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Makeup Can Enlighten Your Mood and Eenhance Your Features!

Updated on May 9, 2015

Shades that match, help!

One thing that some girls don't get in their youth is how to properly apply the right colors for themselves. Without help, one can spend a lot of time and money trying to find what's right for them.

Please never say to someone "that color is awful on you." Maybe best friends can do this and get away with it and know it's just honesty but it could really hurt someone's feelings.

Let's start at the beginning. I'd mentioned foundations to the left.

The foundation is what covers blemishes and sometimes wrinkles or flaws. Some girls even put their foundation over their lips so when they apply their lipstick, it's a true color, but it's not necessary. Just find the color that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible.

Dab with your fingertips, a foundation brush or even sponges made for foundation application. Which thing suits you best is something you learn with trial and error. Cover your face but do not go too thick, you really want to look as natural as possible.

That is the beginning of what some girls call "putting on our face."

Now let's explore some of the next steps to putting on a great face!

How makeup enlightens your mood.

Most women love to wear make up because it does enlighten their mood. Some women find it fascinating how versatile makeup can be when using the latest techniques to enhance their facial features.

If you really take a very close look at the beautiful models, you'll see that they do have makeup artist that come to put their makeup on to do just that, enhance their features.

To do this, they will add a foundation that closely matches their skin color and then add a darker tone of blush to the bottom area of the cheek bone. Then apply the more pinkish or lighter color (depending on their skin color) to what's called the "apple" of their cheek. Then you will see a big difference in her cheeks. A healthy glow. That's why they look so pretty when we see them on TV.

Some girls do this when they feel they have too wide of cheeks. It doesn't mean they are not still beautiful but it just helps them to appear as if their face is not as wide as it is. It helps them have more self confidence and feel better about themselves even if we look at them and think they're beautiful without any makeup at all!

Let's not overdo our makeup!

Not to be used without permission. This is a personal photo of myself.
Not to be used without permission. This is a personal photo of myself. | Source

Applying colors right for you!

Ladies, we don't need to over do our makeup to lift our spirits or feel better about our appearance.

This is one photo out of 50 photos that I used as my best one to post online. I took many that day, just to find the right one.

If you'll note these things, some are maybe too much for others, and not enough for others.

  • I have on a light foundation that isn't too dark or light for my complexion. I used one by Estee Lauder, but you find the one that is right for you. What's good for one isn't always best for everyone.
  • I have on a very light blue eye shadow starting in the inside corner of my eye going outward, then a shade darker on the outsides of my lid. I did this on top and bottom.
    My choices were the blue shades in an Estee Lauder kit. I have one from Clinique that is equally as good, but this particular photo I didn't choose it.
  • Remember those samples are given to you for a reason, they help you experiment to find what's good or not good for you!
  • Most of us with fair / light complexions never go as heavy as I did with their eye liner. I used basic black from Estee Lauder, although I have a few that I love just as much. Sephora makes a great smooth liner. It's just a matter of finding what's right for you.
  • You can always try these at mall stores. They will clean the sample so you can try it. I did, and that's how I found what I liked without going through a lot of money buying ones that didn't work for me.
  • Not everyone (regardless of their complexion) take the line to the inner corner of their eye. How you apply yours is up to you. I use this look a lot because of my fair complexion. If yours isn't, then sometimes just a small line from the center of the lid, outward and very light on the inside of your lid called "the waterline."
  • Mascara is just a choice! I really like LashGASM from Too Faced. It has plastic bristles so it parts your lashes well. But Marc Jacob's is my absolute favorite. It goes on very smooth, and it comes off easy but doesn't smudge on a warm day either. It's a bit pricey but worth every cent. You can find it in a Sephora store or an Ulta store. (Both sell make up, Ulta sells other beauty supplies.
  • I have on a very light pink blush. Not too much or my light complexion makes me appear as if I've made myself a clown face! Funny I realize, but it's true. I do have to go very light. It gives off a healthy glow rather than too much makeup!
  • Then for lipstick. For some the latest colors aren't always the best for you. For instance, purple is very "in" right now, but wouldn't it look silly on the face above? Since I was wearing a red shirt to keep my look consistent I used a very l light red and a little bit of reddish gloss over it so it would have a shimmery look.

