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Barielle Foot Cream For Cracked Feet

Updated on June 11, 2012

Barielle Foot Cream For Cracked Feet

Barielle Foot Cream is what I've been using for a few years because,let's face it, cracked feet are gross. There are a lot of cracked foot, or cracked heel creams out there but I chose to start using Barielle Foot Cream because I had heard that it was good, and it is, but at around $22 a pop, is Barielle Foot Cream worth it?

For the most part I would have said yes because it seems to work very well. However, if it was working so well why would I need to keep using it? I mean, I was initially looking for cracked heel relief but what if there were a cure for cracked heels? I would prefer to find that.

Barielle Foot Cream

Barielle Foot Cream
Barielle Foot Cream

Cracked Feet

Having cracked feet or dry heels is no picnic. In fact, don't wear sandals to a picnic or you will be embarrassed for sure. I don't mean to joke about it really because cracked dry heels and cracked feet are a problem for a lot of people and using heel creams seems to be pointless.

Like I said above, Barielle Foot Cream is pretty good but it's a bit pricey in my opinion. Further, Barielle doesn't last that long. I don't mean to pick on Barielle because it is one of the only heel creams I have tried. I'm sure I would feel the same about the other brands which is what brings me to my point.

How can I get cracked feet relief that lasts?

What if there were a product that actually cured cracked feet, or at least provided cracked heel relief for an extended period? I think the problem facing a lot of people regarding cracked feet is that most heel creams only stay on the surface of the skin.

Cracked Feet, and cracked heel especially, are problematic because the rough skin can become relatively deep compared with the penetration power of most heel creams, including Barielle Foot Cream in my opinion. If the remedy can't penetrate to the source of the problem, how can it help heal it?

Not all cracked dry heels are deep but if they are there is a good chance of infection and the development of chronic problems. Pain is one thing, but in severe cases, a persons ability to function normally can affected.

So if you are using a heel cream to treat your cracked dry heels as I was, keeping your eyes peeled for something new which promises to penetrate the skin and heal from within. So many find a product we like and stick with it. In my case it was Barielle Foot Cream, but what I was actually doing is just becoming a habitual user of a decent product which helped but did nothing to correct the problem.

Heel Tastic Cracked Heel Cream

Heel Tastic is one of the hot new products in As Seen On TV business causing quite a stir. Calling it a cracked heel cream is a bit of a stretch because it's better than that. It actually is more like a deodorant stick and rolls on as opposed to squirting in your hand and spreading it on like a lotion.

The thing which caught my eye was the claim that Heel Tastic penetrates deep into the rough skin and begins to heal it from the source. No other heel cream that I've considered makes that claim and I thought heel tastic would be worth a try.

I read Heel Tastic reviews online and found at that people really liked it. I did see a few things regarding the ginger smell, (which I happen to like) and that fact that some thought it was a little greasy for a solid stick but those opinion were a minority.

I initially ordered heel tastic online but I now see it in stores for about $10. That's half the price of Barielle Foot Cream so if it works as well or better, then we've discovered something great, haven't we?

Heel Tastic Cracked Heel Relief

Heel Tastic Review

So I've been using my Heel Tastic for a few months now and here's what I've noticed. It works! Forget about the campy As Seen On TV commercial, well actually watch it because I added it here for your enjoyment. But even though it seems to be a joke, the cracked feet of those in the ad are not really that embellished and people everywhere are suffering with similar conditions.

My Cracked Heels were not anything like those in the commercial, and I cannot guarantee that Heel Tastic will cure severe cracked heels, I will say that I think it has pretty much cured mine. I don't have to use it anymore but I do because not only do I feel it is preventative, but it makes my feet feel good. I run quite a bit and it takes a tole on my skin. I like to apply the Heel Tastic every couple of weeks just to keep my skin conditioned.

My rough skin was cleared up probably a week after I first begin to use it and I have literally had no signs of it returning. When I was using Barielle Foot Cream, I never had relief like I'm experiencing with Heel Tastic.

I'm not sure if my experience is representative of what everyone will experience, but I'm thrilled with my results. I've found a product which costs about half of what I was spending on Barielle and I'm sure the benefits are greater.  Again I want to point out that I haven't used many different brands of heel cream so there may be something out there just as good as heel tastic, but for now I'm sticking with it.


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    • profile image

      Sal 7 years ago

      Why is Barielle so expensive? It doesn't really seem like a premium product to me. If that heel tastic works, it would be worth the price