vacation to a work related convention. So after a few confusing consultations, I learned that everyone outside of North America asks for me to cut their fringe.

I would say that more then half of women have some sort of a bang and usually they are concerned about them more then any other part of their haircut. I can't say that I blame them, because it is the first thing that you and everyone else sees when they look at your face. It seems silly now that I look back, but I have personally cryed my eyes out a couple of times after getting my bangs cut too short. Most of the time when I sit someone down for the initial consultation the first thing they will talk about is how they want their bangs cut. Usually I here things like, "Please don't cut them too short," or "Don't be mad that I cut them myself, because they are pretty messed up." It is very important to get your bangs exactly the way you want them.

How to Cut a Side Swept Bang (Fringe) Using a Razor


There are many different kinds of bangs you can have cut into your hair.

What kind of bangs you get cut into your hair depends on what kind of look that you are trying to achieve.  It is always a good idea to bring a picture.  If you don't have a picture you should take the time to completely explain what you want to your hairstylist, keeping an open mind to any suggestions your hairstylist might have for you. 

Bangs are a great way to disguise forehead wrinkles.

If you want to cover your forehead wrinkles you should cut them bluntly and do not texturize or thin them too much.  You can chip into the bottom of them by the eyebrows to give them a wispy look, but try to keep the rest pretty thick.  When chipping into the bottom part of your bangs, cut into them in an upward motion.

Bangs are good to get if you have a long face.

If you have a long face having bangs can shorten the look of it.  Any kind of bangs will do the trick.  If bangs aren't your thing you can cut some longer pieces out around your face.    

If you want a little bit more style around your face, you might want to try some "Side Swept Bangs."

These bangs are cut on an angle. Depending on which way you part your hair, they are cut shorter where the part is and angled longer into the other side blending in with the rest of your hair.  To achieve a texturized sweepy look, you can use a razor or chip into them with an upward motion.

Some people want their bangs to be separate from the rest of their haircut.

This is a more disconnected look, because the bangs do not blend in with the rest of the hair at all. This can compliment any kind of haircut, because the main idea is that they are sort of by themself.  They don't have anything to do with the rest of the hair.  You can cut them to be wispy and texturized or blunt and staight.

There are the "Betty Page Bangs" that are classic, but still fun. 

These bangs are cut like a "U" or a "V" on the forehead.  The are bluntly cut in an oval leaving the hair longer in the middle and get shorter towards the sides.

I have been going back and forth with cutting bangs into my hair and growing them out again.  I really do like the way bangs look on myself, however they take forever to grow out.  So make sure you get the bangs that you really want and that you are really ready for a long term commitment. 


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      falla 5 years ago

      You did an excellent job, really.

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      Sally C. 5 years ago

      Thank you.