Over all I think these colors went well together. Take a look at the women on TV and see what they've done with their make up and their use of color. Of course they have makeup artist as I mentioned, but still you can use other colors and make them look right for you regardless of what you're wearing.

Pause on movies if you'd like to take a closer look on someone's face that you'd like to duplicate.

Types, Prices, Quality

Top Brads of Makeup
Prices (close to)
Estee Lauder (M.A.C.)
Usually High (Seasonal - Deals)
Great - (Depends on Skin Type)
Reasonable to High
Great (Depends on Skin Type)
Too Faced
Moderate to high
Great - (Depends On Skin Type)

What's your favorite?

Let's see what brands seem to be favorites of the public!

See results

Brands Can Mix & Match well!

(C)Katharella - Purple Lancome shadow - Too Faced mascara
(C)Katharella - Purple Lancome shadow - Too Faced mascara | Source

Just a few tips!

  1. Don't ever let anyone tell you or a store clerk talk you into buying just from them.
  2. One of the best things I've learned over the years of way over spending on makeup is that some of my best loved brands I have gotten in sample sizes!
  3. One was my Estee Lauder concealer! I learned that it just takes a dab to smooth out some fine lines and tiny red capillaries (especially around the nose area.)
  4. Another one was lashGASM the lady dropped in my bag at an Ulta store! I loved it because as I mentioned it's plastic bristled brush. It was great for parting my lashes and applying my mascara evenly. Mine tend to have a mind of their own and go a bit awry (as you can see) but it doesn't leave my lashes clumpy.
  5. I got the lipstick as a Clinique sample I got while buying moisturizer! Along with two shadows! Some women I've seen just toss out samples, but PLEASE, whatever you do, TRY THEM! They are not to go to waste when they are high quality and a wonderful chance to try some really fantastic makeup!

Just a few tips!

I'd like to tell you a few tips on makeup so you're not left with regret, nor will you miss out on getting some super great - high quality makeup!

As mentioned to the right, they will give out samples for a reason, so use them to practice. Once you become a regular at a makeup counter, you'll end up with a lot of samples. If you don't use them, share with a friend. Spread the feel of feeling and looking great.

Plus, you might find a new favorite and haven't spent a dime finding it! That's a super plus for you! As well as those who see you and think to themselves how fabulous you look. (because you feel great! Stand tall and keep your face up with the look of confidence. It's very appealing.)

Don't be afraid to try new things! You never know what might be perfect for your new outfit even if it's not the same color. Some of the prettiest colors can be neutral or mat colors!

My personal favorites of these are from Too Faced Cosmetics. But yours could be any, just don't give up until you find what's right for you.

Some makeup that we have loved are only limited editions and will be gone forever, the main two I can think of at this point, is Tokidoki. It's so sad because each set usually came with a little clip on charm, or called a Key Chain Kob! You could clip them on your zippers of hoodies or purses, or even tennis shoes!
They are still highly collectible and even I love them as well. My collection is rather small because I didn't get a chance to buy that much makeup before they changed and went into an actual toy company (for us grown up girls). How very cute that there is such a thing. Just like Hello Kitty, tokidoki is for all ages. (Maybe not for small children as they do have small parts a little one could choke on. Let's keep our kids safe and give them toys they have no chance to choke on.)

Other than this, almost every makeup line has a limited edition set of some sort, so get them while you can! So far that I know tokidoki is the only one that has changed it's business.

Hello Kitty did change companies but they do have limited edition items! Get them while you can! Good luck and happy hunting for your favorite makeup!





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