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Batiste dry shampoo review

Updated on January 31, 2012
Batiste dry shampoo review
Batiste dry shampoo review | Source

Batiste dry shampoo review...

Dry shampoo in general is a rather strange concept, I know that when I first heard of Batiste dry shampoo, I was intrigued. First of all you might be wondering what on earth dry shampoo is in general like I was.

So what is dry shampoo ?

Dry shampoo is not the next thing to properly clean your hair but is in fact a substitute for the real thing. Like the name suggests it does not use any water and is therefore very portable and can be a life saver in some cases !

So how does Batiste dry shampoo work ?

Like all dry shampoo's, it works by applying a fine powder into the hair and then brushing it out. When the powder enters the hair it absorbs the oils or "grease" as some people call it, from the hair and the scalp that makes the hair look dirty. Then the person would brush the powder out (that now has the oils attached to it), of the hair to make the hair feel clean and also look clean.

How well does the Batiste dry shampoo work ?

There are so many dry shampoo's out there on the market and some of them are owned by much more well known brands than "Batiste". The problem I have found with the much more expensive products is that when I say "much more expensive", I certainly mean it. Its not just the expense either, its also the product life. You could be paying anything up to around £5 + for something that wont even last more than a week (depending on the thickness of your hair). That is why I like the Batiste dry shampoo. The price is very reasonable and it also lasts for about 2 weeks per regular sized bottle.

The results I have found with the Batiste dry shampoo

First of all I think it is worth baring in mind that I do have very thick hair, so people with thin hair might have some ever so slightly varying results than me. I have found that using Batiste dry shampoo between washes really does ensure that the hair remains to look and feel clean. The product works really well on light colored hair, and you cannot see the any left over powder. I have had some people tell me however who have dark hair, can see a slight temporary color change in their hair due to them over spraying the product. The product lasts for about two weeks as previously stated being used on thick hair with about 3-4 applications a week. You really do have to bare in mind that this is not an alternative to regular shampoo, as you will find that this only gives the effect of removing dirt and does not do the job as effectively as regular shampoo. This product also comes in multiple scents, you can have the original scent or two others. I personally just use the original as I don't like to smell like a woman ! I would recommend Batiste dry shampoo to anyone, without a doubt it's a great product for a great value and really does eradicate that awful feeling and look of greasy oily hair in between washes.

Thank you for reading this article entitled "Batiste dry shampoo review". I hope that helped you in making your buying decision.


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