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Basic Grooming Essentials Men Need to Know

Updated on March 23, 2013

Grooming Hair


Men Need To Shampoo 2x Daily

I am amazed at the men who walk into a salon who just roll out of bed, slap a baseball cap on and expect a stylist to perform the best haircut. Why do men do this? Then the stylist removes the cap and underneath is grotesque, oily, stinky scalp with over grown dented hair from the cap. Stylists are trained to wash all clients hair first because it educates the stylist about your hair. A good stylists gives a great shampoo and is relaxing. It is much better to work on a clean head of hair.

It is astonishing how so many men will skip the shampoo. Where did men learn to skip hygiene? The usual answer is, "Nah, you don't to wash me, I will go home to take a shower."Do men know how awful that sounds?" Where do men learn their grooming habits?

The worst one I had was the man who came from the gym with a sweaty scalp. I told him, I had to wash his hair first. "I thought it was very inconsiderate of him to walk in like that."

I am convinced, men were never taught by their mom's when they were boys, how to wash their hair. Is it just plain laziness? Some not all men, do not take pride in their appearances. They do not think they smell and they do not wash their hair daily. I am talking about grown professional men who think nothing of coming in to a salon with dirty, oily unwashed hair.

I have been in situations where, while combing a gentleman's hair, there was so much dandruff, it caked onto my comb. Imagine giant flakes of dandruff all over the cutting cape and on me. When situations like this occur, It is awkward for me. I am embarrassed for the client and wonder why any man would not want to find a solution. In their best interest, I recommend medicated shampoo to use daily.

Most of these men are married. "Don't the wives know their husbands can be this grotesque about their hygiene?" I would never let my spouse out the door if he smelled and did not shower.

The Benefits of Shampooing 2x is:

They do not massage their own scalps. When you massage and lather, you are loosening the oils, debris, and any hair product build up. You are also stimulating the blood beneath the skin which is good. You will benefit because you hair will be clean.

If your hair does not lather-up, it means your hair is very oily. Go ahead and shampoo 3x if need be. Be sure to rinse well.

Men with Stinky, Oily with Acne Dandruff Scalp

There are a lot of men out there that have over active oil glands and their hair exudes oil, thick dandruff and rash like symptoms. This is internal. It is from my observations, job and family stress trigger the symptoms. Instead of other health symptoms like an ulcer or a pimple on the face, it attacks the scalp. The scalp looks red and it looks like acne. I am recommending that men with this see a dermatologist.

If the dermatologist can't help, i would see an acupuncturist to help you with stress and the internal imbalances causing your glands to overwork. Only a stylist would recognize this because we are cutting your hair every 4-6 weeks. We see the changes in your scalp. It's pretty hard to see the back of your own head.

My Favorite Hair Products for Men

There is a product line that I like and use. As stylist who likes to try different products, this in my opinion is a winner.

I like it because of the smell and it doesn't leave the hair oliy. The products wash out of hair easily. I have found Crew products for men to leave hair so clogging and oily, that by the end of day, the hair looks so dirty.

If you use any hair products in your hair, you ow it to yourself to shampoo 2x and please massage out the dirt, oil and hair products. Styling hair is easier with clean hair.

I like and use Redken for men.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

To maintain your favorite hairstyle, you must get your hair cut every 4 weeks at minimum. It depends on the style of hair you wear. Men who get fade cuts and hi-tights need to come in to get cut every 2-3 weeks.

Shampoos for Men

Redken Go Clean Daily Care Moisturizing Shampoo 33.8 Ounce
Redken Go Clean Daily Care Moisturizing Shampoo 33.8 Ounce

Men need to have 3 different bottles of shampoo to alternate from. This will help maintain a healthy head of hair and your appearance.


Clean-up Every Two Weeks

Calling all men, There is nothing more visually unattractive than hair growing inside the ears. Have your stylist trim that at each cut. When it comes to a neck shave, it really depends on the person. Some men are super hair, while others have very little.

Call your salon stylist and ask if they have a service called Clean-up. This entitles you to a hot towel, neck shave, side burn, ears and brow trim.. This little bit of bi-weekly maintenance keeps you looking good til your next cut.

Grey Blending To Keep Your Job

Let's be honest, now a days companies are laying off older employees. If you are 50 and looking older with grey; There is a solution, "Color blending". You will not look like you stuck your head in an ink well. Today's products for men are designed with looking natural. The product manufacturers know, men do not want to look old and they know you care about your looks. It really does help when you are interviewing for jobs. Companies may look more favorably towards someone who doesn't look old. It use to be men were distinguished, but that in my opinion has changed with the economy. Companies hire younger employees, pay them less and offer them less benefits. Color Blending can add 5-10 year to your age to your appearance.


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    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 4 years ago

      I totally agree with you. Grooming and personal hygiene is of utmost importance. I guess many men think that they look hot and sexy looking all sweaty and dirty. I'm wondering if you can refuse service if a client comes in with their hair looking plain dirty. They should know better than walking into a salon with stinky oily and dandruff scalp. that is just plain disgusting & embarrassing too. Thank you for sharing this informative post.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      This is a very interesting topic. Regarding the hair cut schedule, I find my hubby does have to have a trim every four weeks. It is amazing how his hair can grow so quickly. A good cut is always a positive effect upon a person.

    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 4 years ago from USA

      Larry Wall, Thanks for Stopping by. NO stylist will trim nose hair. My hub doesn't even mention nose hair. It is genetics and personal health habits that dictate how hair grows. More men today are taking interest in grooming products and services to maintain their look and youth. It use to be only women were vain. The tides are changing.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 4 years ago

      I do not thin most men would fit the mold you have displayed in this hub and some will take offense.

      Health laws in different states vary and to the best of my knowledge, most styling locations will not trim ear or nose hairs. You are on your own. The problem for men is that while the hair on your head is falling out the nose and ear hair grow at a faster rate.